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  Thomas Shirley

1(viii). John Mason Shirley born Feb 19, 1802 likely in Spotsylvania Co. VA; He was in the hotel business in Bowling Green KY; He died in Glasgow KY on the 2nd day of Sept. 1866 at 2 O'clock in the afternoon. (see his bible transcription)

Married Mary Lee Poole on September 16, 1824 Barren Co. KY. Mary Lee Pool was born on her father's plantation near Edmonton, KY July 31 1804. She was the daughter of John and Lucy (Clark) Pool. She died in Richmond KY

Oil Painting of Mary Lee Pool Shirley (by Mathew Harris Jouett) in 1824. This was a wedding picture done in the 20th year of her life. The painting of her husband John Mason Shirley was destroyed a few years ago.
This painting was published in "Kentucky Antibellum Portraiture" by Mrs Wade Hampton Whitley. (thanks to James Young for sending this)


2(i) John William Shirley, born on the 29th day of Dec. 1836. died on the 15th day of
Nov. 1838, aged 3 years and 5 months.

2(ii) Albert Henry Shirley, born on the 6th day of Dec. 1842. He was proprietor of the Garnett House hotel at the time of the 1880 census; then hardware business in Richmond, Madison Co KY. Deputy Grand Master in the Masonic Lodge there. He died September 29, 1896, and was buried with Masonic honors at Glasgow, Kentucky.(see his bible transcript).

ALBERT H. SHERLEY was born in Barren County, Kentucky, December 6, 1842. He was sprung from a sturdy, brave race. He received all the advantages obtainable from the schools of his section and was an apt pupil. When just on the threshhold of manhood he enlisted in the Confederate Army, but because of filial love for an aged mother asked for and received a discharge. He was a beautiful musician and was never happier than when playing his violin, unless it was when listening to good music from others. He removed to Bowling Green, Kentucky, with his parents when a lad. The elder Sherley was engaged in the hotel business, and his son growing up with such an environment became a Boniface and continued such all his life. Later he removed to Glasgow where he married Miss Nellie Garnett, a member of a distinguished Kentucky family from pioneer days to the present. Here he received the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry in Allen Lodge No. 24, and also those of Capitular Masonry in the local Chapter. He was later Knighted in Louisville Commandery No. 1. Purchasing property in Richmond he removed thither in 1877, becoming the proprietor of the Garnett House, a famous hostelry, under his management. He affiliated with the local Masonic bodies the same year and because of both his love for the Order as well as his proficiency, at once began to take a most prominent part in them. He was elected Master December, 1880, serving two consecutive terms. He later became High Priest of the Richmond Chapter and Eminent Commander of Richmond Commandery. He loved the various branches of the Order, but the "Blue Lodge" was ever his favorite. Capt. Sherley was a brilliant ritualist and because of this became an Inspiration to all the younger members of his Lodge. Masonry was not to him a mere rehearsal of ethical principles, but the practice of his daily life. He was a member of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for many years and was elected Grand Junior Warden in October, 1885. He advanced step by step until he became Deputy Grand Master in 1887. Unfortunately for his Masonic career he left the state and moved to Texas during his term as Deputy Grand Master. As a consequence he was compelled to forego receiving the coveted prize, the position of Grand Master. This was always a source of regret with him and a great disappointment to his friends. The writer, who served as Secretary of the local Lodge during Captain Sherley's terms as Master, can truly say that his own Masonic career began then and was hugely due to him. Thus it can be said that none know the influences exerted on those with whom they are thrown. He died September 29, 1896, and was buried with Masonic honors at Glasgow, Kentucky. - A History of Masonry in Madison County, Kentucky 1812-1913, compiled and written by Robert R. Burnam, 1914, p. 86.

"GARNETT HOUSE - ....In December 1875, the heirs of I. D. Smith had C. H. Breck, the master commissioner of the Madison County Court of Common Pleas, conduct a sale of the property. The high bidder was Mr. J. R. Garnett who bought this large building for $10,000. In 1876, Garnett was joined by a Mr. Shirley as manager under the new name, "Garnett House." For several years after 1878, newspaper ads listed Mr. Shirley as proprietor. In January 1903, the hotel was leased by R. G. Engle and was opened for a few months under the name, "New Garnett House." In December 1903, Charles Jacobs, a Richmond tailor, leased the building and ran it for a couple of years as the "St. Charles Hotel."..."

Married Nelly Garnett on the 31st day of Jan. 1866. Daughter of J R & L C Garnett, born near Glasgow, Barren County, Thursday 9:30 a.m. August 9, 1843; died Wednesday 2:23 p.m. June 20, 1912 (or 1917)

children (source: bible record)

3(i). Lucy Lee Shirley, daughter of A H & Nellie Shirley born Glasgow, Barren County, Ky. Tuesday 11:30 a.m. Nov. 22, 1871, married Wednesday 7:30 M E Church.

3(ii). Katie Henry Shirley, daughter of A H & Nellie Shirley, born Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky., Sunday 1:30 A M March 15, 1874. Married ___Baird on Wednesday 12:30, Oct. 16, 1895. She died 29 Dec 1955 at Glasgow, Barren, Kentucky

3(iii). John Garnett Shirley son of A H & Nellie Shirley, born Richmond, Madison County, Ky. Thursday Noon, Oct. 26, 1876, died Thursday 6:45 P.M. Dec. 1, 1881, age 4 years

3(iv). Albert Henry Shirley Jr, son of A H & Nellie Shirley, born Richmond, Madison Co. Kentucky Tuesday 6:45 a.m. Sept. 10, 1878. He lived at Elkhorn, McDowell Co WV in 1920; He died October 26, 1939, age 61 at Glasgow Barren Co KY. Buried Glasgow Municipal Cemetery

married Blanche Pauline Bray on Wednesday 11 P.M. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 26, 1917.


4(i). Albert Henry Shirley III, born October 01, 1918, at Mayberry, WV. He was living with his widowed aunt Katherine in the 1940 census; He enlisted in the National Guard infantry on 17 Junauary 1941 at Bowling Green KY; At the time, he had 1 year of college and was working as a sales clerk (single, with dependents); He died 03 December 1992 (SSDI)


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