John Gold Shirley
Lanark, Lanarkshire



This lineage was constructed by the Shirley Association using Scottish census, IGI births and marriages, and probate documents.

Note: This family was indexed with the surname Shirlaw in 1871 census [the actual census documents have not been checked], but Shirley in 1881 and 1891 census. The surname Shirley was used by descendants in emigration documents to the USA.

1. John Gold Shirley - born June 1836 [1900 NY census] Lanark, Lanarkshire. Lived Cambusnethan in 1871; Living at 42 Govanhill St Hutchesontown, Glasgow in 1881. Lived Glasgow Govan, Hutchesontown in 1891 Occupation: Pattern maker. Arrived USA Oct 5, 1891. Lived Schenectady NY and died there between 1920 and 1922. Lived with daughter Ellen's family in 1920 NY census

married Stewart _______ born Feb 1836 [1900 NY census] Rene, Cathearh [1871 census] Clarkston, Lanarkshire [1881 census], Clarkston, Renfrewshire [1891 census]. Married 40 years as of 1900 census with 3 of 4 children living. Died before 1920 census.

note: Ellen Sutcliff born about 1849 "sister in law" of John G. Shirley, was a visitor in the HH in 1891 census.


2.i John Bateman Shirley born 25 August 1860 at W. 19th Street New York City USA. Occupation: Pattern maker. Living in father's HH in 1881 census. Lived in Scotland from 1865 to 1888. Emigrated to Schenectady NY in 1893. Occupation: supervisor of music for the city of Troy NY. Author of various books on music and heavily involved in the NEA.

married Henrietta [Harriet Coghill] died before 1920. Married 23 years as of 1910 census. No children (of 5) living at the time of census.

1.i John Gold Shirley born Lansingburgh, NY died 11 Dec 1898 age 3y of spinal meningitis and convulsions. Buried Oakwood Cem. Rennsalear Co NY.

No Children survived.

email from Eleanor, a relative March 2010 corrected 2014

I stumbled across the Shirley Association website by accident while searching for any information on John Bateman Shirley. He was my father's uncle, being married to his aunt, Harriet nee Coghill. Most of their children apparently died of typhoid in Troy New York in the late 1890s.. My father's mother, Grace Louisa Coghill, travelled to the USA from Scotland and nursed her sister and the children. My father was named after this uncle, being John Shirley Dracup...


[from website editor] Possible relative: note: John B. Shirley widower "lodger" living in the following HH in 1920 Troy NY census. See Research on this family at bottom of page]

1.i Roscoe R. Shirley born about 1889 Michigan. Living Troy NY in 1920. Father born Ireland. Mother born England.

married Mary ______ born about 1886 Ohio. Father and mother born Germany

2.i William H. Shirley born about 1919 NY.

2.ii Alexander McLellan Shirley born about 1863 New York USA. Occupation: Pattern maker; Living in father's HH in 1881 census. Not in parent's HH in 1891 census. Died in Troy, Renssalaer County NY 1900. Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Troy NY

Shirley, Alexander McClellan born New York, NY; last residence: Troy, NY; age at death: 37y; [Married]; buried 15 Jan 1900 U.337

married Agnes M. _______ born about 1864 Scotland [1900 NY census] alive at time of husband's death at Renssalaer Co NY

3.i John Shirley born about 1890 New York

3.ii Agnes N. Shirley born about 1894 New York

3.iii Brad H. Shirley born about 1898 New York

2.iii Ellen McLellan Shirley born about 1864 Govan [1871 census] Glasgow [1881 census] Scotland. Occupation: Dressmaker. Living in HH of parents in 1881. Emigrated 1906. Lived Schenectady NY in 1920

married Alexander W. Gillespie born about 1860 Scotland.

2.iv Robert Shirley born Feb 5, 1869 Newmains, Lanarkshire. In school in 1881 census enumeration. Lived with wife Elizabeth in Cathcart Renfrewshire in 1891 census [surname Shirlee]. Occupation: Pattern maker. Emigrated to USA May 12, 1892. Lived Springfield Mass, Hartford CT, Cohoes, Albany NY [1900 census] and Waterford Saratoga NY.


married Elizabeth E.________ born Avonbridge Scotland Sept 20, 1869. Alive 1920 NY census

Note: George H. Gibb born Scotland about 1878 and wife Agnes B. Gibb listed as "cousin" and living in Robert's HH in 1910 Hampden Mass census.

3.i John G. Shirley born about 1892 Scotland. Living with parents in 1910 Hampden Mass census.

3.ii James G. Shirley born about 1895 Scotland [1910 census] New York [1920 census] Living with parents in 1910 Hampden Mass census. Living with wife in HH of his father in 1920 census.

married Hazel ______ born about 1897 Massachussetts. Father and mother born Ireland. Living with inlaws in 1920



Irish Origins of this family?

First we can trace Roscoe Shirley b 1889 Michigan, who was living in Troy NY in 1920. John Bateman Shirley [above] lived in his household.

1900 Census Allegan County Michigan - Valley Township [Kallamazoo is the county seat]

Willis H. Shirley b Apr 1856 married 17 years b Michigan; father born Ireland, mother born New Hampshire
Edith Shirley b Mar 1862 Michigan
Roscoe Shirley b Aug 1889 Michigan; (he is listed as Roscoe R. Shirley in 1910 Allegan Michigan census with wife Grace.)

[next door]

William Shirley b May 1823 Ireland; father born Ireland; mother born Ireland. Immigrated 1840. (in 1860 Allegan census age 30)
Emily A. Shirley b Feb 1826 New Hampshire;
Augusta L Shirley adopted daughter b Dec 1869 Michigan; father born New York; mother New York


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