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  Shirleys of
Loddington, Northamptonshire
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Shirleys of Loddington



1(i). Margaret Sherley - named in the 1634 will of her brother William Sherley. She married Hine

1(ii). William Sherley tailor of Loddington Northamptonshire. His will was probated in 1634

1634 Northamptonshire Archdeaconry Registered Wills Book EV, page 14 Will of William Sherly of Loddington, Tailor,. Messages and two crofts in Loddington....To son William Sherley 20s paid within 1 year. To the eldest daughte rof my daughter ?Wusula 20s. To my son Henrie Sherley xiii. To the 3 children of my son Henrie xii a peece. To son John Sherley xii. To the 3 children of my said son John xii a peece. To my daughter Margarett wife of Thomas Lucas 12p and unto her 3 children xii a peece. To my godchild Elizabeth Somerfield xi. I give to Margarett daughter of my sister Margaret Hine xii. [rest] to son Maurice Sherly whom I make executor. Neighbor Richard Smith and [ ] East to be overseer <s> William Sherley Wit: Ambr: Evans, William Clarke, Richard Smith, George Basse. Probate Nov. 1634.

married _________. Not mentioned in 1634 will of husband Williaim Sherley


2(i). William Sherley - named in the 1634 will of father

2(ii). ? Sherley - eldest, named in the 1634 will of father

2(iii). Henrie Sherley - named in the 1634 will of father


3 children (unnamed) in the 1634 will of their grandfather

2(iv). John Sherley - named in the 1634 will of father

2 October 1674 Indenture Feoffment (1) JOHN CLARKE the elder of Loddington, gent., and DORCAS his wife and JOHN CLARKE son and heir apparent of the said John To (2) JOHN SHORLEY of Loddington, shepherd, of two little closes of pasture in Loddington called Samfoine Close [1½ acres] [details given] and the Townesend close [one acre] next the Bouling Alley [details given] for £45. Attested livery of seisin endorsed - YO 607- Northamptonshire Record Office: Young (Orlingbury)


3 children (unnamed) in the 1634 will of their grandfather

2(v). Margarett Sherley - named in the 1634 will of father. She married Thomas Lucas

2(vi). Maurice Sherley - named in the 1634 will of father. He was the executor and residual legatee. He was buried at Loddington on 6 Aug 1684

20 Jun 1664 Bedfordshire - Thomas Peobody Marriage Settlement (Feoffment): £30. (i) Maurice Sharley of Loddington, tailor.(ii) Thomas Peobody of Bailden parva, gunsmith. At Bailden - Bedfordshire RO HI98

married Ann Pye on 12 Nov 1632 at Loddington


3(i). John Shorley - chr 10 Nov 1633 to Maurice and Ann Sherley at Loddington; Son and heir of Maurice Shorley of Loddington, yeoman

27 January 1675/6 Indenture Bargain & Sale (1) MORRICE SHORLEY of Loddington, yeoman, and JOHN SHORLEY his son and heir apparent To (2) EDMUND SAWYER of Kettering, Esq., WILLIAM FOWLER of Kettering, clerk, THOMAS WEBB of Kettering, mercer, SAMUELL PALMER of Kettering, tanner, (3) JOSEPH BENTHAM of Loddington, D.D., son and heir of JOSEPH BENTHAM late of Broughton, clerk, deceased.Reciting that the late Joseph Bentham bequeathed the sum of 10s. p.a. to the poor of Kettering on 29 May in commemoration of the King's restoration and that Joseph Bentham the younger has agreed with (1) for fulfillment of the bequest now (1) sell to (2) an annuity of 10s. from a close of pasture in Loddington called the Corne Close or Samfoine Close [2 acres] in trust to pay the same to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor, £10 paid by Joseph Bentham to (1) -YO 608 - Northamptonshire Record Office: Young (Orlingbury)

3 and 4 June 1685 Indentures Lease and Release (1) JOHN SHERLEY the elder of Loddington, shepherd To (2) JARVIS BURTON of Little Bowdon, co. Northants, yeoman and ANNIE PEBODY of the same, widow of Samfoine close [1½ acres] and one close part of Townsend close containing 1 acre in Loddington upon trust, for the use of (1) for life, then Samfoine Close to the use of Thomas Sherley, son of (1), and the other close to the use of Mary Sherley, daughter of (1), and heirs -YO 610(a)and(b) - Northamptonshire Record Office: Young (Orlingbury)

1695 Northamptonshire Archdeaconry Court Ser 3 Vol V mss 44 - LW&T of John Sharley of Loddington yeoman. Buried as my executrix shall see fit. Good friend John Terry and John Wood....daughter Mary. I give amongst my three daughters Anne, Elizabeth and now wife Elizabeth <s> John Sharley Wit. John Smith jun, William Rowlatt, Daved James, [ ] Pick. Proven 22 June 1695

married 1) Isobel Peabody on 11 Oct 1664 at Loddington; Died prior to 1695

married 2) Elizabeth ________ named in her husband's 1695 will


4(i). Mary Sherley - named in 1685 and 1716 document involving her father. She married Parker; named in 1695 will of her father.

4(ii). Ann Sherley - named in 1716 document involving her father. named in 1695 will of her father; She married Ireland

1716 C 11/2163/41 Parker v Shorley. Bill only. Plaintiffs: George Parker, yeoman of Egleton, Rutland and Mary Parker his wife and Ann Ireland, widow of Turvey, Bedfordshire (said Mary Parker and Ann Ireland are survivng daughters of John Shorley, deceased late of Loddington, Northamptonshire). Defendants: Elizabeth Shorley and Thomas Stephens.

4(iii). Elizabeth Sherley - named in her father's 1695 will

4(iv). Sarah Sherley - named in her father's 1695 will

Loddington Parish


10 Nov 1633 John Sherly Baptism Maurice, Anne


12 Nov 1632 Morice Sherly married Anne Pye
11 Oct 1664 John Shirley married Isabel Peabody


27 Feb 1633 William Sherly Burial
29 Feb 1634 Alice Sherley Burial
31 May 1634 A Child Sherly Burial Maurice, Anne
6 Aug 1684 Maurice Sherley Burial Spouse: Ann
1717 Widdow Shirly Burial


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