Robert Shirley
Lanarkshire Scotland

Robert Shirley born about 1786; watchman; living Gorbals, Lanarkshire in 1841. Moved to Bristol, Pontiac Co Canada and resided with son David Shirley (1851 census).

married Margaret Calderwood; she apparently died before the 1841 Scottish census.

children christened at Lanark, Lanarkshire:

1(i). David Dale Shirley born 27 Jun 1815, chr 2 July 1815 at Lanark; living Bristol, Pontiac Co Canada in 1851 census; died Dec 2 1853; buried in burial plot with sister Isabella Shirley; member of the Free Church of Scotland

married Agnes___________ born Scotland abt 1826.

1(ii). Margaret Shirley chr 10 May 1818 at Lanark; b. 09 May 1813, d. 25 Sep 1891 m. James Campbell

1(iii). Robert Shirley chr 26 Nov 1820 at Lanark (likely died in infancy)

1(iv). Robert Shirley chr 17 July 1825 at Lanark born 10 July 1824 Lanarkshire, Scotland, died 5 March 1896 Allerton, Wayne County Iowa, USA. Wife: Betheiah

1(v). Isabella Shirley born about 1812; died 3 May 1852; buried in the same plot as brother David Dale Shirley

Tombstone of Isabella Shirley, David Dale Shirley
and Mary Waddell, wife of William Shirley

1(vi) [Likely] William Shirley Sr. born about 1805 in Scotland. Enumerated at Barony Lanarkshire in 1841 Scotland census. He was enumerated at Bristol Pontiac Canada in 1851, age 46, farmer, member of Free Church of Scotland

married Mary _______ she was age 47 in 1851, born Scotland. She is dead by 1861 census


2(i). William Shirley Jr. born about 1834, age 17 in 1851 parent's household. Farmer; Living at Bristol, Pontiac County Quebec in 1881 census. The 1901 for Pontiac Co Quebec census says he was born at Glasgow, widowed, age 65. Living with son William's family in Manitoba Canada in 1906, age 71

married Mary ______ She was age 26 in 1851, born Western Canada, age 45 in 1881, living with son William's family in 1906, age 71.


3(i). William Waddell Shirley born about 1858 at Lower Canada, age 3 in 1861 census, age 23 in 1881 census; Living at McDonald Manitoba in 1906, age 48

married Helen Taylor on 14 March 1886 at Ramsay, Lanark Ontario

14 Mar 1886 William Waddell Shirley birth: 1858 married Ellen Taylor at Ramsay, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: William Shirley, Mary Shirley


4(i). Mary Shirley born about 1887 at Quebec, age 19 in 1906

4(ii). Pearl Shirley born about 1889 at Quebec, age 17 in 1906

4(iii). Eva Shirley born about 1890 at Quebec, age 16 in 1906

4(iv). Ellisen (fem) Shirley born about 1893 at Quebec, age 13 in 1906

4(v). Inex Shirley born about 1895 at Quebec, age 11 in 1906

4(vi). Robert Shirley born about 1898 at Quebec, age 8 in 1906

4(vii). Sadie Shirley born about 1900 at Quebec, age 6 in 1906

3(ii). Isabella S Shirley born about 1860 at Lower Canada, age 1 in 1861 census; not living with parents in 1881

3(iii). Mary Shirley born about 1862 at Quebec, age 19 in 1881

3(iv). Maggie Shirley born about 1870 at Quebec, age 11 in 1881

3(v). Annie Shirley born about 1877 at Quebec, age 4 in 1881


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