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2(v). Jonathon T. Shirley born May 28, 1795 Anderson Co. SC, In 1850 Jonathon Shirley family was living in Walker Co. GA. He died Dec 10, 1857 Poplar Creek, Attala Co. MS,

married Eleanor Sharp 1812 Abbeville SC. She was born  April 19, 1791 Abbeville Co. SC., d. Feb 1861. She was the daughter of Edward and Eleanor Sharp of Abbeville.   


3(i). John Marshall Shirley born Feb 29, 1816 SC, d. Feb 26, 1863 Crystal Springs, MS. In 1844 they settled in Carroll Co. MS and in 1846 Choctaw Co. MS. where they were in the 1860 census. Later they lived in Capiah Co. MS.

He was raised by good faithful Baptist parents but chose to join the Methodist church in 1835, and he was appointed class leader the same year. He moved to Mississippi in 1844, settling in Carroll Co. In 1846 he moved to Choctaw Co, where he secured, by riding 20 miles for him, the services of a Methodist preacher, the Rev. Duskin, to organize a church of five members. This church as now grown to be one of the largest in the state. It is known as Bethel Church. He moved to Copiah County in 1858. He died full of faith in 1863 at Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

John Marshall Shirley and wife, Matilda Eleanor Black

Descendants of John Marshall Shirley born Feb 29, 1816, son of Jonathon, son of John Jr. son of John Shirley &  Eliz. Barmore. A group of the Shirley Family at the first reunion, Bethesda, Texas in 1902

A group of the Shirley Family at the second reunion, Garner, Texas in 1908

Children of John Marshall and Matilda Eleanor Shirley: from left to right... Standing, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. West, Mrs. Book, Mrs. Moore Sitting.... Rev R. A. Shirley, Mrs. Coalson, Rev J.J. Shirley, Mrs. Potts

married Matilda Eleanor Black Nov 13, 1834. She was born Nov 10, 1816, d. Feb 19, 1900.

Matilda Eleanor Black was born in Abbeville SC. She joined the church in 1826. After 29 years of marriage she was left a widow with 8 children, several of whom were grown. She lived to see all married with families of their own, 42 grandchildren and several great grandchildren, all of whom became Christians and members of the church as son as they were old enough. She was almost totally deaf and having lost the sight of one eye in her later years, she attended church services regularly saying that it was the duty as well as the privilege of all Christians and she would do so for an example to her children and others. 


4(i). Rev. Robert Alexander Shirley born Oct 7, 1836 Abbeville SC, They had no children of their own. They adopted a daughter, Minda who married Lon Mical.

Robert served in the First Mississippi Volunteers and served his country during the four years of the Civil War of 1861-1865. He served most of his time in Virginia. He was licensed to preach in 1878. He was described as agreeable and amiable in manners, always makes friends by his simple kindness, a good-hearted man ready to help when needed. He was Sunday School superintendent  in Throckmorton County and continues as superintendent until age 71.

married 1) Carrie Rumph Dec 26, 1865. She died in 1867 (no children)

married 2) F. E. Strain of Garner Texas on Dec 24, 1870. (no children)

4(ii). Mary Eleanor Shirley born June 17, 1839 Abbeville Co. SC, m. J. M. Coalson April 9, 1856. He was born July 1, 1826 d, Feb 3, 1897 TX. They settled in Texas in 1869.

4(iii). Rev. Joseph Jonathon Shirley born May 24, 1841 Anderson Co. SC, died July 25, 1910,

Joseph served four years in the Civil War in Company F sixth Mississippi Volunteers, first, in the Cleburne Brigade and later in General Robert Lowery's Brigade -- Army of Tennessee in the Confederacy of the United States.  He  was at the battles of Shiloh, Coffeyville MS., Port Hudson, Port Gibson, Baker's Creek, Vicksburg, Grand Gulf, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Aeworth and Decatur. He surrendered with the army at Greensboro, NC.  In 1871 he graduated from the University of Mississippi. He was a Methodist preacher for many years. He was president of Granbury College, Granbury Texas until his health failed. He moved to Alvin Texas and continued preaching.

married Catherine B. Chilton June 22, 1871. She was of Oxford MS. 


5(i). Robert Chilton Shirley born April 22, 1872,

married Nettie Bullington Aug 1899

5(ii). Marshall Shirley born June 29, 1874, died same day

5(iii). Joseph Watson Shirley born June 28, 1875,

married Lovie Hood in June 1902

5(iv). Mary Eleanor Shirley born June 19, 1878, m. Albert Arledge June 5, 1907

5(v). Julia Shirley born Sept 12, 1881

5(vi). Ventie Shirley born July 3, 1885, m. Barcus Brown June 1907

4(iv). Eliz. Matilda Shirley born June 16, 1844, m. Charles B. Potts July 10, 1865. He was born June 8, 1835 Leicester Co. England d. Dec 27, 1904 Ranger TX

4(v). Martha Capers Shirley born Aug 18, 1846 Carroll Co. MS  m. J. G. Leach Jan 22, 1868. He was born Mar 12, 1846 Copiah Co. MS

4(vi). Adelaide Celestia Shirley born Feb 13, 1850, m. Robert Guild West Nov 8, 1870 Parker Co. TX. She started for Texas Sept 29, 1869. She was a teacher. 

4(vii). Alice Ann Black Shirley born Mar 12, 1852 Choctaw Co MS d. Aug 31, 1910  Ft. Worth TX, m. 1st Thomas J. Blackburn July 21, 1870 m. 2nd George Boone Oct 18, 1882

4(viii). Augusta Letitia Shirley born Mar 30, 1855 Choctaw Co.  MS, m. Rev Wm. Jones Moore Dec 19, 1876. She was actively interested in family history. She contributed greatly to the family genealogy of this branch of the family.

3(ii). Rev. Robert Clements Shirley born Oct 15, 1817 SC; They were living in Choctaw Co. MS in the 1860 census. He died June 3, 1868 in Choctaw Co Mississippi. He was buried at Bethel Methodist Cemetery at Kilmichael, Montgomery Co MS

Robert Clements Shirley, Bethel Methodist Cemetery
(source: findagrave)

married Elizabeth Posey on Aug 27, 1840.


4(i). John Franklin Shirley born Dec 10, 1842 Abbeville District, South Carolina. They came to Hood Co. TX in 1878 and then to Parker Co. TX., He died Mar 6, 1904 Authon, Parker Co. Texas  They are buried Authon, Garner, Texas. 

Weekly Herald – 10 Mar 1904 - Died at Authon - J.F. Shirley of Authon died Sunday night very suddenly at the home of a friend at that place and was buried at the Authon graveyard Tuesday afternoon. The cause of death was heart failure. Mr. Shirley was a resident of this county for many years and was well liked. Recently he had sold his property with a view to moving to Oklahoma, and was to have started to that territory at an early date to make his home.

John Franklin Shirley
(source: findagrave)

married Martha Ann Biles (or Boyles) Sept 19, 1865 in MS. She died Jan 7, 1913


5(i). Mary Etta Shirley born June 27, 1866 d. Mar 1, 1938 m. Henry Grable Nov 25, 1888. He was born Mar 5, 1857 Muhlenburg Co. KY d. Mar 16, 1910 and is buried at Authon, Garner Co. TX. He was a farmer and a part-time preacher in the Church of Christ.

5(ii). Sarah E. Shirley born Dec 8, 1867 Calhoun Co. MS. died Sept 9, 1873 age 5 years

5(iii). Willie Edna Shirley born April 12, 1870 Calhoun Co. MS d. Sept 8, 1876 age 6 yrs

5(iv). daughter Shirley born dead  May 6, 1872 

5(v). John Jefferson Shirley born Feb 2, 1874 Montgomery Co. MS. Lived Parker Co Texas in 1900 census. He lived in Palo Pinto Co Texas in 1920 census. d. Jan 12, 1941 Perrin Texas.

Ancestor of DNA Kit #270720

John Jefferson Shirley
(source: findagrave)

married Susan Ann/Ella Moore July 21, 1895 in Texas. She was born Feb 10, 1879 d. Dec 20, 1940 Perrin Texas. 


6(i). Ida M Shirley born about 1896, age 4 in parent's 1900 census household. Not living with parents in 1920 census

6(ii). Susie E Shirley born about 1900, age 20 in parent's 1920 census household

6(iii). Travis F Shirley born 16 November 1901, age 18 in parent's 1920 census household. He died 14 October 1992 at Salem, Marion Co Oregon. Buried at Restlawn Memory Gardens, West Salem Polk Co OR

marred Berta Goldie Glenn


7(i). Dorothy Shirley born about 1924, age 16 in 1940 census

7(ii). Lola Lajune Shirley born 30 June 1933 at Wheeler Texas, age 6 in 1940 census

7(iii). Gene R Shirley born about 1939, age 1 in 1940 census

7(iv). Jon Franklin Shirley born 15 September 1942 at Winkler Texas

6(iv). James E Shirley born about 1904, age 16 in parent's 1920 census household

6(v). Celia H. Shirley born about 1906, age 14 in parent's 1920 census household

6(vi). Dora Elsie Shirley born 1 December 1907 at Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Texas, age 12 in 1920 census

6(vii). Walter E Shirley born about 1910, age 10 in parent's 1920 census household

6(viii). John Lester Shirley born about 1912, age 8 in parent's 1920 census household

6(ix). Gladys F Shirley born about 1915, age 5 in parent's 1920 census household

5(vi). Birdie Eveline Shirley born Dec 28, 1875 Montgomery Co. MS d. Dec 7, 1968 Shamrock Texas age 92, m. William Edward Bently Dec 8, 1895 Authon, Garner Co. TX. He died Nov 29, 1950.   

5(vii). Mattie Luella Shirley born June 7, 1879 Hood Co. TX d. Aug 27, 1976 Dozier TX m. William Walter Breeding Jan 13, 1907. He was born May 6, 1875 d. Mar 2, 1955. 

5(viii). James Richard Shirley born 29 January 1882 at Parker Co Texas. He died 21 May 1936 at Parker Co Texas. Buried at Authon Cemetery.

James Richard Shirley

4(ii). James Travis Shirley born 1844 GA d. Hood Co. Texas. They lived at Huntsville, Attala Co. MS and settled later in Hood Co. Texas.

Front row: Ella Burnell, Bulah Shirley Estes, Mary Elizabeth Fair, James Travis Shirley,
Walter Shirley, Arther Shirley, Back Row: Nannie Shirley Hunter, Jimmy Shirley, Carrie Shirley,
Claude Shirley, Ethel or Eathel Shirley Forrest, Vivian Shirley
Thanks to Nona Worton ngw46@hotmail.com

married Mary E. Fair in 1867 MS


5(i). Beulah Shirley born Nov 11, 1868 Huntsville, Attala Co. MS d. May11, 1955 m. J. F. Estes in 1892 Granbury Texas. They were Methodist.

5(ii). Walter Lee Shirley born 1870 Huntsville, Attala Co. MS d. 1930 near Weatherford Texas

married 1) Leona Marsh (or Mash) in 1904 Granbury TX  No children 

5(iii). William Arthur Shirley born 1872 Huntsville MS d. May 20, 1966 Attala Co. MS m. Pinkie Renfrow in 1896 in TX. He was a Christian Scientist. He worked for the city of Ft. Worth TX for several years. He moved to Houston and worked for the city before retiring and moving back to Attala MS. 

5(iv). Lou Ella Shirley born 1874 Huntsville MS d. Dec 20, 1953 m. Frank Burnett who was born Aug 3, 1862 MO d. Mar 3, 1937. They lived Cresson. They were Methodist. 

5(v). Ethel Shirley born Nov 4, 1876 Huntsville MS d. April 15, 1915 m. Frank Forrest in 1895 Granbury, TX. He was born July 9, 1872 Montgomery Co. MS d. July 8, 1921. He was killed at a railroad crossing. 

5(vi). James Preston Shirley born 1878

married Neva Boykin in 1907

5(vii). Vivian Shirley born 1880 Grandbury, TX d. May 1961 Amarillo, TX m Ella Hunter Oct 26, 1903 Granbury. He died Dec 8, 1961 Amarillo TX. They were Methodist.

5(viii). Carrie Shirley born Oct. 26, 1882 Hood Co. TX d. Oct 5, 1953 Cresson TX,  m. E. P. Crook 1908. He was born Dec 19, 1882 AR d. Jan 20, 1963 Cresson.

5(ix). Claud Fair Shirley born Dec 10, 1889 Cesson TX d. Feb 6, 1967 Deming, New Mexico

married Susan Crook Feb 12, 1911 Cresson TX. She was born Feb 23, 1889 Odea AR. 

4(iii). Mary Shirley born 1846 m. Baxter Hearon

4(iv). Eleanor Shirley born May 19, 1850 Macon GA d. Dec 15, 1932 m. John Davis Boyd (of Hood Co. TX) in 1871 Winone MS. They came to Texas in 1878 in a wagon train.

4(v). Jane Shirley born 1851 d. 1869

4(vi). Nannie Shirley born 1853, d. 1879, m. Dr. James Staples

4(vii). William Shirley born 1855, d. 1873

4(viii). Sidney Shirley born 1858, d. 1875

4(ix). Hassie Shirley born 1860, m. John H. Berry of Ft. Worth , TX

4(x). Ida Lenora Shirley born Feb 27, 1864 Choctaw Co. MS d. Feb 27, 1964 Hood Co. TX. She was an orphan by age 4 and was raised by an aunt. She and her sister, Hassie, came to Texas with their brother James Travis. She married James Thompson McWhorter Aug 4, 1885. He died April 16, 1943 Weatherford and both buried in Lone Creek Cemetery in Hood Co. Texas.   

Two children not named here died in their infancy.

3(iii). James Barmore Shirley born Sept 8, 1819 SC,  In the 1850 census they are enumerated twice living in Paulding Co. GA. (as James M Shirley and James B Shurley). They are living in Cherokee Co AL in 1860 census.

married Priscilla Foggy Mann, a widow.


4(iii). William J. Shirley born about 1854 in SC, age 6 in 1850 census, age 14 in 1860 census nothing more known

4(iv). Lorenzo D. Shirley born about 1856 in GA, age 4 in 1850 census, age 12 in 1860 census nothing more known

4(i). Rhoda Mann Shirley (Shirley indicated in census as ditto). born about 1834 in SC, age 16 in 1850 census. She was enumerated out of age order in Shirley household, thus indicating member of a different family. She is likely a stepdaughter, from Priscilla's first marriage. Enumerated in age order in duplicate census enumeration. Not in parent's 1860 census household

4(ii). Whitfield (Mann?) Shirley (Shirley indicated in census as ditto) born about 1836 in SC, age 14 in 1850 census. He was enumerated out of age order in Shirley household, thus indicating member of a different family. He is likely a stepson from Priscilla's first marriage; Enumerated in age order in duplicate census enumeration. Not in parent's 1860 census household. He is possibly the Whitfield Mann living in Winston Co AL in 1880 census.

3(iv). Susan Eliz. Shirley born Nov 22, 1821 m. Andrew Riley Tate in 1842. She died March 13, 1883 in Fayetteville, Washington County, Ark.

3(v). Tabitha Eleanor Shirley born b April 8, 1823 in Abbeville, SC and died about 1865 Catoosa Co. GA. m. William Robinson Hammontree who was born Sept 5, 1827 in Monroe Co., TN. According to family records left by Joyce Wiseman, her father Frank Hammontree reported that his grandmother Tabitha Shirley Hammontree “died of Arkansas fever (mosquito) with son.”  After Tabitha’s death, William was married to Sarah S. Roberts Dean (“Sarah”) on May 20, 1879 in Clarke Co., GA.  William died Jan. 25, 1918 in Keith, Catoosa Co., GA. He is buried at Dunagan Cemetery in Whitfield Co., GA. 

NOTE: Stephen Hammontree has given permission to place his entire research of the Hammontree family (.doc) that includes Shirleys on our website.

3(vi). Benjamin Franklin Shirley born Nov 10, 1825; he lived in Carroll Co. Mississippi before moving to Los Angeles California. He died before 1880. Shirleys of Los Angeles California

From Ethel Clark's 1938 letter found in the miscellaneous link above: "Benjamin Franklin Shirley, thought he saw fortune beckoning to him from the gold fields of California. He boarded a ship at some eastern port and went by way of Panama and landed on the coast of California in the days of the forty-niners. They crossed the Isthmus of Panama on a railroad at that time, about 1860."

married Sarah Mathews in 1848. Widowed living in Los Angeles CA in 1880 census. Her brother Milton Mathews lived with Sarah in 1880 census.


4(i) Mary J. Shirley born about 1850 in Carroll Co Miss.

4(ii) Milton Mathew Shirley born 20 February 1852 in Miss (death cert). Living with widowed mother in 1880 census. Lived in San Antonia Fruitland, Los Angeles CA in 1900 census

married Jessie _____


5(i). Milton Carroll Shirley born about 1887 in California, age 13 in 1900 census

4(iii) Martha V. Shirley born about 1856 in Miss. She married John Martin, living with widowed mother in 1880 census.

4(iv) Jonathan C. Shirley born about 1858 in Miss, age 21, living with widowed mother in 1880 census.

4(v) Lucina F. Shirley born about 1861 in California. Not living in mother's 1880 household

4(vi) Benjamin F. Shirley born about 1863 in California, age 17 in 1880 census. He died 16 January 1932. Buried Evergreen Memorial Park, Riverside CA.

Benjamin Franklin Shirley and wife Alice Barto
(source: familysearch.org)

married Alice Barto on 31 January 1904 at Riverside California

No children in 1900, 1910 census

4(vii) Sarah A. Shirley born about 1865 in California, age 15 in 1880 census.

4(viii) Henry F. (?T.) Shirley born about 1867 in California, age 12 in 1880 census.

3(vii). Henry Tillman Shirley born Nov 10, 1827 SC d. June 5, 1907 Palo Pinto Co. TX. He spent his early childhood in Abbeville SC. Later he lived in Walker Co. GA with his parents and after marrying settled in Montgomery Co. MS. In Dec 1878 he moved to Hood Co. TX and then to Palo Pinto Co. TX.  He served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

Henry lived at Salesville, Palo Pinto Co. TX and owned a grain binder. He cut grain for the public. He was cutting grain for one of the neighbors and they did not finish the field by Sat night. The neighbor wanted Henry to work on Sunday but Henry being a religious man refused to work on Sunday. The neighbor suggested that he would run the binder and cut his own wheat but Henry said no, I do not work on Sunday and my binder won't either.

married 1) Sarah Ann Kite in MS in 1852. She died Mar 15, 1898

married 2) Nelnia Webster. 

children born Montgomery Co. MS

4(i). Isabella Shirley born Oct 14, 1853 m. D. L. Grantham Dec 25, 1871

4(ii). John A. Shirley born Feb 26, 1855 MS 

married Rhoda Cross of Granbury TX. 

no children.

4(iii). Georgiana Shirley born April 9, 1856 m. W. S. Butler Jan 1876

4(iv). Mary Jane Shirley born July 16, 1859 m. H. B. Davidson

4(v). Henrietta Shirley born Oct 18, 1862 Montgomery Co. MS m. J. L. Davidson 

4(vi). Alice Shirley born Oct 5, 1866 m. J.C. Moore Jan 15, 1901

4(vii). Ada Shirley born Dec 11, 1868 Montgomery Co. MS m. 1st J. T. Webb in 1896, m. 2nd J. W. Davidson 1902 

3(viii). Jonathan Travis Shirley born Mar 8, 1829 Abbeville Co. SC, d. May 10, 1915 West Point, Clay Co. MS,  They are both buried Poplar Creek Cem. MS. (she was the daughter of Jonathon Anderson and Mary Ann Adams Thrailkill).

married Rebecca Jane Thrailkill  Feb 27, 1856. She was born Aug 17, 1840 Bibb Co. AL and died Sept 10, 1914 West Point, Clay Co. MS.

children all born Poplar Creek, Attala Co. Mississippi

4(i). James Franklin Shirley born Oct 30, 1856 d. Sept 25, 1859, age 2

4(ii). Amanda Florence Shirley born April 9, 1858, m. James Duran Bailey in 1880.  She died Oct 26, 1946 in Utah.

4(iii). Selma Ann Shirley born Dec 24, 1859 d. Aug 24, 1878

4(iv). Octavia Adella Shirley born May 28, 1861, d. April 17, 1881

4(v). Augusta Theodocia Shirley born   Jan 6, 1863, d. May 19, 1910 Winona, Montgomery county, MS.  She m. Wm Wilton Bailey on Dec 13 1884.

4(vi). Mary Eleanor "Mollie"
Shirley born Sept 28, 1864, d. April 25, 1950, m. Lafayette Rainwater Dec 7, 1887

4(vii). Apless Emile Shirley born Sept 14, 1866, d. July 27, 1925, m. Baxter Herron March 15, 1887

4(viii). Isamber Erskine Shirley born May 23, 1868, d. Sept 29, 1890

4(ix). Joseph Selkerk Shirley born Mar 3, 1870, d. Sept 21, 1874, age 4

4(x). Alice Arizona Shirley born July 7, 1872, d. Jan 22, 1919, m. James Franklin Ellis Dec 26, 1894

4(xi). Zera Melete Shirley born Dec 13, 1873, d. Oct 28, 1899, m. Robert Lee Pilcher Dec 17, 1898

4(xii). Ethel Adolphia Shirley born Feb 16, 1876 Popular Creek, Attala Co. MS d. May 25, 1965 Logan Utah, m. Arthur Benjamin Clark Sept 29, 1903. He was born Barking, Essex Co. England Mar 22, 1854 d. Sept 26, 1917.  He was the son of Daniel Clark and Elizabeth Gower. 

Ethel moved to Utah Oct 29, 1902 with her sister and husband, Florence and Duran Bailey who bought a farm in Cache Valley. They all moved on this farm in 1903. Ethel moved to Logan and worked for a widow who moved there to send her children to school. She ran a boarding house to support her family. Ethel also went to school and here she met her future husband, Arthur Benjamin Clark. a traveling dentist. He was also a good musician. He went to Mexico but kept in touch with Ethel and eventually she went down to Mexico on Sept 29, 1903, at age 27, and married him. They lived in Mexico for eight years. A civil war was brewing in Mexico and they came back to the states leaving everything behind. 

Arthur was hurt in a car accident at Blackfoot Idaho and died July 26, 1917. Ethel was left with six children. With the help of two sisters and a brother, she went to school. She taught school for a year or two. She came back to Logan and worked as a practical nurse so she could be with her children. She managed to give all of her children a college education.  She was a faithful member and worker in the Mormon Church.  It is through her work and records that a portion of this record was made possible.

NOTE: See letter written by Ethel posted on "Misc Info" link at the top of this page. She was a devout member of the Church of Latter Day Saints and genealogist.

4(xiii). Effie Eugenia Shirley born May 16, 1876 Montgomery Co. MS, and died Sept 1, 1963 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, CA. She m. Amasa Adelbert Packard Apr 7, 1904. He was born Sept 17, 1878 Ogden Utah son of William Henry and Cynthia Ernistine Packard

4(xiv). Milford Bard Shirley born June 17, 1880 Attala Co. MS d. Feb 18 1952 in West Point, Clay County, MS.

Ancestor of DNA Kit #11724

married Nancy Eliz. McClellen Dec 28, 1902


5(i). Gladys Rebecca Shirley born Oct 31, 1903 Attala Co. MS m. George Cox

5(ii). Leora Doris Shirley born Sept 7, 1905 Attala Co. MS 

5(iii). Earl B. Shirley born Jan 25, 1908 Clay Co. MS

5(iv). William Travis Shirley born April 27, 1910 ditto d. July 27, 1947

5(v). Clara Katherine Shirley born Aug 13, 1912 ditto

5(vi). Herman Milford Shirley born Jan 17, 1915 ditto

5(vii). Leora Elizabeth Shirley born May 31, 1917 Monroe Co. MS

4(xv). Leora Beatrice Shirley born May 5, 1883 Attala Co. MS, died June 25, 1973. She m. Joseph William Davis June 16, 1899 Attala Co. MS. He was born French Camp, MS d. Nov17, 1942 Hermleigh, Scurry Co. Texas. They were Baptist.

3(ix). Nancy Matilda Shirley born Nov 15, 1831 SC, d. Oct 24, 1872, m. 1st Nathan King in 1856. He was killed at Vicksburg MS in war. They had 4 children. She m. 2nd Oscar King and they had one child.


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