Shirleys of Sutton Valence
Kent England


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Edward Shirley of Sutton Valence,
Kent Co. England

Sources: Info from a letter written by W.P. Shirley Aug 16, 1884, Elizabeth Bennett (in Australia), and recent Shirley Association research, plus Betty Shirley's visit to this church in 2006. Census and probate records

"The Shirley's came to Sutton from Sussex about 220 years ago where there are tombstones and monuments which go back about 400 years."

Edward Shirley of Boyton Court, East Sutton died 1722,

(note: in 1700 Canterbury, a John Shirley married Anna Pettenden There is an old headstone in Sutton churchyard with this inscription, "Sara, wife of Edward Shurlye died August 7, 1696 aged 72 years leaving two sons and three daughters. Nicholas, son of Edward and Sarah Shirley was baptised at Sutton June 5, 1674 and buried June 11, 1675.)

This family may have originated in Stockbury - 1641 April 28. Cantebury Marriage License - William Pettenden of Milstead husb. bach about 25 whose mother, Marian Pettenden, alias Harte consents and Frances Sherly of Stockbury v. about 20 dau of Robert Sherly, s.p. who also consents as is testified by Henry Henniker of Molash husb. At Iwade. John Peke of Cantebury g. bonds.

married Elizabeth Pettenden, died 1696. Left  3 daughters  and 3 sons according to notes made while visiting the church in 2006.


2(i). Pettenden Shirley b. 1705 d. Jan 5, 1793 (?9 Feb 1793) at Sutton Valence

Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Will Index
Shirley Pettenden Sutton Valance 1791 1794 PRC17/102/353

married Mary Rawlins June 10, 1729 at Sutton Valence d. May 25, 1791 at Sutton Valence


3(i). Pettenden Shirley  bapt. 25 Oct 1730 at Sutton Valence; buried Nov 17, 1730 (infant) at Sutton Valence died young

3(ii). William Shirley bapt. 24 Oct 1731 at Sutton Valence d. Mar 8, 1791

      Will of William Shirley, Yeoman of Chart Sutton Vallence , Kent - 23 February 1791. Loving wife Abigail Shirley. to my two daughters Ann the wife of Thomas Bolds and Abigail Shirley. Unto my two sons William and Samuel Shirley. To my son John Shirley all household goods in and about my dwelling house. Unto my four sons John, Edward, William and Samuel Shirley share and share alike. William and Samuel Shirley executors. Wit: Wm Rolfe, Chas Brooks, Jno Seeley. Proven 14 April 1791 by William and Samuel Shirley, sons. PROB 11/1204

married Abigail Jarman She died March 1808 

3(iii). Thomas Shirley bapt. Feb 21, 1734  at Sutton Valence; buried Mar 16, 1735 died young

3(iv). Anne Shirley bapt. May 27, 1736 at Sutton Valence; married ____Wilkins

3(v). Mary Shirley bapt.  Nov 14, 1738 at Sutton Valence.

3(vi). John Shirley bapt Jan 30, 1740 at Sutton Valence; died about 1814

      Will of John Shirley, Yeoman of Chart next Sutton Valence , Kent - unto my nephews Stephen Wilkins and Thomas Crispe 14 acres lying in the parish of Challott in the county of Kent formerly in the occupation of David Clark and John Clark, messuages and tenaments called Woodsett in the parish of Soulan in the county of Kent in the occupation of ___Stedman; unto my nephew Edward Shirley; unto Elizabeth Shirley wife of my nephew Edward Shirley for her natural life; to Pettenden Shirley, son of the said nephew Edward Shirley and Elizabeth Shirley; messuages in Cranbrooke in the county of Kent 145 acres in the joint occupation of myself and my nephew William Shirley; to Edward Shirley the younger (son of my said nephew Edward Shirley the elder for the term of his natural life) and for the 1st son of the body of the said Edward Shirley the younger; my nephews William Crispe, Thomas Crispe, George Crispe, Clement Crispe and Charles Crispe and to Maryann Crispe daughter of my later nephew John Crispe Junir; to my neice Mary Crispe mother of the said Mariann Crispe for her natural life; to John Susdington Kermitt, henry Kermitt, and mary Kermett sons and daughters of my neice Mary Kermett; unto the 4 children of my late neice [ ] Crosier the wife of Henry Crosier late of Bridge in the county of Kent; unto Thomas Bowles, William Bowls, John Bowles Richard Bowls and mary Bowls five of the children of my late neice Ann Bowls; to said nephew William Wilkins, my neice Mary Crispe widow my neice Elizabeth Crispe my neice Susannah Coulter my neice Elizabeth Shirley and my neice Sophia Wilkins; to Ann Shirley daughter of my nephew Edward Shirley; my niece Ann Norrington; niece Ann Mabson; to Robert Bowls the son of my late necie Ann Bowles; to my sister Ann Wilkins; to my nephew William Shirley 10L mourning. Wit: W.[N]. Shirley, John Shirley} of Chart Sutton, Martha Brooks of Chart Sutton. Proven 18 March 1814 PROB 11/1554

3(vii). Elizabeth Shirley bapt. Jan 22, 1742 at Sutton Valence; likely died as an infant

3(viii). Elizabeth Shirley bapt. 24 Sep 1745 at Sutton Valence

3(ix). Thomas Shirley bapt. Jan 22, 1751 at Sutton Valence; died about 1805.

      PCC Will of Thomas Shirley, Yeoman of East Sutton , Kent - give and bequeath unto my nephew Edward Shirley of Chart next Sutton of said county, farmer 1000L. give and bequeath unto my nephew William Crispe of Sutton, farmer 200L. To David Coulter of Chart next Sutton Valence farmer 200L and unto Edward Shirley and Wm Crispe 300L to pay and divide among Thomas bowles, William Bowles, John Bowles, Richard Bowles, Robert Bowles, and Mary Bowles the six children of my late wife Ann Bowles decceased....payable unto my neice Mary Kermitt of Bridge in the county of Kent widow and after her decease equally between John Kermitt, Henry Kermitt and Mary Kermitt the 3 children of the said Mary Kermett. to my neice Sarah Crosier the wife of Henry Crosier of Bridge aforesaid weaver; my nephew John Lushington of Elmsted in the said county farmer; for use of my sister Ann Wilkins widow during her life and after her decease to nephew Stephen Wilkins son of the said Ann Wilkins; to my nephew Thomas Crispe of Chancery Lane London stationer; unto my nephew Samuel Shirley of Boughton Monchelsea in the said county of Kent farmer 10L. my servant Elizabeth Bills 20L. bequeath unto my nephew William Shirley of Chart next Sutton Valence farmer my messuages or tenaments or farm lands during his natural life. I give and devise the same unto and to the use of William Pettenden Shirley the eldest son of the said William Shirley. The said William Shirley and Samuel Shirley executors. Wit: James Tester, Junior, Nich Wildes, Edw Wildes Proven 06 July 1805 by William Shirley and Samuel Shirley executors PROB 11/1429
      married Ann _______ (she married first ____Bowles and had issue by that husband)


Note from Betty Shirley

July of 2000, I visited the church at Isfield England and they showed me a photo of William Pettendon Shirley and Elizabeth Coleman. The dates for  William Pettenden Shirley Jan 13, 1791 - Feb 27, 1848 as given above. I also saw the date of birth and death for Elizabeth Coleman Shirley... Aug 8, 1798 - March 1, 1876. I took a picture of the picture I was looking at.  I will see if I can locate it and scan it one of these days.


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