Nathan Shirley
b. ca 1805 South Carolina. Lived Tennessee and Missouri


Likely related to Isaac and John Shirley of 1830 Greene Co TN census (and tax)

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Nathan Sherley
born about 1805 in South Carolina (age 45 in 1850 census). Living in Greene Co. TN in 1830 census. According to children's births in the census, the family migrated to Missouri between 1834 and 1837. They appeared in Cole Co. MO in 1840 census and Cedar Co. MO in 1850 census; Occupation: farmer. Nathan and his wife, Mary cannot read or write according to the 1850 census. Nathan died sometime between 1860 and 1870

married Polly Heath on 7 January 1830 in Greene Co. TN. She is widowed in 1870 census and also enumerated in 1880 Cedar Co MO census, age 69.

Greene Co TN Jan 7, 1830 Nathan Shirley married Polly Heth ...license , Isaac Sherley, bonds. (#3118)


1(i). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1832 TN; She died Feb 14, 1915 Pacetown, Cedar Co. MO. She is buried in the Sandridge Cemetery, She married William Pace on May 27, 1855 at Cedar Co MO. He was the son of Edward Pace and his wife, Ruth Morris.

1(ii). Susan J. Shirley born about 1834 in TN; living with parents in the 1860 Cedar Co MO census; She married ___ Light

1(iii). Isaac Shirley born about 1837 MO, Living at Benton Township, Cedar Co MO in 1860, age 23.; Died prior to 1870 census

married 1) Sarah Carmichael on 28 November 1855 in Cedar Co MO

married 2) Mary J. Black on 20 May 1858 at Cedar Co MO; widowed living in Cedar Co MO in 1870 census, age 39; She lived with son James M Shirley in 1900 census


2(i). Jasper Shirley born about 1852 in Cedar Co MO , age 8 (sic) in 1860 census; age 18 in widowed mother's 1870 census household (born before 1st marriage, or by yet another earlier spouse? Also father was age 15 at time of his birth?) untraced

2(ii). John N. Shirley born about 1859 in Cedar Co MO , age 1 in 1860 census, age 11 in widowed mother's 1870 census household, likely the John Shirley "servant" in the Baker household in the 1880 Benton Twp Cedar Co MO census, age 21 untraced

2(iii). James Marion Shurley born about 1861 MO, age 9 in widowed mother's 1870 census household Married and enumerated in Benton Twp Cedar Co MO in 1900 census, age 39; He died in 1928, buried Sandridge Cemetery, Cedar Co MO; The family used the surname spelling 'Shurley';

married Laura B Stockstill on 9 March 1890 at Cedar Co MO; She died 28 August 1932, buried Sandridge Cemetery Cedar Co MO


3(i). John Marion Shurley born about 1892 MO, age 8 in 1900 census; He died in 1968

3(ii). Robert Shurley born about 1893 MO, age 7 in 1900 census

3(iii). Ira Thomas Shurley born about 1896 MO, age 4 in 1900 census; He died in 1928

3(iv). Ethel Shurley born about 1898 MO, age 2 in 1900 census

2(iv). Mary L Shirley born about 1863 MO, age 7 in widowed mother's 1870 census household

1(iv). Milly M. Shirley born about 1839 MO; Living with parents in 1860 Cedar Co MO census (never married). She is living with widowed mother in 1870 Cedar Co MO census. Living with mother in 1880 census.

1(v). Sarah Eveline Shirley born about 1841 MO; still living with parents in 1860

1(vi). John Shirley born about 1844 MO; he may have died between 1850 and 1860 (not in family census, age16) untraced

1(vii). Cintha Shirley born about 1848 MO

1(viii). Mary Malvina Shirley born about 1851 MO; She is living in Cedar Co MO with 1st husband in 1870 census. Living in HH of mother. She married 1st George Beck, married 2nd ____Amos

Isaac Sherley born about 1787 in South Carolina (age 63 in 1850 census), Enumerated in Greene Co TN in 1830 census, age 40 to 50 with large number of adult males and females in the household; He also acted as bondsman to the marriage of Nathan Shirley in 1830 in Greene Co TN; He moved to Cole Co MO by 1840, enumerated in Walker Township along with Nathan Shirley and Jesse Shirley. Isaac was age 60-70 with wife of the same age, 1 male and 1 female both age 15-20

Greene Co TN Census: Isaac Shirley p162 0101111000000 - 0111101000000

married Elizabeth ______ She was enumerated as presumed spouse of Isaac Shirley in 1850 census, age 62


Clearly numerous children - unidentified

John Sherley born about 1826 TN (age 24 in 1850 census. Enumerated in Cedar Co MO in 1850, age 24 born Tennessee (this is likely correct); enumerated in Cedar Co MO in 1860, age 37, born Virginia; He was deceased by 1870 census when his widow was enumerated alone

married Elizabeth Neoma Pace on 26 March 1848 at Cedar Co MO; She was enumerated as a widow in Cedar Co in 1870 census


1(i). Edward P Shirley born about 1849 in MO, age 1 in 1850 census (as Edward T) age 11 in 1860 census, age 21 in widowed mother's 1870 census household

1(ii). Mary E Shirley born about 1855 in MO, age 5 in 1860 census, age 16 in widowed mother's 1870 census household

1(iii). Rev. Iaaac Francis Shurley born 25 July 1859 Cedar Co MO, age 1 in 1850 census, age 11 in widowed mother's 1870 census household; He was a baptist minister; He died 17 February 1928 at Cedar Co MO, age 68 (death cert, parents named); Buried at Hazel Dell Cemetery, Cedar Co MO

married Juan Cox on 14 November 1883 at Cedar Co MO



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