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  John Shirley
Anderson SC (continued) 
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1(iv). Nipper Shirley born about 1772  d. 1848 Anderson Co. SC, He fought in the war of 1812.

married Jane Cheeves, daughter of Thomas Cheeves born 1747 VA d. 1837 Abbeville, SC. and Margaret Agnew.   


2(i). John Nipper Shirley 1806  d. July 9, 1886 near Royston, Georgia. His will is in book A Hart Co. GA. John Nipper Shirley was a member of the Baptist Church for some forty years and lived near Royston GA. Moved to Hart Co GA

married Sarah Weldon (7 children).  Sarah was the daughter of William Dale Weldon and Nancy Spruill. She was born in Anderson South Carolina.

The Shirley's and the Weldon's were neighbors on Camp Creek in Anderson Co. SC. On Dec 11, 1813 John Shirley sold to William Weldon 348 Acre, both sides of Camp Creek adjoining William, James, Robert, John Shirley and T, Wakefield.  (William Weldon was a half brother of Weldon Pearman and a brother of Penny Weldon Adams. They were the children of Jonathon Weldon). [Deed book C page 399 Anderson Co. SC]


3(i). Jesse T. Shirley b. ca. 1834

3(ii). William Dale Shirley 1835 SC  Living in Shelby Co AL in 1880 census; Members of Pleasant Valley Church. Moved to Shelby Co AL

Facts received from 1870 and 1880 Census of Shelby County Alabama shows William D. Shirley and Malinda J. Shirley having 5 children. The oldest and first born was James H. Shirley, the father of William Martis Shirley. This shows William D. Shirley to be the Grand-Father of William Martis Shirley of Pelham, Alabama.

married Malinda J. Culbertson August 22, 1857.


4(i). James H. Shirley b. 1860, Georgia; living with parents in 1880 census and living in Shelby Co AL in 1900 census;

married Sarah F. Jones of Saginaw Alabama on March 13, 1884 in Shelby County Alabama, daughter of Larkin Jones and Jane Adenson. She was born 1860 in Long View Alabama, and died in Shelby County Alabama.


5(i). William Martis Shirley Shirley Nov 17, 1886 Shelby Co. AL d. June 27, 1964, Veterans Hospital Birmingham, Alabama.

5(ii). Amos N. Shirley  b. September 26, 1893; d. March 1963.

5(iii). Lulu Lottie Shirley Shirley, b.May 1896 in Shelby County Alabama.

4(ii). Savannah E. Shirley b. 1863, living with parents in 1880 Shelby Co census; She m. Jim Minor b. St.Clair of Shelby County.

Plaque at Pleasant Valley Shows founding members William Shirley, Daughter Savanna and Husband Jim Minor referring to William D. Shirley as Savanna's Father.

4(iii). John A. Shirley  b. October 8, 1866, Shelby County Alabama; living with parents in 1880 Shelby Co census; He d. August 23, 1933, Shelby County Alabama.

married 1) Vista Ann Niven born February 15, 1862 died September 19, 1900.

married 2) Caroline C. Day January 4, 1902. She was born October 4, 1870, and died June 8, 1948.


5(i). Levi A. Shirley  b. 1885.

5(ii). Laura A. Shirley b. 1887.

5(iii). James S. Shirley  b. September 10, 1888; d. December 6, 1956; m. Mary C.  (unknown); b. December 7, 1901; d. July 9, 1949.

5(iv). Vicie O. Shirley  b. January 8, 1894; d. October 24, 1977; m. Milton Thomas Smith  b. July 2, 1888; d. May 6, 1954.

5(v). Lonnie A. Shirley  b. September 18, 1896; d. August 10, 1967.

5(vi). Samuel B. Shirley 1891 .

5vii). Willis A. Shirley b. 1898.

4(iv). Mary M. Shirley b. 1869. living with parents in 1880 census

4(v). Louisa Antonette Shirley b. 1874, Shelby County Alabama; living with parents in 1880 census;

3(iii). Nipper Cheeves Shirley b. ca. 1838,

married Juliana Bennett Feb 21, 1865 Hart Co. GA. born ca. 1841 SC (in 1880 census, wife is given as Susie 1840)

children   in 1880 census

4(i). Laura Shirley 1867 GA

4(ii). William Bunyan Shirley 1869 GA William and Mary lived on the hill southwest of Pleasant Valley Church.

married Mary Kendrick.


5(i). Millard Shirley

5(ii). Elva Shirley

5(iii). Winfred Shirley  killed in action in France WWI Oct 18, 1918

5(iv). Hubert Shirley died Oct 17, 1918 the day before Winfred was killed

5(v). NormanShirley killed in 1957 by a train at a railroad crossing in Chelsea Alabama

5(vi). Dow Shirley

5(vii). Mable Shirley m. Mr. Peters

5(viii). Robert Shirley

4(iii). Madison "Matt" Shirley 1871 GA

married Zonia Sweeney


5(i). Lexie Shirley m. Lawrence Knedrick

5(ii). Fannie Shirley

5(iii). Flora Shirley

5(iv). Bertie Shirley m. Bob Harper

5(v). Montie Shirley m. Roy Crane

5(vi). Clarence A. Shirley m. Joyce Kendrick

5(vii). Gracie Lee Shirley

4(iv). Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shirley 1874 GA m. ___ Hodgens

4(v). John Shirley 1878 GA

4(vi). Noah Shirley

4(vii). James Shirley

3(iv). Nancy Caroline Shirley 1840

3(v). James Pressley Shirley 1842 d. ca. Jan 1919,

married 1) Susan H. Burnette b. 1850 d. 1894,

married 2) Rosa E. Stephenson on 11 October 1894 at Franklin Co GA

children  (as found in 1880 and 1900 census, etc)

4(i). Alice Shirley 1875

4(ii). Sarah Shirley Jan 1877 Franklin Co., GA

4(iii). Patrick John Shirley Aug 11, 1880 GA

4(iv). James Arthur Shirley Dec 5, 1883 GA

4(v). Mary Etta Shirley Feb 5, 1886 GA

4(vi). Annie Jewel Shirley April 26, 1891

4(vii). Cora Lee Shirley Dec 10, 1895 GA

4(viii). Dewitt Townsend Shirley 1897 GA

3(vi). Mary A. Shirley 1844

3(vii). Jonathon B. Shirley 1847

2(ii). Bethena Shirley 1798  m. Elijah Tribble (7 children)

2(iii). Margaret Mary (Polly) Ann Shirley  1800, never married

2(iv). Thomas Shirley born about 1812/1816 Abbeville Co. SC. Lived in Abbeville Co SC in 1850 census, age 38. He was a shoemaker.  He lived in Watters District Floyd Co Georgia in 1860 census, age 44, occupation: overseer. In 1870, Thomas age 59, shoemaker, is living in Hamilton Co TN (Chattanooga area). Elizabeth C A Allen and family also live in the household. According to internet postings, he married 2nd and later died in Chicamauga Walker Co GA

married Mary A. ___.  She was age 42 in 1850 census. She is apparently deceased by 1870 census.

children in 1850 census

3(i). Elizabeth C. Shirley born on Mar 10 1835 in Abbeville, SC, age 15 in 1850 census. She died on Jan 9, 1925 in Amity, Clark County, AR. She was buried in Methodist Cemetery, Amity, Clark County, AR She married William T Allen on 18 December 1856 (as Almidia E Shirley) in Floyd Co GA. She and her children lived with Thomas Shirley in 1870 census in Hamilton Co TN.

3(ii). Louisa Jane Shirley born about 1840 SC, age 10 in 1850 census. She married Joel Bagwell on 12 May 1859 in Floyd Co GA

3(iii). Josephine Shirley born about 1842 SC, age 8 in 1850 census, age 18 in 1860 census. She married Andrew J McGinnis on 28 January 1861 at Floyd Co GA

3(iv). Margaret A. Shirley born about 1843 SC, age 7 in 1850 census, age 14 in 1860 census. She was enumerated in her father's 1870 census household in Hamilton Co TN, age 23

3(v). Robert  H. Shirley born about 1845 SC, age 5 in 1850 census, "Henry" age 12 in 1860 census. Not yet found in 1870 census


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