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John Shirley
Anderson SC (continued)


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1(i). John Shirley, Jr. born about 1767 likely in Virginia; He lived Anderson Co. S.C., died April 30, 1837. John and his 2nd wife are buried in the Little River Baptist church cemetery.

1838 Mar 9 Pendleton Messenger - Samuel Shirley vs Elizabeth Shirley, widow, Stephen Shirley and George Shirley et al. children and grandchildren of John Shirley, dec'd. Anderson dist. Out of state: Richard Shirley, James Brackenridge and wife Fanny; Enoch Bell; Margaret Bell, John Bell, Letty Bell; Frederick Bell.

marrued 1st Elizabeth______

married 2nd Elizabeth Grubbs (nee Mitchell). She was the widow of Richard Grubbs.


2(i). Margaret Shirley born 1788. She married ___McMullin of Abbeville Co. SC in 1788. No children

2(ii). Samuel Shirley born 1789. He was living in Abbeville Co. SC in 1838. He was referred to as the Orator of his his father's will. It is assumed he died as Thomas was mentioned in later Court records. In the final settlement, Samuel is mentioned as deceased and refers to heirs. They are not mentioned.

[1788 birth date] Samuel Shirley aka Samuel Sherley rank: "rect" 8th US Inf 5'8" blue eyes bro hair fair complx age 26 farmer born Abbeville SC; enlisted May 9 1814 at SC; Lt Black for duration of war; at Ft Hawkins in June 1814; Discharged March 6 1815

2(iii). Mary Shirley born 1791. She married Mathew Bell

2(iv). Frances Shirley born 1793. She married James Breckenridge of Tennessee

2(v). Jonathon T. Shirley born May 28, 1795 Anderson Co. SC, In 1850 Jonathon Shirley family was living in Walker Co. GA. He died Dec 10, 1857 Poplar Creek, Attala Co. MS, Shirleys of Attala Co Mississippi

married Eleanor Sharp 1812 Abbeville SC. She was born  April 19, 1791 Abbeville Co. SC., d. Feb 1861. She was the daughter of Edward and Eleanor Sharp of Abbeville.   

2(vi). Richard D. Shirley born about 1797 SC. He was named in the 1829 will of his father-in-law as living in Greene County Alabama. He and his son Thomas Shirley appear in early Greene Co records, specifically BLM land warrants in 1837 and 1839. He was identified as living 'out of state' in March 1838 in a legal proceeding regarding the estate of his deceased father. He and son Levi Shirley appear in the 1840 Greene Co census. He appears next in the 1850 census for Greene County with wife Mary and 5 children still living in the household. Age 72 in 1870 Greene Co AL census; updated July 2015

married Mary Blain sometime about 1815 in SC. She was the daughter of William and Mary Seawright Blain. William Blain's will Jan 16, 1829 in Abbeville South Carolina, probated Mar 31, 1830, Ex.,  Wife Mary, Richard D. Shirley and wife Mary, of Greene Co. AL. Age 70 in 1870 Greene Co AL census


3(i). Levi M. Shirley born about 1815. Lived in Greene Co AL in 1850 and 1860 census. He received a BLM land warrant in Greene Co in 1858. He died sometime after his enumeration in the Alabama 1866 state census.

married Anna Coats on 27 June 1840 in Greene Co AL. Levi Shirley's spouse is "R Shirley" in 1860 census

children: where is this family in 1870 census and beyond?

4(i). Eliza J Shirley born about 1842, age 8 in 1850 census, age 17 in 1860 census

4(ii). James R. Shirley born about 1844, age 6 in 1850 census, age 16 in 1860 census

4(iii). William N Shirley born about 1846, age 4 in 1850 census, age 14 in 1860 census

4(iv). John T Shirley born about 1847, age 3 in 1850 census, age 12 in 1860 census

4(v). Benjamin S Shirley born about 1849, age 8/12 in 1850 census, age 10 in 1860 census

4(vi). M. J. Shirley born about 1853, age 7 in 1860 census

4(vii). D. B. Shirley born about 1856, age 4 in 1860 census

3(ii). Thomas Shirley born Jan 17, 1816 Abbeville Co. SC. He was enumerated with 6 slaves in the 1850 Sumter Co AL census. He died. July 2, 1898 Error Alert: This Thomas is more likely part of Branch 22. What is the evidence Richard D Shirley had a son named Thomas?

married Americus White about 1844. She was born Dec 24, 1823 d. Sept 7, 1905


4(i). Sarah A. Shirley born Dec 8, 1844 d. Nov 28, 1848

4(i). Sarah E. Shirley born about 1849, age 1 in 1850 census

4(iii). Richard D. Shirley born Mar 5, 1851 d. Oct 30, 1852; Buried at Cokes Chapel Cemetery, Sumter Co AL

4(iv). Americus Viola Shirley born 3 September 1855 in Sumter Co AL

3 Sep 1855 Birth of Americus Viola Shirley, dau of Thomas Shirley and Americus White (Sumter births and deaths)

3(iii). Mary E. Shirley born Feb 7, 1817 d. Dec 10, 1818

3(iv). Emeline Shirley she married Belfield Lett on 3 (28) December 1841 in Greene Co AL

3(v). Nancy M. Shirley She married Benjamin N Harrell on 20 December 1842 in Greene Co AL

3(vi). William T. Shirley born about 1830, age 20 in 1850 census

3(vii). John N Shirley born about 1832, age 18 in 1850 census. He lived at Knoxville Greene Co AL in 1880 census and 1900 census, age 67. He died 2 June 1915, buried Mesopotamia Cemetery, Eutaw, Greene Co AL (tombstone)

married Hulda J. Poole on 21 December 1858 in Greene Co AL. She died 22 June 1919 at Eutaw Greene Co AL, age 84, husband of John W. Shirley, daughter of John Poole


4(i). Sarah H Shirley born 4 August 1860 (tombstone), age 18 in 1880 census. She died 23 November 1926, buried Mesopotamia Cemetery, Eutaw Greene Co AL. She married James Alexander Thornton. She was listed with sister Fannie as sole heirs of their mother Hulda Shirley

4(ii). Fannie A Shirley born about 1864, age 16 in 1880 census. She married Crosby. Listed with sister Sally as sole heirs of their mother Hulda Shirley

3(viii). Martha A. Shirley born about 1834, age 16 in 1850 census. She married David W McCully on 7 November 1851 in Greene Co AL

3(ix). Mahala Shirley born about 1836 in SC, age 14 in 1850 census. She was age 30, single in parents' 1870 household.

3(x). Eliza M Shirley born about 1838, age 12 in 1850 census. She married Warren J. Hardin on 27 November 1854 in Greene Co AL

2(vii). George D. Shirley born 1800 They lived Watters, Floyd Co. Georgia in 1850, 1860 and 1880 census. He died June 22, 1892  Both are buried in Berwyn Cemetery near Rome GA. Shirleys of Floyd Co Georgia

married Nellie E. (Ellenora) Sharp born 1798 d.  May 22, 1880, niece of Jonathon Shirley's wife, Eleanor.


3(i). John Williamson Shirley born Nov 30, 1823  nothing more known

3(ii). Eddy Elizabeth Shirley born Jan 10, 1825, age 36 in parent's 1860 household. She married Kennedy and had children. She and 2 children lived in father's census household in 1880.

3(iii). Henry Thomas Shirley born Feb 16, 1828, He may have died between 1858 and 1863 (Civil War?)

married Cinthia Bird on Feb 11, 1858 at Floyd Co GA. She may be the Cynthia Shirley who married Reuben Cown in 1863 in Floyd Co GA

3(iv). Susan Martha Shirley born Jan 20, 1830 m. John Johnson Oct 1, 1846

3(v). Nancy Caroline Shirley born Aug 13, 1832 m. Jonah Peal 

3(vi). Arena Elender Shirley born Feb 16, 1835, age 22 in parent's 1860 household. She married Peal.

3(vii). Mary Jane Shirley born Sept 6, 1837, age 21 in parent's 1860 household. She married James H. Jackson Nov 25, 1875

3(viii). George Francis Marion Shirley born Feb 5, 1840 Rome GA, age 19 in parent's 1860 household. He and new wife lived with his parents in 1860 census. He died Jan 30, 1917. 

(NOTE:1880 Census of Blount Co. AL it  says SC. In the  1900 census of Morgan Co. AL he is also listed as being born in SC). 

He was in the Civil War and was captured at Vicksburg, MS July 4th, 1863 and released July 12, 1863 under some kind of an agreement. He was captured again in 1864 in GA and sent to Prison in Chattanooga, TN. He was released North of the Ohio River and remained there until the end of the war.  He was said to have sworn allegiance to the US Government and was listed as Deserter from the Confederate Army. When he died he was drawing pension for his war service. 

George F M Shirley and 1st wife Nancy Morrow
(sent by Newlin Shirley)

married 1) Nancy H. Morrow on 24 April 1861 at Floyd Co Georgia She was born Sept 28, 1838 and died Sept 7, 1885. They had 7 children.

married 2) Demerise Morrow Nov. 29, 1885, sister of Nancy. She died Aug 24, 1891. They had 2 children.

married 3) Elizabeth "Puss" Holmes. They had 2 children.

children: living in 1880 census Blount Co. AL

4(i). William H. Shirley born 1862 GA  Settled in Morgan Co. AL

William Henry Shirley, sisters Martha (Mattie) Brown and May Hughes, wife Mollie,
children: Wilks, Leonard, Edgar, and Nettie Shirley
- thanks to Thomas Shirley

married 1) Mary Belle Carrington. She died 1914

married 2) Eron McDaniel sometime before 1918 She later married Roberts


5(i). Wilks E. Shirley born 19 September 1888 at Hartselle Morgan Co AL (findagrave). He died 25 December 1902, age 14

5(ii). Leonard Shirley He died 1913 at Hartselle Morgan Co AL. He was killed by a train. Buried Cedar Creek Freewill Baptist Church Cemetry

5(iii). Edgar Eugene Shirley born 11 June 1894 in Alabama. He died 6 January 1961 at Athens Limestone Co AL. Buried Roselawn Cemetery.

5(iv). Nettie Shirley born 1891. She married Johnson

5(v). Lou Ella Shirley born 1918

5(vi). George Henry Shirley born 1921

5(vii). Eunice Elga Shirley born 1923

4(ii). Sarah C. Shirley born May 6, 1866 GA d. Feb 18, 1908 m. George W. Smith Nov 25, 1888

4(iii). George W. Shirley born 1869 GA Was a preacher and settled in the early 1900 in Ohio. He had one son and two daughters

4(iv). Martha Caroline Shirley born Mar 5, 1874 AL, m. James A. Brown. She died June 13, 1958.

4(v). Leonard Shirley born April 1876 AL. He was a farmer near Tupelo, MS 

4(vi). Nancy S. Shirley born 1879 AL   

4(vii). Demaris May Shirley died 1969

4(viii). Sue Shirley died young

4(ix). Lewis A.  Shirley born Aug 24, 1887 AL, died Sept 23, 1980.  (in census it is Louis)

married Martha Bentley who was born Mar 18, 1893 d. Jan 9, 1954.


5(i). Lester A.  Shirley

5(ii). Curtis George Shirley

5(iii). Lorene Shirley

5(iv). Newlin Shirley

5(v). Ivy Shirley

4(x). John E. Shirley born Oct 1889 AL

4(xi). Mary C. Shirley born April 1895 AL

4(xii). Rena "Rennie" F. Shirley born June 1896 AL

3(ix). Cintha Lucinda Adeline Shirley born Dec 17, 1842, age 17 in parent's 1860 household. She married Reuben A. Cowen Apr 3, 1863

2(viii). Elizabeth Shirley born 1801  m Joseph Sharp. They lived Floyd Co. Georgia

2(ix). Sarah (or Sallie) Shirley born 1803  m. John Williams

2(x) Thomas Harrison Shirley born 1805 SC; He was the orator in the partition of the estate of his father, John Shirley, dec'd, after his bro. Samuel died. He was a farmer, lived on Broadmouth Creek, On 18 Mar. 1861 Petition of Thomas Shirley vs. Jonathan Shirley, George Shirley etc. He died or was killed during the Civil War, intestate 1863. On 11 May 1863 his estate was administered by wid. Margaret.

married 1) Frances B. ___, she d. Aug 19, 1844, age 28 mother of 3 small children.

Friday Sept 20 1844 - Obituary: Died on Monday night the 19th of August last, Mrs Francis B. Shirley, wife of Thomas Shirley, in the 28th year of her age. The deceased had been at times, for more than a year laboring under a disease of the chest, thought to be dropsy but for three months previous to her demise was apparently much improved in health. She retired to bed on monday night to all appreance in good health and at day break the next morning was discoverd by her husband a cropse at his side. Her spirit had left this clayey tenement and as confidently hoped had took its flight to realms of eternal bliss. In all the relations of wife, mother, neighbor, friend and Christian, being a devoted member of th Baptist Church, Mrs Shirley was admired by all who knew her and her death has created a void in the neighborhood that the world cna never fill. She has left a widowed mother, an affectionate husband, three small children and numerous friends and relatives to mourn her irreparable loss - but they weep not as those who have no hope. They confidently believe that she was called to obey the summons of her Lord and Master. "Come unto me ye blessed of my father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." Anderson Gazette (newspaper)

married 2) Margaret Mayfield. She was born about 1810 in Anderson Co SC


3(i). Frances L. Shirley born 1839 SC

3(ii). John Franklin Shirley born Oct 22, 1840 Anderson Co. SC, age 9 in 1850 census. Lived in Puryears Clark Co GA in 1880 census. He died Jan 15, 1906 buried Rose Hill, Piedmont Greenville Co SC,

married Phoebe E. Spencer born Mar 10, 1845 SC. She died on Jan 29, 1886 SC buried Big Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC 

children: born Anderson Co. SC

4(i). John R. Shirley born Sept 7, 1868. He died 23 May 1953. Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Greenville Co SC

4(ii). Thomas M. Shirley born 1871. Lived in Anderson Co SC in 1900 census and Pickens Co SC in 1910 census. He died 16 July 1948 at Central, Pickens Co SC, age 78. Buried Mt Tabor Baptist Church, Clemson Pickens Co SC

The Greenville News (SC) Sunday, July 18, 1948, Page 7 - CENTRAL, SC - July 17 - Funeral services for Thomas M. Shirley, 78, who died at his home here Friday afternoon, will be Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. J. E. Crawford, the Rev. U. G. Wilson and the Rev. R. C. Kendricks. Interment will be in the church cemetery. Pallbearers will be Frank and Tommie Dobson, J. W. Wardlaw Jr., Vernon, J. T. and Martin Shirley. The honorary escort will include deacons of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church with J. E. Pressley, E.R. Bryant, Ernest Hunter, P. W. Campbell, Ben Holliday, J. G. Center, J. D. Vickery, G. W. Kennemore, J. M. Martin and G. G. Sanders. Pending the hour of the service, the body is at the home of his son, Sam Shirley.

married Christine L ______

married Myra S _______


5(i). Edna F Shirley born about 1892 in SC, age 8 in 1900 census, age 17 in 1910 census

5(ii). John F Shirley born about 1894 in SC, age 6 in 1900 census, age 15 in 1910 census

5(iii). George E Shirley born about 1896 in SC, age 4 in 1900 census, age 13 in 1910 census. Enumerated in parent's household in 1930 census

5(iv). Sam Shirley born about 1901, age 9 in 1910 census

5(v). Henry Shirley born about 1904, age 6 in 1910 census

5(vi). Lilian Shirley born about 1908, age 2 in 1910 census

5(vii). Helen F Shirley born about 1910, age 20 in 1930 census

4(iii). Mary E. Shirley born about 1872 in South Carolina. Age 8 in 1880 census. She was age 28, married and living in father's household in 1900 census. Married ____ Hase.

4(iv). Richard Frank Shirley born 1874 in SC, age 6 in 1880 census, age 26 in father's 1900 census. He died in 1958 buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Piedmont SC  m. Minerva __

4(v). Henry E Shirley born about 1877 in SC, age 3 in 1880 census. Not enumerated in father's 1900 census.

4(vi). Andrew O Shirley born about 1880, age 20 in 1900 census.

3(iii). Ephraim P. Shirley born 1845, age 5 in 1850 census. killed on Sullivan Island in 1863, Civil War.

3(iv). Stephen White Shirley born 1846, age 2 in 1850 census. He died in 1933. Served in First SC Infantry Co. B in Civil War. In 1880 his mother Margaret and his sister Mary were living with his family

married Casey ________


4(i). Maggie Shirley born 1872

4(ii). Willie Shirley born 1874 (dau)

4(iii). Leolene Shirley born 1876

4(iv). Thomas Edwin Shirley born 1878 Twin

4(v). Stephen Edgar Shirley born 1878  Twin

3(v). Mary Shirley born 1848

3(vi). Richard W. Shirley born   1851, d. 1905

married Mary Rogers


4(i). John Shirley born 1874

4(ii). J. Joseph Shirley born Mar 10, 1880, d. Feb 6, 1957, bur. Beaverdam Bapt. Ch. Cem. Greenville SC. 

married Mary Durham, widow of Mr. Solesbee.


5(i). James Edward Shirley born   died July30, 1952

4(iii). Sallie S. Shirley born 1882 m. Mr Clardy of Atlanta, GA

3(vii). Thomas Harrison Shirley born July 26, 1850 d. Feb 17, 1896 buried Whitefield Baptist Cemetery,

married Mary Ann Rogers born Aug 22, , 1855 NC d. Dec 8, 1928 buried Greenville Presbyterian Church Cemetery SC

children born Williamston, Anderson Co. SC

4(i). Dewitt Stewart Shirley born July 20, 1876,

married Ola Jane Johnson


5(i). Effie Jane Shirley April 11, 1908 m. 1st DeWitt Hunsucher, 2nd Robert Bratcher of ware Shoals, SC

5(ii). Edith Joan Shirley Mar 15, 1910 m. Albert Freeman of Belton SC

5(iii). William Harrison Shirley July 13, 1912, m. Madge Ouzts

5(iv). Sarah Daucy Shirley Nov 12, 1914, m. Marvin Gambrell of Donalds SC

5(v). Dewitt Stewart Shirley, Jr. May 10, 1918, m. Jewell Lindly

5(vi). Fred Thomas Shirley Sept 3, 1920, m. Romona Gilreath

5(vii). Eva Elizabeth Shirley,  m. Woodrow Timms

5(viii). Barbara Cleo Shirley,  m. Marvin Cooley

5(ix). Larry Eugene Shirley, m. Thelma Lark

5(x) Mary Ellen Shirley m. Troy Lindsay

4(ii). Eula Tecora Shirley born Oct 1878, d. Nov 14, 1936, m. Bud Pack

4(iii). Sarah Cornelie Shirley born Oct 16. 1880. m. Bud Poole

4(iv). Effie Missouri Shirley born 1883, m. Zee Poole

4(v). Joseph Franklin Shirley born Dec 2, 1885, d. Nov 21, 1920, bachelor

4(vi). John Ephraim Shirley born Feb 28, 1888,

married Louisa Bama White


5(i). Theodor Harrison Shirley Dec 2, 1910, m. Rubye Baldwin

5(ii). Ida mae Shirley April 15, 1913, m. 1st Mr. Meldrum, m. 2nd James El Blackwell

5(iii). Jesse Thomas Shirley Lived California (4). Joseph Cecil 

2(xi) Stephen F. Shirley born May 15, 1822 near Barkers Creek, Anderson Co. SC. He is the son of 2nd marriage and had 10 half brothers and sisters on his mothers side...Grubb. He was killed in the battle at Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co. Virginia in Grant's mine.  He was a planter and also owned and operated the Shirley store in Anderson South Carolina. They were members of the Long Branch Baptist church. She is buried there.

married Sarah Major March 31, 1846. She was born Mar 15, 1830 Anderson Co. SC 

Sarah Major (correction August 2014: This photo is NOT Sally Major, but
her daughter Susan Levina Shirley married to Capt. John Samuel Smith)

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