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Families of Portland Parish (incl St George)

1. Henry Shirley, esq of Hyde Hall plantation in Jamaica b 1745 in Chambery Savoy (France), d. 1813 London, England. He fathered a very large Shirley family with a mulatto named Sally Skiers DNA Haplotype I

2. Charles Grant Shirley of Jamaica b ca. 1800 lived St. George Parish, Portland m. Grace Daniels 1840

Families of St John's Parish (now St Catherine's)

3. Father Edwin S. Shirley, born 22 August 1885 in Jamaica. Son of James Shirley. Family migrated to Florida, and includes the famous pianist Donald Shirley

Families of Trelawny Parish

4. Michael Alfred Barnett Shirley born in Duncan, Trelawny on 30 November 1877. He lived and died in the Republic of Panama DNA Haplotype I

5. Bernard Shirley, esq born in Chambery France, brother of Henry Shirley of Hyde Hall Jamaica. His children inherited estates of their uncle Henry. He fathered several illegitimate children, some who carried the surname Scharsmidt.DNA Haplotype I

6. Thomas Henlon Shirley born say 1837, lived at Prospect, Trelawny Parish






1. John Adolphus Shirley of Bermuda. Born about 1833, native of Scotland. Some descendants moved to New York City. (pedigree image)


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