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  Thomas Shirley

1(vi). Richard Warner Shirley born April 25, 1798 likely in Spotsylvania Co. VA 

Richard was a man of humor and integrity. A humorous story of his nature is told that one day he came in to the room where his wife was working and said, "Polly, what is Eliza Jane doing?" She replied, "Why, Mr. Shirley she is making an apron."  He said, "Good Lord Polly, I could take a three quarter inch auger and a grapevine and make better stitches." Late in life he was converted and joined the Big Creek Baptist church where he taught in the Sunday School doing all that he could for the uplift of the community church. After his death in 1850, he was buried on their home place just above Gradyville, Adair Co. Kentucky.

Married Polly Yates on Nov. 25, 1817.

1877 October Will of Mary Shirley WB L pg 274 - To my sons George and John, or the one that keeps and supports my daughter Sarah Ann Shirley so long as she may live...all property to be divided equally among my bodily heirs viz: George S Shirley, John B Shirley, Sarah Ann Shirley, Elizabeth Bells children and Mary Jane Yates children. W N Yates my nephew as my executor. 25 May 1877. Mary X Shirley Wit: P Nelson, C C Yates C H Yates.


2(i). Sarah Ann  Shirley unmarried; named in the will of her mother's 1877 LW&T

2(ii). Betsey Shirley married John Bell; named in the will of her mother's 1877 LW&T

2(iii). John B. Shirley born 1826; Died 1886; named in the will of his mother's 1877 LW&T

married Eliza Jane Bailey Sept 21, 1838 Adair Co. KY. She was the daughter of Hiram S. Bailey and his wife, Martha Hardaway Gill.


3(i). Charlie W.  Shirley m. Hannah _____

3(ii). Nancy Eliz. "Betty" Shirley Aug 31, 1875 d. Apr 28, 1928 m. Silas Burks Sexton

3(iii). Melinda Ermine Shirley June 27, 1868 Adair Co. KY d. Nov 4, 1954 Henrietta, Clay Co. TX m. James Grant Sexton

3(iv). George Shirley

3(v). Martha Shirley m. James Wesley Sexton, Jr.

3(vi). J. Hiram Shirley 1860 Adair Co. KY d. 1894 m. Laura Susan Stapp

3(vii). Frank Wolford Shirley born Oct 1862 Adair Co. KY; He died Apr 3, 1929 TX.,

Frank and Mary Ann Shirley
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Obit for Frank W Shirley

Frank W Shirley, age 66, died at the home of his sister, Mrs J W Sexton, near McGregor Wednesday.  Burial was in Old Perry Cemetery.  He was born in Kentucky but lived for the past 20 years in McLennan County, TX.  Mr Shirley is survived by his children:  L.C. Shirley of Oglesby, J.G. Shirley of Mound, OK., Mrs. R.B. Keltner of McGregor, Mrs. Jim McKinney of Oglesby, Mrs. H.H. Stewart of McGregor, Mrs Sam Barron of Oglesby; two brothers, J.C. Shirley of Oglesby and C.W. Shirley of Berkley, CA.; and two sisters, Mrs J.W. Sexton of McGregor and Mrs. J.G. Sexton of Shannon, Texas.  Pallbearers were H.H. Stewart, Jim McKinney, Sam Barron, R.B. Keltner, Hubert Keltner, and Jodie Shirley.  McGregor Mirror; April 5 (8-3) 1929

married Mary (Ausley) Ann Moore,  daughter of John Moore and Martha. She was born January 01, 1864 in Kentucky, and died September 30, 1933. Both are buried in Old Perry Cemetery -McLennan Co., Texas.


4(i). child Shirley b. 1884, Kentucky; d. 1886, Kentucky

4(ii). John Granville Shirley b. October 1886, Kentucky

4(iii). Ellen May (Ella May) Shirley,  b. December 1888, Kentucky; d. 1978

4(iv). C. Shirley b. 1890, Kentucky; d. 1892, Kentucky.(died of whooping cough)

4(v). Hellen N. Shirley b. June 07, 1893, Kentucky; d. July 10, 1964, Texas

4(vi). Luther C. Shirley b. February 14, 1895, Kentucky; d. July 19, 1986, Sacramento, California

4(vii). Crita Lee Shirley b. December 1896, Kentucky; m. Harry Stuart.

Information from Cindy O'Hara: My dad tells me that his brothers and sisters called or heard Aunt Lee "Shirley" Stewart called Crita Lee.  Crita Lee and Harry had no children.   Harry had 2 girls from a previous marriage. As per Euna Dee (Keltner) Fletcher.

4(viii). Mary M. (Millie) Shirley b. September 25, 1899, Kentucky; d. November 1935, Whitson, Texas.

4(ix). Nettie Pearl Shirley b. 1902, Kentucky.

3(viii). John Cager Shirley Oct 1, 1880 Adair Co. KY d. May 5, 1934 TX   m. Sara Ella Gadberry

2(iv). Lizzie Shirley m. ____McDonald

2(v). Mary [?Jane] Shirley   m.  ____ Yates; named in the will of her mother's 1877 LW&T

2(vi). Mary Jane Shirley m. ____ Sexton

2(vii). George Thompson Shirley born Apr 12, 1825 

married 1) Polly Moody on 23 February 1847 in Adair Co KY

married 2) Ellen M Hatcher on 25 April 1852. She was born 9 July 1831 in Green Co KY. She died 25 Jul 1878, daughter of Jeremiah hatcher Sr and Mary Waggoner.


3(i). James H Shirley born 22 November 1847

3(ii). Polly M Shirley born 14 April 1851

3(iii). Phoebe Harriett Shirley born 22 April 1849

3(iv). Betty A. Shirley born 26 April 1853 in Adair Co KY

3(v). John Robert Shirley born 31 March 1855 in Adair Co KY. He died in 1917 and left a will probated 8 May 1917 in Adair Co KY

John Robert Shirley

married Mary Alice_______


4(i). Nellie D Shirley

4(ii). George Robert Shirley

4(iii). Clyde Shirley

4(iv). Ellen Shirley

4(v). Hattie Shirley

4(vi). Harry O Shirley His son Archie W. Shirley died in France in 1944. His bible was located by a non-family member who contacted the Shirley Association in October 2014 hoping to return it to a family member.

4(vii). Ralph Shirley

4(viii). Nannie C. Shirley

4(ix). Bertha A Shirley

4(x). Polly H Shirley

4(xi). Fanny Dean Shirley

3(vi). Mariah H Shirley born 7 April 1858 in Adair Co KY

3(vii). Richard Warner Shirley born 23 March 1860 in Adair Co KY

3(viii). Nannie M. Shirley born 14 May 1864 in Adair Co KY

3(ix). George Franklin Shirley born 19 November 1866 in Adair Co KY

George Franklin Shirley

3(x). Charles Henry Shirley born 25 November 1868 in Adair Co KY

3(xi). Weeden Christopher Shirley born 30 July 1870 in Adair Co KY

Weeden Christopher Shirley

married Emma Alice Hatcher on 26 March 1892 in Carroll Co MO

3(xii). Jerry Hatcher Shirley born 11 February 1873 in Adair Co KY. He died 15 July 1956 in Pottawattamie Co OK

3(xiii). Eliza J Shirley born April 1876 in Adair Co KY. She died sometime before the 1880 census in Adair Co KY


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