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MICHAEL SHIRLEY (Shirley Branch #30) served in Col. John Neville's Virginia Continental regiment. He removed to Kentucky; was a defender of Boonesboro and was killed by the Indians at Station Camp near the fort.

Certified Lineage No. 23577

1. Michael Shirley and Katie Franz, his wife.

2. Charles Shirley (1771-1817) and Rebecca Collier (b. 1778), his wife.

3. David Wise Daily (1798-1878) and Mary A. Shirley, his wife.

EDWARD SHIRLEY (1743-1816) (Shirley Branch #37) served as private in the Massachusetts troops. He was born at Burton-on-Trent, England; died in Fryeburg, Me.

Certified Lineage No.164661

1. Edward Shirley m. Elizabeth (Sally) Hutchins

2. Jonathan Shirley (b. 1773) m. 1796 Mehitable Pattee (d. 1846)

3. Ephraim Shirley (1808-91) m. Charlotte Tanner (1818-64)

4. William E. Shirley (1849-93) m. 1882 Nellie Estella Lockwood (b. 1854)

Job Shirley, (1750-1842), (Shirley Branch #86) Served as a minute man and lived to receive a pension. He died in Pennyville, N.Y.

Pension: Job Shirley, Massachusetts line, S23418, applied Aug 18, 1832 in Cayuga County New York, aged 74 in Oct 1831 (born 1757). He enlisted May 1775 at Wrentham Massachusetts [then Bristol Co, now Norfolk] "where he then resided". He died Aug 20, 1842, leaving a child, (not named), who received final payment Oct 24, 1853.

Certified Lineage No. 18727

1. Job Shirley and Mary Wilbur (1757-1837), his wife

2. Bradford Shirley and Mary Wilbur, his wife

3. Simpkins Snow and Nancy Medora Shirley, his wife.

JAMES SHIRLEY, (1700-96), (Shirley Branch #25) signed the Assocation Test of Chester N.H. He was born in Ireland; died in Chester, N. H.

Certified Lineage No. 31624

1. James Shirley and Janet (Shirley), his wife,

2. Thomas Shirley and Margaret (Shirley), (1727-1820), his wife, m. 1751

THOMAS SHIRLEY, "deacon" (1728-1808), (Shirley Branch #25) in 1777, was a private in Capt. John Duncan's company, which marched to Ticonderoga. He was born and died in Goffstown, N. H.

Certified Lineage No. 31624

1. Thomas Shirley and Margaret (Shirley), (1727-1820), his wife, m. 1751

2. James Shirley, (1759-1855), and Mary Moore, (1759-1850), his wife

3. John Shirley, (b. 1797) and Margaret Houston, his wife

4. Alfred Shirley and Jane Woodbury, his wife.

5. Russell James Straight and Augusta Shirley, his wife.


Certified Lineage No. 104398

1. Thomas Shirley m. Margaret (Shirley) (1730-1820);

2. James Shirley m. 1st 1782 Mary Moor (1765-1822)

3. Daniel Moor Shirley (1791-1855) m. 1817 Jane (Moor) (1797-1881).

4. Ephraim Heald (1818-91) m. 1848 Mary Jane Shirley (1826-69).

JOHN SHIRLEY (1735-1826) (Shirley Branch #25) enlisted, 1776, as a private in Capt. Runnell's company, Col. Thomas Taskir's regiment, New Hampshire service. He was born in New Hampshire; died in Warren County, Pa.

Certified Lineage No. 53568

1. John Shirley (1735-1826) and Hannah Stevens, his wife

2. John Nesmith (d. 1829) and Hannah Shirley (1781-1829), his wife.

JAMES SHIRLEY (1739-1815) (Shirley Branch #21) served as private in Capt. Thomas Blackwell's company, under Colonels Stevens, Green and Russell, 10th and 6th Virginia regiments, Continental Line. He was born in Orange County, Va.; died in Oldham County, Ky. Warning: The Shirley Association disputes the identity of this patriot as the elder James Shirley of Orange/Culpeper Co VA. However, he is likely part of this family.

Certified Lineage No. 154513 and 164126

1. James Shirley m. 1758 Judith Garriott (1743-1804)

2. James Yewell (1755-1815) m. 1779 Nancy Shirley (1759-1820).

SAR Certified Lineage NEW!
(thanks to Richard for doing all the legwork to achieve certification)

John Shirley;
Born: Apr 1760, Spotsylvania CO. VA
Married: 25 Nov 1782, Frances Gaines YATES
Died: 12 Mar 1840, Adair CO. KY
This couple were the parents of,

John Warfield Shirley;
Born: 28 Dec 1787, Spotsylvania CO. VA
Married: 26 Jan 1809, Martha “Patsy” YOUNG
Died: 27 Feb 1837, Barren CO. KY
This couple were the parents of,

Benjamin Warfield Shirley;
Born: 15 Jan 1822, Barren CO. KY
Married: 15 Jun 1843, Maria Temple TUNSTALL
Died: 09 Oct 1900, Barren CO. KY
This couple were the parents of,

Zerelda Tunstall Shirley;
Born: 19 Dec 1847, Summer Shade, Metcalfe, KY
Married: 13 Sep 1866, John Philip Grinstead
Died: 18 Apr 1894, Wellington, Sumner, KS


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