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  Shirley News

Thanks to Betty's daughter Delaine for her extensive scanning work on this project.

Scanned from original print paste-ups, many with original color photographs! 

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  The Shirley News
Editor and Publisher:
Betty Shirley, Cupertino California, USA

A table of contents for selected editions is found at the bottom of the page. Indicated by **

Volume/Edition Date Volume/Edition Date
Vol 1, No 1 July 1978**   [No edition No.] Fall 1990
Vol 1, No 2 Oct 1978**   [No edition No.] Winter 1990/1991
Vol 1, No 3 Jan 1979**   [No edition No.] Spring 1991
Vol 1, No 4 Apr 1979**   [No edition No.] Summer 1991
Vol 1, No 5 July 1979**   [No edition No.] Fall 1991
Vol 1, No 6 Oct 1979**   [No edition No.] Winter 1991/1992
Vol 1, No 7 Jan 1980**   [No edition No.] Spring 1992
Vol 1, No 8 April 1980**   [No edition No.] Summer 1992
Vol 1, No 9 July 1980**   [No edition No.] Fall 1992
Vol 1, No 10 Oct 1980**   [No edition No.] Winter 1992/1993
Vol 1, No 11 Jan 1981   [No edition No.] Spring 1993
Vol 1, No 12 Apr 1981   [No edition No.] Summer 1993
Vol 1, No 13 July 1981   [No edition No.] Fall 1993
Vol 1, No 14 Oct 1981   [No edition No.] Winter 1993/1994
Vol 1, No 15 Jan 1982   [No edition No.] Spring 1994
Vol 1, No 16 Apr 1982   [No edition No.] Summer 1994
Vol 1, No 16 [sic] July 1982   [No edition No.] Fall 1994
Vol 1, No 17 Oct 1982   [No edition No.] Winter 1994/1995 
Vol 1, No 19 Jan/Feb 1983   [No edition No.]  Spring 1995
Vol 1, No 20 Apr/May 1983   [No edition No.]  Summer 1995
Vol 2, No 1 July 1983   [No edition No.] Fall 1995
Vol 2, No 2 Oct 1983   [No edition No.]  Winter 1995/1996
Vol 2, No 3 Jan 1984   [No edition No.]  Spring/Summer 1996 
Vol 2, No 4 Apr 1984      
Vol 2, No 5 July 1984   International Edition
Vol 2, No 6 Oct 1984   Int'l 1st edition June 1987 
Vol 2, No 7 Jan 1985   Int'l 2nd edition Sept 1987 
Vol 2, No 8 Apr 1985   Int'l 3rd edition Dec 1987
Vol 2, No 9 July 1985   Int'l 4th edition Mar/April 1988 
Vol 2, No 10 Oct 1985   Int'l 5th edition [month] 1988 
Vol 2, No 11 Jan/Feb 1986   Int'l 6th edition [month] 1988 
Vol 2, No 12, 13 Apr/July 1986   Int'l 7th edition [month] 1989 
Vol 2, No 14 Oct/Nov 1986   Int'l 8th edition [month] 1989 
Vol 2, No 15 Jan/Feb 1987   Int'l 9th edition  
Vol 2, No 16 Apr/May 1987   Int'l 10th edition [month] 1990 
Vol 2, No 17 July/Aug 1987   Int'l 11th edition [month] 1990 
Vol 2, No 18 Oct/Nov 1987      
Vol 2, No 19 Jan/Feb 1988      
Vol 2, No 20 Apr/May 1988      
Vol 3, No 1 Summer 1988      
Vol 3, No 2 Fall 1988      
Vol 3, No 3 Jan/Feb 1989       
Vol 3, No 4 Apr/May 1989      
Vol 3, No 5 Summer 1989      
Vol 3, No 6 Oct/Nov 1989      
Vol 3, No 7 Jan/Feb 1990      
Vol 3, No 8 Apr/May 1990      
Vol 3, No 9 July/Aug 1990      

Table of Contents for Selected News Editions

 Volume/Edition Date Table of Contents
 Vol 1, No 1 July 1978

Announcement: Shirley celebration to be held in 1986 at Shirley Manor in England

Narrative: The Shirley Manor at Ettington

Narrative: Shirley (history) - by Ruth Clay Burrell

Narrative: Belle Starr, Queen of the Bandits

Narrative: Governor of Massachusetts 1741-1756

Photos in this edition:

The Shirley manor at Ettington

Chapel at Ettington

 Vol 1, No 2 Oct 1978

Pedigree: Belle Starr's Family

Pedigree: Shirleys of Spotsylvania VA

Pedigree: Shirleys of Orange Co VA and Oldham Co KY

Narrative: William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts 1741-1756

Records: Virginia headrights

Records: Virginia probate index

Pedigree: Daniel Shirley of Princess Anne Co VA

Pedigree: Richard Shirley of Laurens Co SC

Vol 1, No 3
(thanks to Renee for finding this edition)
Jan 1979

Pedigree: Robert Shirley of Armstrong Co PA

Letter from Betty Shirley discussing the upcoming issue

Records: Shirleys mentioned in the 'Pennsylvania Archives' publication series

Pedigree: John Shirley of Warren Co PA

Pedigree: Thomas Sherly of Allegheny Co PA

Records: Bedford Co PA

Narrative: Alice Shirley (b 1747) married William Gilson

Pedigree: George Shirley b PA, died Morgan Co OH

Records: Revolutionary War Pension Application affidavit of Thoams Shirley of Franklin Co PA

Records: Early colonial maps, the migration route and settlement of early Pennsylvania

Records: 1790-1820 census of Pennsylvania: Shirley names

Records: New Shirley Association members, names and addresses

Photos in this edition

Grandson [not named] of George Shirley of Morgan Co OH

Great grandchildren of George Shirley of Morgan Co OH: Harvey Perry Shirley, Hulda Shirley Oliver, Pennell Shirley, Eliza "Lyde" Shirley Otis

Grandson of George Shirley of Morgan Co OH: Silas Shirley

Vol 1, No 4 Apr 1979

Letter: Kentucky Shirleys - Recollections of James Henderson Shirley, age 82 [no date], submitted by James Harvey Young.

Records: Marriages from Barren Co, Bullitt Co, Mason Co, and Adair Co Kentucky, submitted by Virginia D Hutsell and Mrs John Womack.

Records: Shirleys in 1790 Census


Recent news: Glen Sherley married at house of Johnny Cash

Pedigree: Washington Sherley of Bullitt Co KY

Pedigree: William Shirley d 1868 Mercer Co KY

Announcement: Shirley Convention at the Shirley Plantation in Virginia

Pedigree: Thomas Shirley (m. Molly Grubb) of Barren Co KY

Pedigree: James Shirley (m. Mary) of Barren Co KY

Pedigree: Benjamin Shirley (m. Eliz Hughes) of Abbeville Co SC

Pedigree: John Shirley (m Eliz Fields) of Abbeville Co SC

Pedigree: John Shirley b c1671 of Northumberland Co VA

Pedigree: Argeland Shirley of Scott Co KY

Pedigree: John Shirley (m Eliz Barmore) of Anderson Co SC

Records: Augusta Co VA court

Records: Barren Co KY deaths 1852-1862

Records: Will of Thomas Shirley of Chester Co PA, 1769

Pedigree: Michael Shirley (m Katie Franz) of Madison Co KY

Records: 1800 KY census

Records: Prince William Co VA Tax List, 1782-1787

Records: Index of Revolutionary War claims filed in SC

Pedigree: Dale family of Kentucky (with Shirleys)

Photos in this edition:

Mary "Polly" Shirley b 1806 of Barren Co KY, dau of Robert Shirley, submitted by James Harvey Young

Mattie Jane Shirley b 1868, with family servant Mary Shirley, submitted by James Harvey Young

Joseph W Shirley b 1829, died Owen Co KY, submitted by ?Elwood Shirley

Jefferson, Joseph, J. Carl and Stephen Lee Shirley, submitted by William Shirley of Atlanta GA

Susan Shirley Smith dau of Stephena and Sally (Major) Shirley

Conrad Shirley, an association member, decends from Benj Shirley of SC

 Vol 1, No 5 July 1979

Announcement: Report of the Shirley convention at the Shirley Plantation in Virginia, by Marion Shirley of Indianapolis IN

Narrative: The Walter Shirley family of Frederick Co VA, now Jefferson Co WV

Narrative: The Origin of the Shirley Family, by Reuben Thompson (book, 1968)

Pedigree: Thomas Shirley (m. Molly Yates) of Adair Co KY

Pedigree: John Shirley (m. Frances Yates) of Adair Co KY


Narrative: Virginia - the Mother Colony (history of the Shirley Plantation)

Announcement: Report of the 1st Shirley Convention, by Betty Shirley

Pedigree: James Shirley, d 1730 of New Hampshire

Pedigree: Yates Family (with Shirleys)

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Photos in this edition:

Group photo of the Shirley Convention, submitted by Alabeth Wooding

Vol 1, No 6 Oct 1979

Narrative: Capt John Jasper Shirley of Anderson Co SC

Narrative: William A Shirley of Anderson Co SC

Narrative: Robert Milton Shirley of Anderson Co SC

Narrative: John Fletcher Shirley of Anderson Co SC

Narrative: Greenwood Co (SC) Sketches (including Shirleys), by Ray Watson

Narrative: Turkey Creek Church (SC)


Narrative: Killing of Captain Beaty and Caleb W Shirley, Carroll Co MO, by S. K Turner and S A Clark

Letter: The Good Old Days Back When, recollections of Sarah Henry Gragg, nee Shirley (b 1860) of Dickson Webster Co KY, submitted by Jessie Brown

Records: Index of land warrants in Kentucky

Records: Mercer Co KY tax list 1806-7

Records: Index of land grants in Kentucky

Records: 1805 membership of Longlick Baptist Church, Scott Co KY

Records: Smith Cemetery, Mandeville, Carroll Co MO

Records: Marriages of Barren Co KY (continued from previous edition)

Narrative: Alabama: history of the founding of Alabama territory

Vol 1, No 7 Jan 1980

Narrative: Article about the Shirley family of Logan Co IL

Narrative: William Roach Shirley family of Logan Co IL

Letter: William R Shirley and Elizabeth D Shirley to Dr Ford at Stamping Ground KY, dated June 9 1847, Logan Co IL

Letter: Sarah Ann Shirley to Marion Shirley [and] Eveline Shirley to George Shirley dated April 10, 1862/3

Letter: Lettice Shirley to James Shirley dated 22 March 1884 at Mudlick Monroe Co KY

Narrative: James Shirley (m. Deborah Pressley) of Hendricks Co IN

Pedigree: Benjamin Shirley (m Lydia) of Hendricks Co IN

Pedigree: Martin Shirley b 1802 o Hendricks Co IN

Pedigree: William Shirley b 1805 of Hendricks Co IN

Pedigree: Samuel Shirley b 1837 of Hendricks Co IN

Pedigree: Edmund Shirley b 1793 d Boone Co IN

Narrative: William Shirley b 1816 England, family lived in Maryland

Narrative: Cattle of Chartley in England

Pedigree: Aaron Shirley (m Anna Cleveland) of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Records: Green Co AL marriages

Records: Tuscaloosa AL marriages, submitted by Betty Helf and Florence Hodges

Narrative: Grubb Family (with Shirleys)

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Photos in this edition

Shirley family of Logan Co IL in front of their home

Levi Shirley of Hendricks Co IN

Gordon and Marsha Seyffert, Association members

 Vol 1, No 8 April 1980

Pedigree: Robert Shirley (m Safrona Ross) of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Pedigree: Doctor Aaron Shirley b 1856 d Konawa OK, submitted by Nora Williamson

Pedigree: Moses Shirley (m Roena Shirley) of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Pedigree: Beverly Shirley (m Eliz Savage) of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Pedigree: Young Shirley (m Jordan, m South) of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Interview: A. J. Shirley of Maysville OK (b 1861), son of Aaron and Anna (Cleveland) Shirley, recorded in 1937

Narrative: Jacob Shirley of Crawford and Dent Co MO

Narrative: New Hampshire Shirleys of Ireland, Item from Warren Ledger, Sept 20 1878.

Pedigree: James Shirley (m. Sarah) of Warren Co PA

Narrative: Ettington Manor, England

Pedigree: Walter Shirley b 1728 (m Hester Vance) of Jefferson Co VA (WV)

Records: Heirs of James Shirley's land mentioned in Barren Co KY deed, dated 1832

Pedigree: Valentine Shirley (m. Catherine Baer) d 1811 Augusta Co VA

Records: Virginia marriages from the Mormon computer file

Records: Virginia court records in PA

Announcement: 1980 Shirley Convention to be held in San Jose CA

Photos in this edition:

Robert Shirley and wife Safrona Ross of Tuscaloosa Co AL

Grandchildren of Doctor Aaron and Cancy Shirley

Children of Doctor Aaron and Cancy Shirley

Steamer 'Shirley Bell' of Warren Co PA

Samuel Shirley b 1837 of Hendricks Co IN

Harvey Perry Shirley (of Jefferson Co WV family)

Joseph Andrew Shirley b 1852 Miami Co IN

Morgan Adam Shirley Sr with children (of Augusta Co VA family)

 Vol 1, No 9 July 1980

Narrative: Charles Carter and his wife Elizabeth Shirley, submitted by Dorothy Thrawley

News: Fence Erected to Preserve Old Family Burying Ground (Keowee and Little River SC), submitted by R. O Richey

Records: Bible of Richard Charles Sherley of Georgia, submitted by Joyce Rustin

News: Virginia's Haunted House Highway, story of Shirley Plantation in VA, submitted by Ruth Burrell

Pedigree: John Warfield Shirley (m (patsy Young) of Barren Co KY

Narrative: Michael Shirley and wife Katie Franz

Narrative: Malinda Hodgen, nee Shirley b 1806, dau of Daniel Ezekiel Shirley

Narrative: Goodspeed's biography of J. N Shirley b 1858 Lauderdale Co MS, submitted by George H Shirley Jr

Narrative: Indiana Mag of History - The Plague of New Elizabeth, including details about George and John Shirley of Union Township, submitted by Gordon Seyffert

Pedigree: James Shirley (m Judith Garriott) of Orange Co VA, submitted by Swagar Sherley

Narrative: History of Cooper and Howard Co MO - 1876 item about Frederick Shurley, submitted by Gordon Seyffert

Narrative: Arkansas Angels - Shirley Brothers 1878 - item about Shirleys of Ripley MO

Records: Jordon Shirley family in the 1850 Washington Co MO census

Pedigree: Jarvis Shirley b 1732 (m Mary Riley) of West Virginia

Records: Will of Jarvis Shirley of Jefferson Co WV, 1813, submitted by Esther Shirley

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Photos in this edition:

B. O. Richey of Ft Payne AL, association member

News photo of two participants of the Latimer/Shirley cemetery cleanup project in SC

Great-grandchildren of John Warfield Shirley

Malinda Hodgen, nee Shirley b 1806, dau of Daniel Ezekiel Shirley

Family of James Norman Shirley and wife Nancy Catherine Dunham

Bertie Lorenza Dow Shirley b 1884 Logan Co Arkansas

 Vol 1, No 10 Oct 1980

Pedigree: Thomas "Luke" Shirley b 1808 (m Margaret Marcum) of Warren Co TN

Narrative: Thomas Shirley b 1760 Fairfield Co SC, Washington Co MO

Narrative: Thomas Shirley b 1765 (m Margaret) lived Marion Co TN

Narrative: John Shirley (m Frances Meadows) lived Cape Girardeau Co MO

Records: Shirleys born in TN, living elsewhere in 1850 US Census

Records: Items from Washington Co, Green Co, and Grainger Co TN

Records: Petition of the heirs of C[hampionus] Shirley, Edgefield Co SC, 1808

Records: Early TN tax lists, Giles, White, Grainger counties

Pedigree: Peter Shirley b 1794 (m Eliz Zeilor) of Frederick Co VA

Pedigree: John Shirley b 1778 (m Christianna Youst) of Frederick Co VA

Records: Lincoln Nebraska newspaper article 1930, biography of William Shirley, son of Daniel Shirley and wife Anna Flynn, submitted by Wayne Shirley

Records: Early PA Land Records, item mentions Richard Sherly of Kent Co (later DE)

Records: Abstracts of Bedford Co PA

Records: Arkansas Military Bounty Grants

Narrative: Shirleys of Bedford/Huntingdon Co PA

Narrative: The Valentine Shirley family, written by Emma Halbert Briggs (b 1863)

Records: Georgia Marriages

Records: Virginia 1800 Tax List

Pedigree: Riley Shirley b 1803( m Mat Allen) of Habersham Co GA

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Photos in this edition

Family of William Luther Shirley of Woodbury, Cannon Co TN

Betty Shirley (editor) with Harriett (surname unknown)


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