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John Shirley
b. ca1770-80. Lived South Carolina and Mississippi  


DNA Haplogroup R1b1
Dan Shirley Jr. has spent years working on the descendants of David Shirley #2 below. He has generously offered to put his research on our website. Our thanks for sharing.   


JOHN SHIRLEY b.1770-1780 of Darlington Co. SC. He and his wife "Elly" sold land in Darlington Co SC to Vincent Delk in 1827 and don't appear in records in that county thereafter. They next appear in the 1830 and 1840 Wayne Co MS census. He apparently died sometime before 1850.

married Elizabeth ______. 

May 20, 1826 Darlington Co SC. Richard Ingram bought at sheriffs sale 230 acres owned by John Shirley (James Suggs sued John Shirley). Richard Ingram assigned his rights to the land to the children of Elizabeth Shirley, Harriet, Allen, Charity, David, Martha and Levinia.


1(i). Allen Shirley born about 1805 SC; This family appears in the 1840 and 1850 Wayne Co MS census. Some sources show this person to be named Allen Burrell Shirley who married Nancy Busby.

married Nancy _______ (possibly Busby)


2(i). Harriet Shirley born about 1839 MS

2(ii). Mary Shirley born about 1840 MS

2(iii). William H Shirley born about 1841 MS

2(iv). Henry C. Shirley born about 1842 MS

2(v). Nancy Shirley born about 1844 MS; living at home age 21 in 1860

2(vi). Burwell Shirley born about 1846 MS; he was oddly skipped in the 1850 census household, but appears in the 1860 Wayne Co MS census HH; He was a member of the Gaines Invincibles 46th Miss Infantry, CSA. He died 1912 and buried at Old Shirley Cemetery, Waynesboro MS

married Vina Kelly

3(i). George W. Shirley born about 1866 MS; died 1935 and buried at the Yellow Creek Cem, Waynesboro, Wayne Co MS

married Willie Ann West

3(ii). Ellyr Shirley born about 1867 MS

3(iii). Fun Shirley (m) born about 1871 MS

3(iv). C.M. Shirley (f) born about 1872 MS

3(v). Mary Shirley born about 1874 MS

3(vi). Winnie Shirley born about 1876 MS

3(vii). W.B. Shirley (m) born about 1879 MS

3(viii). Willie Shirley (f) born about 1885 at Waynesboro MS; She died 3 Mar 1927 age 42 at Mobile Co AL

2(vi). Cynthia Shirley born about 1848 MS

2(vii). Baby (female) Shirley born about 1850 MS

1(ii). David Shirley born May 22, 1810 SC; This family appears in the 1840 and 1850 Wayne Co MS census. He died. Aug 10, 1892 Deridder, LA 

married 1st Drusilla Busby,  

married 2nd Mahaley Eason Nov 6, 1862 Deridder, Beauregard Parish. She was born Oct 1832 MS died May 17, 1911 Deridder, LA


2(i). Hamilton Shirley born Sept 1839

married Nancy Elizabeth Childress Dec 15, 1856 


3(i). Franklin Shirley

3(ii). James M. Shirley

3(iii). John W. Shirley

3(iv). Robert Lee Shirley born Mar 8, 1870

3(v). Mary Ann Shirley

2(ii). Daniel W. Shirley born Sept 8, 1839 Wayne Co. MS

married 1st Mary Jane Busby Feb 3, 1881,

married 2nd Mary Jane McDonald


3(i). Mary Shirley

3(ii). Tally Shirley

3(iii). Armindy S. Shirley born April 23, 1881 LA

3(iv). Oscar Shirley

3(v). Thomas McDonald Shirley born May 18, 1887

3(vi). Charity Dyentha Shirley

3(vii). Francis Shirley born Oct 23, 1892

3(viii). Cansadie Shirley born Sept 23, 1896 

2(iii). Zacharia Shirley

2(iv). Feeby Shirley

2(v). Edward Shirley born Jan 8, 1845 Wayne Co. MS  d. Dec 25, 1918 Deridder, Beauregard, LA, 

married Sara Cole


3(i). Edward Jackson Shirley born June 1869 Deridder, LA

3(ii). Clementine Shirley born Oct 20, 1872 

3(iii). Marion A. Shirley born Feb 5, 1877 

3(iv). Daniel Richard Shirley born Oct 14, 1879

Ancestor of DNA Participant 292768

3(v). Nancy Elizabeth Shirley born Jan 16, 1882

3(vi). Erastus Shirley born Nov 1, 1884

3(vii). Oscar David Shirley born Oct 7, 1887 Deridder, LA 

2(vi). Alexander Shirley born May 8, 1848 Wayne Co. MS d. Aug 17, 1911

married Martha Simmons Oct 14, 1869 


3(i). Calvin Calley Shirley born Mar 16, 1871 Calcasieu Parish, AL

3(ii). David Shirley born Aug 31, 1873 Deridder, LA

3(iii). Warren Hamiton Shirley born Feb 24, 1876 Deridder, LA

3(iv). James Edward Shirley born Aug 31, 1878 Derrider, LA

3(v). Colbert Shirley born Feb 7, 1882  Derrider, LA

3(vi). Drisilla Shirley born Dec 21, 1884 Derrider, LA

3(vii). Tine Shirley born Nov 16, 1887 Derrider, LA  

3(viii). Lucretia Shirley born Nov 12, 1893

2(vii). Laura Shirley

2(viii). Martha Louisa Shirley born July 20, 1860 LA

2(ix). Mary Azilene Shirley

2(x) David Allen Shirley born about 1867 Calcasieu Parish, LA

2(xi) John T. Shirley born Mar 19, 1869 d. April 26, 1948

married Martha Clemantine Holiday Mar 25, 1895


3(i). Melaine Shirley

3(ii). Iris Shirley

3(iii). Nita Irene Shirley

3(iv). Earnest Shirley

3(v). Lawrence L. Shirley

3(vi). Daisy Shirley born Oct 18, 1900 Beauregard Parish, LA

3(vii). Floyd Shirley born about 1906 Beauregard Parish, LA

3(viii). Wilirrie Shirley born about 1914

3(ix). Ayrieta A. Shirley born about 1917 

2(xii). Susan L. Shirley

2(xiii). Walter D. Shirley born Jan 29, 1878 LA d. April 26, 1959

married Mary E. Lewis


3(i). Disston S. Shirley born Mar 4, 1902

3(ii). Bessie Shirley born Nov 21, 1904 Beaurgard Parish, LA

3(iii). Teddie Shirley born about 1912 Beaurgard Parish, LA

3(iv). Tessie Shirley born about 1912 Beaurgard Parish, LA 

1(iii). Harriet Shirley

1(iv). Charity/Charlotte Shirley born about 1812 d. Aug 20, 1889 Wayne Co. MS m. Edward Gatlin

1(v). Martha Shirley

1(vi). Levinia Shirley


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