John Shirley
Of White County TN and Jackson Co AL; Born 1770-1780


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John Shirley born 1770-1780 likely in SC.  John moved from South Carolina to White Co. TN in 1818 according to Goodspeed; however John, Thomas and Champ Shirley appear in White Co tax lists as early as 1811. He moved to Jackson Co. Alabama about 1829 where he and son Jesse Shirley both appear on the 1830 Jackson Co census. John Shirley died in Jackson Co in 1845. John raised a family of eleven children. Brother of Thomas Shirley of White and Marion Co TN, Branch 39 (source: Goodspead bio of Wm Carroll Shirley) DNA does not match!

1820 White Co TN Census: John Shirley 210010 - 21010 (age 26-45)
1830 Jackson Co AL Census: John Shirley (pg 113) 1111000100000 - 0111001000000 (age 50-60)
1840 Jackson Co AL Census: John Shirley (pg 44) 0211100010000 - 0001100100000 (age 60-70)

Goodspeed (bio of Wm Carroll Shirley) ".....John Shirley, who was born in South Carolina and married a Miss Frost. John Shirley migrated from his native state to White county, Tenn., and in 1818, moved from thence to the Sequatchie valley. His brother, Thomas, went to White county at the same time and moved with him to the Sequatchie valley in 1818. He, Thomas, and his son, William, sold goods to the Indians where Whitwell now stands, and the house they built and occupied as a residence is still standing and in use as such."

married Mahala Frost. She was born about 1780-1790, age 40-50 in 1830 and 50-60 in 1840 census.

children: Are there really two children named John?

1(i). female Shirley born 1804-1810 White Co. TN (census profile)

1(ii). Jesse Shirley b March 18, 1808 White County Tennessee. He died Aug 24, 1894 Whitwell, Marion county Tennessee. Shirleys of Marion Co TN

1(iii). Jackson ?John Shirley born about 1810 White Co. TN; He was enumerated as Jackson Shirley in 1840 and then enumerated in the 1850 Jacksson Co AL census as "John Shearly", school teacher, age 40; He died 1850-58 Jackson Co. AL.  They were living in Jackson Co. AL census in 1830.

1840 Jackson Co AL Census: Jackson Shirley (pg 47) 0000100000000 - 1001000000000 (age 20-30)

married Mary Huddleston. She was born about 1820, age 30 in the 1850 census; She was buried at Caperton Cem, Pinder, Jackson Co AL "Mary also married a Jordan Peacock. Her mother was Mahala Hough."


2(i). Mary Elizabeth Shirley born about 1840 AL, age 10 in the 1850 census: She married Jefferson West

2(ii). Sarah Shirley born about 1841 AL, age 9 in 1850 census.

2(iii). John Calvin Shirley b Dec 12, 1843 Stevenson, Jackson Co. AL; He lived in the household of Jordon Peacock in the 1860 census; He died July 24, 1881. Buried Caperton Cemetery, Jackson county, Alabama

John Calvin Shirley

married Martha Ann Foshee Aug 12, 1865 in Jackson Co. AL. Martha was born May 10, 1844 Trenton, Dade Co. GA, died May 2, 1909 Stevenson, Jackson Co. AL. She was the daughter of Alexander and Evaline (Merrill) Foshee).


3(i). Emma Luana Shirley b Oct 20, 1867 Jackson Co.  AL, died Sept 17, 1932 South Pittsburg, Marion Co. TN . She married Robert Alexander McGraw Aug 16, 1882 Jackson Co. AL.

3(ii). Evaline Louticia Shirley b Oct 3, 1868 Jackson Co. AL, died Feb 3, 1938 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN.   She married Caleb Douglas St. Clair Dec 24, 1888 Jackson Co. AL

3(iii). Jackson Alexander Shirley b Dec 3, 1871 Stevenson, Jackson Co. AL., died Nov 28, 1930 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN. 

married Sarah Jane Yates about 1899 Battle Creek, Marion Co. TN. Sarah was born Aug 17, 1881 in MO, died Sept 23, 1947 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN. She was the daughter of John B. and Cynthia (Champion) Yates.


4(i). James Marion Shirley b 1900 Tuscumbia, Colbert Co. AL., died 1900.

4(ii). William Alexander Shirley b March  27, 1902 Tuscambia, Colbert Co. AL., died April 2, 1945 Tuscumbia. 

Ancestor of DNA Kit #8579

married Katherine Cloud Dec 31, 1923 Rocky Springs, Jackson Co. AL. (ancestor of Raymond Shirley)

4(iii). Clara Shirley b 1904 died 1905 Tuscumbia, Colbert Co.   AL.

4(iv). Augusta Mae Shirley b March 6, Tuscumbia, Colbert Co. AL., died July 24, 1993 Geraldine, De Kalb Co. AL. She married Horace Brooks and Taylor Marvin Sparks.

4(v). Claude Thomas Shirley b March 18, 1908 Tuscumbia, Colbert Co. AL., died Jan 23, 1989 Whitwell, Marion Co. TN.

married Martha Jane Green Nov 29, 1929 Bridgeport, Jackson Co. AL.

4(vi). Lester Franklin Shirley b July 5, 1910 Jackson Co. AL., died March 19, 1989 Fort Oglethorpe, Catoosa Co. GA.

married Geneva Elizabeth Bullard Oct 5, 1940 Rome, Floyd Co. GA.

4(vii). Dow Yates Shirley b Nov 4, 1912 Jackson Co. AL., died Oct 21, 1968 Stevenson, Jackson Co. AL.

married Eula Jane Durham.

4(viii). Cynthia Viola Shirley b Jan 7, 1914 Jackson Co. AL 

4(ix). Clyde Shirley b July 24, 1917 Jackson Co. AL, died July 15, 1974 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN. Married George Gentry Stiles, June 19,1947 Chattanooga.

4(x). Clara Shirley b July 24, 1917 Jackson Co. Al., died Nov 3, 1971, Chickamauga, Walker Co. GA.  She married Mike Jarmon Plaster.

4(xi). Lonnie Gilbert Shirley b March 11, 1919, died May 14, 1973 Decatur, DeKalb Co. GA.

married Clara Bell Wehunt March 13, 1943 Gainsville, Hall Co. GA.

4(xii). John Calvin Shirley b Oct 28, 1923 Jackson Co. AL., died Aug 20, 1969 Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA.

married Nell Humpries, Becky_____.

4(xiii). Fred Malcolm Shirley b April 5, 1925 South Pittsburg, Marion Co. TN., died May 5, 1968 Clearwater, FL.

married Johnnie Mae Mosley Dec 4, 1946 Rossville, Walker Co. GA.

3(iv). John Brazleton Shirley b  Nov 14, 1872 Jackson Co. AL. and died Nov.  20, 1900.

John Brazleton Shirley

married Ann St. Clair  Jan 31, 1897 Meridian, Mississippi.   


4(i). Milton Edman Shirley

4(ii). Bertha Lee Shirley b about 1899  Married Ernest E. Burke

4(iii). Johnnie Elizabeth Shirley b about 1900. She married Albert Burk.

Johnnie Elizabeth Shirley Birk

3(v). Meggie Lucy Shirley b Feb 22, 1875 Jackson Co. AL, died Aug 17, 1878 Jackson Co. AL..

3(vi). James F.  Shirley b Sept 1, 1877, died Aug 4, 1878 Jackson Co. AL

3(vii). Minnie E. Shirley b June 20, 1879 Jackson Co. AL., died Oct 13, 1908. She married James Cassell 

2(iv). Lydia Jane Shirley b about 1845 in AL; age 14 in the household of Jordon Peacock with siblings in 1860 census; married July 12, 1886 Jackson Co. AL. She was married to A.J. Maddox, Peter Shook, John J. Scarbrough.

2(v). Mahala Jane Shirley b about 1847 Jackson Co. AL; age 12 in the household of Jordon Peacock with siblings in 1860 census; She married John Barrier Sept 15, 1865 Jackson Co. AL.

2(vi). Lucinda Shirley b about 1849 AL; age 10 in the household of Jordon Peacock with siblings in 1860 census; She married Daniel Turney Crownover Sept 1, 1868 Jackson Co. AL.

1(iv). Paul Shirley b 1812

married Sarah _________ .

1(v). female Shirley

1(vi). female Shirley

1(vii). female Shirley

1(viii). Alexander Shirley born about 1824 White Co. TN; Lived in Jackson Co AL in 1860 (Long Island PO) and 1870 census; Occupation: farmer; He died 7 April 1881 Jackson Co. AL, buried Gray Cemetery.

married Samantha Jane "Amanda" Cameron


2(i). Niagara Shirley born about 1856 Jackson Co. AL, age 14 in 1870 census.

2(ii). John Shirley born 1 Dec 1858 Jackson Co., age 12 in 1870 census; He died June 3, 1901 Jackson Co. AL 

2(iii). William Shirley born 18 April 1867 at Dechard TN (source: death cert), age 3 in 1870 census; He died on 8 July 1942 at Bridgeport, Jackson Co AL; He was single and a farmer (parents named in death cert); buried at Mt Carmel Cem, Jackson Co AL

2(iv). Amanda Shirley born about 1870 in Jackson Co AL, age 0 in 1870 census

2(v). Minnie Shirley born about 1875; enumerated as "Dalas" in 1880 census with gender and relationship struck through; She died 11 July 1919 at Searles Tuscaloosa Co AL, age 44y 8m 20d, (parents named in death certificate); Married J. A. Smith; Buried at Friendship Church Cem.

1(ix). John Malden Shirley born about 1827 White Co. TN; He lived in the Stevenson PO area of Jackosn Co AL in 1860 census; age 53 in 1880 Jackson Co AL census; He died in Jackson Co. AL, 

married Mary Emmaline Malone in Jackson Co. AL


2(i). William Houston Shirley b 1851 Jackson Co. AL; age 8 in the 1860 census;

married Mary Ann McKinney 9 August 1874 in Jackson County, AL (Marriage Book B page 387)

2(ii). James M. Shirley b Aug 1853 Jackson Co. AL; Lived Bass, Jackson Co AL (1880 census)

married Ellen______ b abt 1857


3(i). John Shirley b abt 1877

3(ii). others?

3(iii). Lee Shirley (f) b abt 1885

3(iv). James (Tom) Shirley b abt 1887

3(v). William L Shirley b abt 1889

married Edith Hazel Griffin


4(i). Kate J. Shirley b abt 1912

4(ii). Perry J. Shirley b abt 1913

4(iii). John P. Shirley b abt 1915

Barbara Darnell < is a researcher of this lineage

3(vi). Houston Shirley b abt 1892

3(viii). Jessie Shirley (f) b abt 1894

3(ix). Eliza (Lizzie) Shirley b abt 1898

3(x). George Shirley b abt 1900

2(iii). Sarah E. Shirley b 1856 Jackson Co. AL

2(iv). John Wilson Shirley b Mar 18, 1859 Jackson Co. AL

2(v). Jane Shirley b 1862 Jackson Co. AL

2(vi). Martha Shirley b 1864 Jackson Co. AL

2(vii). Marion Shirley b 1868 Jackson Co. AL

2(viii). Florence Shirley b 1872 Jackson Co. AL

2(ix). Jesse Calloway Shirley b Dec 19, 1874 Jackson Co. AL d. Sept 24, 1921 Talley Cemetery, Jackson Co. AL

2(x). J. H. Shirley b Mar 25, 1876 Jack

1(x). Houston I. Shirley born about 1832, age 27 in the 1860 Jackson Co AL census for Stevenson PO; He died about 1871 

married Letitia Celia Elizabeth Peacock on 15 March 1855 Jackson Co. AL


2(i). William S. Shirley born Dec 1856 Jackson Co. AL, age 4 in 1860 census

2(ii). Sarah J. Shirley born about 1857 Jackson Co. AL, age 3 in 1860 census

2(iii). Mary A. Shirley b 1858 Jackson Co. AL, not found in family household in 1860 census


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