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John Shirley
Anderson SC (continued) 


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1(vi). Joshua Shirley born about 1775. He and his family moved to Fayette Co. Alabama; He patented land in Choctaw Co MS in 1841; His estate file was probated in Lowndes Co MS in 1854. Shirleys of Fayette Co AL

1854 Lowndes Co MS Estate Files #813 Estate: Joshua Shirley by Gabriel Shirley Admin; mentions: Caroline, Joshua, Agnes, Wm, Elisha G Bennett (all minors); Jasper and Sarah Bennett; Martha Shirley (minor), Hanson Shirley, Mrs Polly Shirley (widow), Mrs Lucy Wood, Richard Wood, Mrs Alsa Funk, Hampton Funk, Harrison Shirley, Mahulda Mann, Wm Mann, Nancy Spruel, Martin Spruel, Nimrod W. Shirley, Richard Shirley (minor), Joshua Shirley (minor), Delila Wells, Susan Bennett, John Bennett, John Wells, John M. Shirley, Cornelia Shirley (minor), Caroline Shirley (minor), Melissa Bennett, Amanda V Barmore, Cynthia E Wiggin, Lucinda Barmore (minor), Gabriel Barmore (minor), Pet Barmore (minor), Rebecca Wells (minor), Louisa Wells (minor), Lucy Wells (minor), and John R. Shirley

married 1st Elizabeth Long, daughter of John Read and Sarah Long. His brother was Capt. Rueben Long of Sumpter Co. SC and he was born in St. Marys Co. Maryland, and served in the Revolution from Culpepper Co. VA, 

married 2nd Mary Johnson Ramsay; She was listed as his wife in the 1850 Fayette Co AL census

children (by Elizabeth Long):

2(i). Delilah Shirley born 29 November 1799. She died 3 August 1842 in Lowndes Co MS (source: tombstone) Buried Rowan Cemetery in Caledonia Lowndes Co MS. She married Washington Wells

2(ii). Lucy Shirley born 1800. She died on 4 Apr 1855. She marrie Richard Wood and they were residents of Lowndes Co MS at the time of the estate probate of Joshua Shirley.

2(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born 1802  m. William Ward (No mention of her or her children as heirs at law of Joshua Shirley)

2(iv). John Read Shirley born 1804; Living in Winston Co MS when he patented 300 acres of land in Choctaw Co MS in 1841; Taxed on 79 acres in Winston Co in 1841; He died before 6 August 1844 in Choctaw Co MS

6 August 1844: Attala County Newspaper Estate: John R. SHIRLEY, deceased; Administrator: James DRANE. Choctaw Cou.

married Harriett Woolridge

children: (named in Joshua Shirley estate)

3(i). Martha Shirley living in Oktibbiba Co MS at time of Joshua Shirley estate

3(ii). Cornelia Shirley living in Lowdnes Co MS at time of Joshua Shirley estate

3(iii). Caroline Shirley living in Lowdnes Co MS at time of Joshua Shirley estate

2(v). Alcey Shirley born 1806  m. Wade Hampton Funk

2(vi). Lindsay Shirley born 1808. Estate probated in Abbeville District SC in 1829. Nothing more known

2(vii). Amanda V. Shirley born 1810  m. 1st ___Wiggins, m. 2nd John Milford Barmore. He b. Oct 28 1814, SC., d. May 19 1898, Alexander, Erath Co. Texas, buried: Alexander Cemetery, Alexander, Texas.

2(viii). Harrison Shirley born about 1812; He moved to Fayette Co. Alabama in 1836, were in Oktibbetha Co. Mississippi by 1840 and in 1850. Living in Winston Co MS when he patented land in Choctaw Co MS in 1841 and taxed on 39 acres in Winston in that year; In 1880 they were in Pontotoc Co. MS. He died on 1 May 1897

married Cynthia Bennett. She is age 47 in 1850 census


3(i). Sarah Elizabeth Shirley b: 30 July 1835, not in family 1860 census

3(ii). Delilah America Shirley born about 1837, not in family 1860 census

3(iii). Newton L. Shirley b: 27 June 1839, age 21 in 1860 census. Lived in Calhoun Co. MS in 1880 census.

married Martha H. ______


4(i). Mary S Shirley born about 1866 MS, age 14 in 1880 census

4(ii). Leer Nora S Shirley born about 1871, age 9 in 1880 census

4(iii). Harrison Shirley (Jr) born about 1872, age 8 in 1880 census

4(iv). Dora E. Shirley born about 1875, age 5 in 1880 census

4(v). Robert B Shirley born about 1877, age 3 in 1880 census

4(vi). Julia S Shirley born about 1880, age 0 in 1880 census

3(iv). Mary Frances Shirley born about 1841 MS, age 19 in 1860 census

3(v). Susan Shirley born about 1843 MS, age 17 in 1860 census

3(vi). Cynthia Shirley born about 1845 MS, age 15 in 1860 census

3(vii). Dora Shirley born about 1847 MS, age 13 in 1860 census

3(viii). John Shirley born about 1849 MS, age 11 in 1860 census

married Georgia Ann McCarter b: 16 AUG 1862

Standing, from left, John E. "Uncle Ell" Shirley, Scott Miller (husband of Norma), grandfather Shirley, Aunt Norma Grace Shirley Miller, C. L. "Uncle Bud" Shirley. Seated, from left, William "Uncle Will" Shirley, next lady is not known but may be grandmother's sister, then Letha Ann "Aunt Lee" Shirley and grandmother, Georgia Ann McCarter Shirley.
(source: personal website


4(i). Norma Grace Shirley born 5 Nov 1884 - died 15 Jan 1915) Married Scott Miller on 14 Jun 1903 at New Braunfels, TX. ; He was born 27 May 1877 - died 9 Dec 1945) They had two sons and three daughters.

4(ii). Carl Lindsey Shirley born 19 Sep 1886 - died 26 Feb 1937

married Dollie Foster on 14 Apr 1912. She was born Apr ?? 1894 or 1 Sep - died 7 Jan 1995) They had three sons.

4(iii). John E. Shirley born 16 February 1888 - died 17 April 1953

married Artye Mae Clark on Sept 12, 1912. She was born Sep 22 1894 - died Aug 3 1984; They had one son and one daughter

4(iv). Iris Lane Shirley born 3 October 1889 in Texas - died 13 July 1890)

4(v). Leather Ann Shirley born 4 July 1891 - died 16 January 1923; She married Manley Farringtonon 16 Jan 1910. She was born Feb 6, 1883 - died Jul 28, 1966; They had one son and three daughters.

4(vi). William Shirley born 21 Feb1893 in TX - died 21 Jan 1971 or -72

married Edna Kinnard on 10 May 1914; She was born 31 Oct 1896 - died 19 Nov 192. They had four sons and one daughter.

4(vii). Mary Edith Shirley born 21 Mar1895 Hillsboro, TX - died 12 Apr1976; She married John Henry Bransford; He was born Aug 31, 1886 - died Feb 29, 1956). They had two sons.

4(viii). Nora Shirley born 24 January 1897 in Texas - died 14 February 1897)

4(ix). James Harrison Shirley born 29 Dec 1899 in Texas - died 10 Jan 1901)

4(x). George Raymond Shirley born 10 Apr 1901 or ‘02 (from gravestone) in Hill County, Texas - died 21 (from gravestone) Jan 1923). He was unmarried.

3(ix). Melissa Shirley b: 23 December 1851, age 9 in 1860 census

3(x). Hattie Shirley born about 1853, age 7 in 1860 census

2(ix). Gabriel Long Shirley b 1817 in South Carolina. He was living in Fayette Co. AL in the 1850 census. Living in Lowndes Co MS in 1860 and 1880, age 63. Died abt 1900 in Lowndes Co MS

married Mary Laura Carter on 6 April 1848 at Lowndes County Mississippi


3(i). Charles Albert Shirley b 1850 MS, age 10 in 1860 census, age 20 in 1870 census, age 30 living in parent's 1880 census household

3(ii). William Shirley, born about 1852, age 8 in 1860 census, age 19 in 1870 census, not enumerated in parent's 1880 census household [believed to be this William Carter Shirley] b 24 Dec 1851 d 25 Jan 1935 Oklahoma. living Burnett, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma in 1910 and 1920.

married Harriet Ann Button;


4(i). Mary Ella Shirley b 26 May 1883 of Denton, Texas

4(ii). Lena Jane Shirley b 27 Feb 1885 Denton, Texas

3(iii). Mary Elizabeth Shirley b 1856 MS, age 4 in 1860 census, age 13 in 1870 census, age 22 in parent's 1880 census household

3(iv). Gabriel Davis Shirley b 1859 MS, age 0 in 1860 census, age 10 in 1870 census (named Davis) age 20 in parent's 1880 census household (named Davis)

3(v). James Shirley born about 1862 MS, age 8 in 1870 census, age 18 in parent's 1880 census household

2(x) Melissa Shirley born Dec 15, 1819  m. Josiah Bennett. Indicated as deceased at the time of her father's estate probate. Children mentioned as heirs at law

3(xi) Nimrod Washington Shirley 1820, never married; He was living in his parent's 1850 household, age 30. Lunatic. Guardianship documents probated in Lowndes Co MS in 1840.

1855 May 28 - Harrison Shirley filed his certiori petition which is numbered and figures following to wit: To the Hon. John R Brown judge of probate of Calhoun Co the undersigned unto your honor represents that Nimrod Washington Sherly a resident of this county is idiotic and has a guardian as such in Lowndes Co but it is desirable that he remain with your petitioner in this county [ ] is his brother, your petitioner further represents that sd Nimrod Washington Sherly is possessed of some property supposed to amount to $4000....<s> Harrison Sherly. - Lowndes Co Probate file #300

children (by Mary Ramsey):

3(xii). Mahulda Shirley She married William Mann. They lived in Lowndes Co MS at the time of the probate of father Joshua Shirley's estate. Living in Choctaw Co MS at time of brother Joshua's estate probate in 1863

3(xiii). Nancy Shirley She married Martin Spruell. They were non-residents of Mississippi at the time of the probate of father Joshua Shirley's estate

3(xiv) Richard William Shirley born 1836 AL (child by 2nd wife); Living with parents in the 1850 Fayette Co census, age 14;He was living in Clay Co. MS in 1880 census

married Victoria E. Storey  Aug 27, 1857 Lowndes Co. MS,

children in 1880 census

4(i). Luther N. Shirley born 1866 MS

4(ii). William Shirley born 1871 MS

4(iii). Luellen Shirley born 1874 MS

4(iv). Hillery Shirley born 1877 MS

4(v). Caroline Shirley born 1879 MS

3(xv) Joshua R. Shirley Jr. born 1840 AL (child by 2nd wife); living with parents in 1850 Fayette Co census, age 10. Living in his brother Gabriel Shirley's household in 1860 Lowdnes Co MS census, age 19. He was a corporal in the CSA 48th Mississippi Infantry in the Civil War. Killed 17 September 1862 at the battle of Sharpsburg Maryland. His estate was probated in Lowndes Co Mississppi in 1863, age about 23.

married Sarah A ______ named as the widow of Joshua R Shirley in his 1863 estate settlement

no children (as per estate record)



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