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  John Shirley
Anderson SC (continued) 
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1(v). William Shirley born about 1774 likely in South Carolina. His will was probated in 1827 in Abbeville Co South Carolina.

Apr 6 1809 William Shirley of Abbeville Dist to John Shirley of same for $270 sold 85 ac on Camp Creek waters of Savannah border: begins at a corner white oak at mouth of a small branch joins the creek, a conditional line between said Shirley and Hezekiah Wakefield opposite a large shoal on the creek, the boundary line, head of a branch, Richard Robertson, and head of first mentioned branch <signed> William Shirley Wit: Hezekiah Wakefield and James Roberts Jan 8 1814; dower renounce Jan 22 1814 by Jemimia Shirley, wife of William by mark "X" Feb 5 1814 Recorded DB M p 213. Abstracts of Deeds 1807-1818 by Dr A.B. Pruitt

Oct 1827. Will of William Shirley of Abbeville District; land containing 115 ac joining lands of Assel Richardson part of tract I now live on to pay debts. Balance of property to wife Jemima Shirley to raise the family; After her death to be equally divided between my children in equal shares [unnamed]; wife Jemimay Shirley and John Shirley my brother executors. May 13 1827. Wit Jas A Black, Lankford Hughes, James Griffen.

married Jemima Gant born about 1790 SC, age 60 in 1850 census; She was widowed and enumerated as head of household in 1840 and 1850 Abbeville Co Census.


2(i). Jane Shirley born about 1798  Level Land, Abbeville Co. SC d. Nov 18, 1873 Anderson Co. SC m. John W. Gant born April 4, 1801 d. July 8, 1851, Both buried Smith Methodist Chapel Cemetery Anderson Co.  SC 

2(ii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1803  m. Weldon Pearman (his 2nd marriage)

2(iii). Lucy Shirley born about 1808, age 42 in mother's 1850 census household  never married

2(iv). Nancy Shirley born about 1810, age 40 in mother's 1850 census household  never married

2(v). John Warren Shirley born Oct 5, 1811 Level Land (near Honea Path) Anderson Co. SC John and Lucinda are buried Little River Baptist Church Cemetery.

married 1) Lucinda Fisher born April 13, 1811 SC d. July 3, 1882. She was the daughter of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Shirley,

married 2) Sarah Cummings Cobb born May 8, 1825 SC d. April 22, 1902 buried Neals Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.


3(i). Benjamin Shirley born about 1840, died young

3(ii). William Newton Shirley born about 1842, d. 1863 Civil War, unmarried

3(iii). Thomas Fisher Shirley born May 12, 1844 Anderson Co. SC; enlisted in the Confederate Army from Anderson Co. SC and served throughout the was, being paroled at Greensboro, NC. May 2, 1865. He moved to Texas after the war. d. Feb 5, 1918 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. Texas,

married 1) Marilla Jane Birdwell born about 1860 d. at birth of first child,

married 2) Mary Elizabeth Birdwell (neice of 1st wife), May 17, 1877. She was born April 8, 1862 Texas d. Mar 21, 1937 Rusk Co. TX


4(i). Carrie Shirley born Jan 25, 1879 d. May 15, 1936 m. John Pierce Sept 1895

4(ii). Vennie Shirley born Sept 10, 1881 d. Feb 7, 1957 m. Thomas W. Morris Oct 15, 1896

4(iii). Lula Shirley born Jan 25, 1884 d. May 14, 1884

4(iv). Wade Shirley born Oct 5, 1885 d. July 3, 1886

4(v). Eliza Shirley born Oct 20, 1887 d. Aug 24, 1896

4(vi). Elizabeth Shirley born May 12, 1889 m. 1st. Frank Loller Sept 15, 1911, m. 2nd Oscar Aiken

4(vii). Addie Shirley born May 8, 1893 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. TX m. James Bee  Helpenstell born July 28, 1895 Nacogdoches Co. TX Dec 21, 1913 son of Edward Helpenstell and Eliz. Matlock

4(viii). James Robert Shirley born May 12, 1896 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. TX

married 1) Addie Pixle d. April 1, 1919 at birth of Orin,

married 2) Biddie Coats Nov 25, 1919


5(i). Lee Thomas Shirley born Nov 4, 1917 

5(ii). Orin Shirley born and died  April 1, 1919

5(iii). Josie B. Shirley m. Owen Hudman

5(iv). Orion Jackson Shirley m. Dorothy Nell 

4(ix). Ernest William Shirley born Dec 15, 1899 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. TX

married Ola Matlock Sept 24, 1922 born June 9, 1905


5(i). Travis Shirley m. Bettie Hill

5(ii). Louise Shirley m. Ellworth Browning

5(iii). Evanell Shirley m. Melford Martin

4(x). Addis Slater Shirley born Dec 24, 1902 Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co. TX

married Ruth Matlock Dec 2, 1924  


5(i). James Alton Shirley

3(iv). John Jasper Shirley born Feb 6, 1846 d. July 14, 1888 Honea Path, Anderson Co. SC,

married Emaline Banister born Oct 12, 1845 Abbeville Co. SC d. July 31, 1909  daughter of Mattison Banister and Mary Ann Pruitt


4(i). Lucinda Emaline Shirley born Oct 2, 1866 d. May 31, 1930 m. John T. Higdon

4(ii). Martha Rosella Shirley born Nov 8, 1868 d. Dec 26, 1907 m. James Andrew Shaw Sept 15, 1889 born Nov 7, 1868 d. April 16, 1933 son of Jackson Shaw  Both are buried at Mt. Bethel Church Cemetery 

4(iii). William Crayton Shirley born Sept 20, 1871 Honea Path, Anderson Co SC d. Jan 18, 1959

married Vera Sophronia Burton Dec 22, 1897 born Nov 10, 1874 Anderson Co. SC d. Jan 20, 1949 Buried Mt. Bethel Cemetery, SC daughter of William Lawrence Burton and Isabella Hazeltine Adams


5(i). John Shirley born April 2, 1899 d. Nov 20, 1920

5(ii). Ruth Hazeltine Shirley m. Melvin Glenn Patten

5(iii). William Shirley m. Mildred Drake

5(iv). Earle Shirley born June 7, 1904 Honea Path, Anderson Co. SC m. Lydia Kay Jan 20, 1932 born May 29, 1909 daughter of Oscar Lee Kay and Claudia Amanda Armstrong

5(v). Cecil Shirley m. Bernice Drake

5(vi). Mabel Shirley m. Archibald H. Keaton

4(iv). Emma Shirley born Nov 12, 1874 d. June 24, 1939 m. Earnest Reid

4(v). Luther Ernest Shirley born Sept 10, 1877 Abbeville Co. SC d. Feb 24, 1952

married Emma Saylors Buried Belton Cemetery, Belton, Anderson Co. SC


5(i). Clyde Shirley

5(ii). Ray Shirley

5(iii). Lucy Shirley m. Joseph Holliday

4(vi). Mamie Josephine Shirley born April 13, 1880 Abbeville Co. SC d. May 10, 1955 m. James A. Calhoun Lindsay Dec 5, 1895 born 1874 son of James A. Lindsay and Elizabeth Adams

3(v). Elizabeth Jane Shirley born Mar 12, 1848, m. John Thomas Ashley

3(vi). James W. Shirley born Sept 24, 1849 d. Mar 26, 1922  Both are buried Eureka Baptist Church Cemetery Anderson Co. SC 

married Cornelia Boyd born Sept 30, 1858 d. Oct 12, 1944. 


4(i). Daughter Shirley died young 

4(ii).  James Kyle Shirley born June 19, 1886 Abbeville Co. Sc d. Feb 27, 1968

married Ray Master born Sept 28, 1891 SC d. Dec 23, 1945 Buried Silver Creek Cemetery, SC


5(i). Martha Shirley m. Thomas P. Baskin. Jr. of Lewiston, Idaho 

5(ii). Sarah Shirley m. E.M. Lander Jr. of Clemson, SC

3(vii). Amaziah Marion Shirley born Nov 18, 1856 Abbeville Co. SC, d. Feb 9, 1936, Both are buried East View Cemetery SC

married Sarah Jane Seawright Dec 26, 1886. She was born Dec 23, 1863 d. Sept 7, 1938, daughter of William Seawright born June 2, 1821 d. June 2, 1903 and Sarah Eliz. Gaines born Mar 4, 1840 d. Jan 2, 1927. 


4(i). Jesse Marion Shirley born Oct 26, 1884 d. Mar 29, 1937  unmarried

4(ii). Homer Shirley born Dec 2, 1887 d. Sept 3, 1898

4(iii). Leland F Shirley born Jan 21, 1888 d. May 10, 1889 buried Little River Cemetery, SC

4(iv). Lettice Jane Shirley born Aug 25, 1889  d. unmarried

4(v). Annie Elizabeth Shirley born Mar 19, 1891 d. June 21, 1911

4(vi). Leila Thomas Shirley born July 4, 1893  never married

4(vii). Ellen Genevieve Shirley born Dec 15, 1899 m. W. H. Ricketts  (ancestor of Julian Ricketts of Honea Path SC)

4(viii). Marvin Seawright Shirley born April 1, 1903 m. Mary Curtis Hill

2(vi). James Gant Shirley born Jan 1, 1816  Level Land, Anderson Co. SC d. Feb 16, 1888 Marietta Cobb Co. GA, Both are buried at Old Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery Marietta, GA. She was the daughter of John and Margaret Branyon. Shirleys of Cobb Co Georgia

married Martha Branyon Nov 7, 1844 born Mar 11, 1813 Due West, SC d. Mar 5, 1888 Marietta Cobb Co. GA.


3(i). Margaret E Shirley born. Nov 29, 1845 Cobb Co. GA, m. Jasper Lafayette Gant Sept 4, 1868

3(ii). Jemima Jane Shirley born Mar 21, 1847 Cobb Co. GA, m. Rev. Wm. M. Donehoo Nov 18, 1868

3(iii). Nancy Caroline Shirley born April 18, 1849 Cobb Co. GA,  m. Henry Phillip Sauls Jan 22, 1873

2(vii). Annie (Amy) Shirley born May 24, 1820 Level Land, SC d. Jan 5, 1892 Bowersville, Hart Co. GA m. Jonathon Weldon 1842 born 1820 SC d. Nov 1900  son of William Dale Weldon and Nancy Spruill. 

2(viii). William Shirley Shirley Jr. born Aug 27, 1821; age 30 in mother's 1850 census household; He died Oct 1, 1914  Anderson Co. SC Both are buried Neals Creek Cemetery.

married Rosannah Kay Elgin born Sept 7, 1826 d. Aug 16, 1896, Anderson Co. SC. She was the daughter of Hezekiah Elgin and Ann Kay. William's mother, Jemima Gant Shirley, was living with him in 1860 census.


3(i). Hezekiah Columbus Shirley born 22 September 1852. Lived in Pickens Co SC in 1900 and 1910 census. He died 30 September 1944 in Cameron Co Texas, age 92. Buried Harlingen Cemetery. One wife was supposedly a Mulligan surname

married Mary E _____


4(i). James Hugh Shirley born 16 September 1892 (tombstone) in SC, age 8 in 1900 census, age 27 living in parents' 1920 household

4(ii). Hezekiah C Shirley 22 December 1898 (tombstone) in SC, age 2 in 1900 census, age 21 living in parents' 1920 household

3(ii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1853

3(iii). John Shirley born about 1854

3(iv). Mary Ann Shirley born Mar 30, 1854 Due West, Abbeville Co. SC, d. Sept 2, 1879 m. Samuel James Brown May 18, 1876. Buried Neal's Creek Cemetery SC

3(v). James Alexander Shirley born May 12, 1855 Aug 10, 1946,  "Buttermilk Jim" was James Alexander's nickname

married Mamie Shearer Dec 19, 1878 daughter of John Henry Shearer and Louise Gaines. Buried Old Silverbrook Cemetery, SC


4(i). Selma L. Shirley born Sept 18, 1879 d. July 18, 1936 m. Thomas Reid McCrary Aug 28, 1904 who was born Jan 4, 1877 d. Dec 5, 1960 son of Samuel McCrary. Buried Pendleton Cemetery SC 

4(ii). Frank Hezekiah Shirley born Dec 3, 1880 m. Margaret Williamson

4(iii). Mary Shirley born Sept 3, 1882 m. Thomas Ballantine Dec 30, 1892

4(iv). Cora Shirley born June 29, 1886

4(v). Lucy Shirley born Aug 16, 1888 d. May 11, 1951 m. 1st. J. Thomas Bolt born Sept 30, 1883 d. Dec 14, 1920 m. 2nd Bill Edwards Feb 1925

4(vi). Lillian Rosannah Shirley born Dec 7, 1890 d. May 27, 1927 

4(vii). Annie Shirley born Dec 5, 1892 m. George Clyde Shirley Feb 7, 1918

4(viii). Margaret Shirley born Oct 14, 1894 d. July 30, 1924 m. Joseph Tolbert

4(ix). James A. Shirley born Feb 23, 1897 m. Mildred Johnson Sept 4, 1926

4(x). Helen Shirley born Oct 27, 1898 m. Harold Schubigger Oct 31, 1924

3(vi). Dr. William Thompson Shirley born about 1857 (this is surely a duplicate)

married 1) Lucia Gaines

married 2) Betty _________.

3(vii). Martha Shirley born about 1859

3(viii). Dr. Levi Thompson Shirley born 10 Nov 1859 in Abbeville Co SC. Died of cerebral apoplexy on 7 Nov 1917, age 57 Pickens Co. SC. Buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Pickens Co SC

married Lucia Gaines


4(i). Stacy Shirley (f) born about 1893, age 7 in 1900

4(ii). Vernon Shirley born 1895 in SC, age 5 in 1900

4(iii). William H. Shirley born 1899 in SC, age 1 in 1900

2(ix). Jemima Shirley born about 1827, age 23 in 1850 census; She married James Leighter Fisher son of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth Shirley of Abbeville SC.


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