Ferrers Shirley
b. ca1720-30's England. Lived in MA and New York 


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Note: this lineage is under review. Evidence shown below may indicate two different William Shirleys in Boston at same time (?) New
Ferrers Shirley
born in England about 1720, Died December 21, 1773, age 53 according to Boston almshouse records.He and his 1st wife, Ann, came to America from England in 1755 and settled in Sudbury MA.

1756 July 8 - Boston News-Letter, published as The Boston Weekly News-Letter; Issue 2818; Page: 4;

"Ferrers Shirley from London, By Licence from the Selectmen, carries on the Brewing Business, and sells strong Beer by the Barrel or smaller Quantity at his Brew-House in Battle-Street, near Mr. James Smith's, or at the Salutation-House, North-End.-------- If he meets with any Encouragement he hopes to convince the Gentlemen of the Town, that this Manufacture may be brought to as great Perfection here as in the Mother-Country."

1764 Letter left in Philadelphia PA Post Office: Ferrers Shirley

1771 Suffolk Co MA Court case #90545 Persons warned to leave this place. Nov 23 1771. Ferris Sherley a bruer to traid his wife named Elisabeth his son named William Sherley they are all last living in New York come to town about 14 days ago they are about letting a house of Mr Wells in Royal Exchange Lane warned in his Majestys Name to depart this town of Boston in 14 days....Or give security to the selectmen of Boston to indemnify said Town from all charges that may arise by their means during their abode here. [Editor: During this period, towns would drive off migrating poor families who had no apparent means of support because they did not want to ultimately pay for their upkeep.] If son William is with the family in this abstract, then why is he listed as indentured thru 1772 in another abstract? Are these 2 different William Shirleys?

1773 May 18 Almshouse. Recd into the House on Province Accott. Farris Shirley. Order John Scollay esq, Mr Timo Newell, selectmen. Capt Saml Partrige overseer. [Notes: Register 1: spelled "Ferrers", age 52; Death: deceased Decr 21 1773" - 18th C Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor

married 1) Ann ________ She imigrated to Massachussets with her husband from London, England

married 2) Elizabeth Soper on 7 Mar 1761 at Trinity Church, Boston, Suffolk, MA. She was married 1st to Zerrubabel Marshall then as a widow to Ferrers Shirley. After Ferrers' death in 1773, she married 3rd Henry Snow, cabinetmaker of Boston between 1774 and his death in 1778 (no children). She married 4th Luke Howell in Boston on 22 June 1780. (no children) She died 22 March 1783

Mrs. Sarah Soper Marshall Choate, daughter of Benjamin Soper Marshall and Ann Baker Oates of Rockport, MA testified that she was always confident of the tradition and appeals in confirmation to a splendid silk coat, highly ornamented with gold tissue which came to her father, Benjamin Soper Marshall from Ferrers Shirley, his stepfather.

Children by Ferrers Shirley and his first wife, Ann

2(i). William Shirley, Rev. War Soldier. born ca. 1750 England. died Apr 4, 1807 in Marblehead, Essex Co., MA; Occupation: Sail maker; Military Service: Served as a Private, MA, in the Revolutionary War. Shirleys of Marblehead Massachusetts

2(ii). John Shirley, Rev. War Soldier. b. Jan 1, 1755, in Boston MA (born on shipboard enroute from England). He died Nov 23, 1848 Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire. Shirleys of Fitzwilliam, Cheshire Co New Hampshire

2(iii). Nancy Shirley - likely the Ann Shirley chr Old North Church Boston on 28 March 1758 to Ferrers Shirley and wife Ann. She is named as one of the three Shirley children who were admitted into the Boston almshouse in 1759. Nothing more known.

1759 Dec 8 Almshouse. Recd into the House children: William Shirley, John Shirley, Nancy Shirley, sent in by Mr John Tudor and James Pitts esq (no discharge date recorded) - 18th C Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor

1789 Mar 23 Recd or borne in the Almshous. Nance Sherley's child a boy. Approd of by Edw Proctor esq, overseeer. Pr ordor of Mr Edw tyler, Mr Wm Boardman, selectmen - 18th C Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor

1789 May 26 Almshouse. Discharged. Nancy Shirley and child - 18th C Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor

Child of Ferrers Shirley and Elizabeth Soper were:

2(iv). Phares Shirley born 20 June 1765 Boston MA. He died May 20, 1848 in Homer Cortland Co New York and is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery. His occupation was cabinet maker. Shirleys of Homer, Cortland Co New York


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