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Valentine Shirley (cont.)
b. ca1740-50's. Lived in Augusta Co. Virginia. 


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See this Shalle Family pedigree for the likely ancestry of Valentine Shirley


1(iv). Henry Shirley born March 26, 1779 VA, died  Dec 22, 1847, Shirleys of Orange Co Indiana

Henry came to Indiana about 1809 according to his grandson, William C. Shirley. He located in Jackson Twp. in Washington Co. northwest of New Albany where his sister, Barbara and her husband Samuel Baker had settled. It was probably here that he met his wife, Catherine Wyman. She was the daughter of Henry and Catherine (Kern) Wyman who had come to Jackson Twp in 1807 from KY.  Henry volunteered in the War of 1812. He served as a private in Capt. Hiram C. Boone's Company, Fifth Regiment Indiana Militia from Aug 21, 1812 to Sept 28, 1812.  He was paid $8.59. Any other details of his service are unknown.  Henry and Jacob lived together for a time on land bought by their father, Valentine, who had died in 1811. These two brothers with families arrived too late to clear ground and put in crops. Henry built a double log house with chimney between and fireplaces to face each room. There were two large rooms. This was one and a half stories high with porch running the full length of the house. Henry was active in the Methodist Church. In the history of Orange Co. it is stated that the society now known as Wesley Chapel was called at its organization, Bruner's Chapel, organized before 1830 probably at the home of Henry Shirley. The first meeting was held at the Henry Shirley schoolhouse, and afterward at the home of A. Bruner...... Among the early members of this church were Henry Shirley, his wife, mother and family, Nathaniel B. Wilson... and others. In 1837 Henry Shirley was a trustee of the Methodist church of Paoli. In the late 1830's, Henry Shirley, his wife and all of his children, except George, moved to Richland Co. IL.  Her he owned 480 acres upon which he farmed until 1846, when his health failed. He then returned with his wife and daughters, Harriet and Susan, to his farm in Orange Co. IN near his son George. Henry did not execute a will until the day he died. The will was probated Jan 4, 1848 with bond of $4000 provided by his son George Shirley and son-in-law, Andrew Wilson, executors. Henry's will (Book 3 page140) specified that his wife Catherine should have such articles of his personal property as may be most convenient for her lifetime. The remaining articles should be sold and the proceeds distributed... 1/3 to Catherine and rest divided equally between his 7 living children and his grandson Henry Brassie, son of deceased daughter, Ann. The will specified that wife Catherine should receive all of Henry's lands in Orange Co. IN for her lifetime after which they should be sold and proceeds divided among the 8 heirs. This provision was corrected later, and court records show that at least 210 acres were sold soon; 170 acres to Susan and her husband, Enos Halbert. Henry's land in Martin Co. should be sold and proceeds divided among the 8 heirs. This amounted to 520 acres. Additional bequests were mad to: John Shirley $100 to make him equal with the others. Susana Shirley, 1 horse, 2 cows, 4 sheep, 1 bed and furniture, or their value in money. (Susan received $200 in lieu of the livestock. Harriet Shirley, 1 horse, saddle and bridle, 2 cows, 4 sheep, 1 bed and furniture or their value in money. (Harriet received $200 in lieu of the livestock. Henry schoolarship in the Indiana Asbury University (now DePauw).

married Catherine Wyman Dec 19, 1812 as recorded in Corydon in Harrison Co. IN .  She was born May 29, 1790 NC and died Oct 8, 1872. (She lived with her son George  after Henry died).  


2(i). George Shirley born Oct 5, 1813 Washington Co. IN, died Sept 21, 1895, married Elizabeth Wilson Sept 13, 1838 Orange Co. IN. She was born Feb 6, 1822, died May 5, 1891. They were the parents of five children.   [Catherine, George's mother, lived with them until she died in 1872]. 

Biography of George Shirley - George Shirley, a prominent citizen of Orangeville Township, is a native of Washington County Indiana, where he was born October 5, 1813, being the oldest of eight children of Henry and Catherine  (Wyman) Shirley. His father was a native of Virginia, and his mother of South Carolina, were both of German descent, and came to this State about the year 1809, and settled in Washington County, and moved to this county (Orange), about 1814. George Shirley remained at home and assisted his parents on the farm until he attained the age of twenty-five years. He received a very limited education, such as was to be obtained in the primitive log schoolhouses of his day. September13, 1838, his marriage with Elizabeth Wilson was solemnized, and to their union five children have been born, of which these four are now living: William C., who married Mary E. Hicks; Henry W., whose wife was Emma McKnight; Leroy O., whose wife was Emma Campbell; Lizzie, who was united in marriage to Nathan McPherson. George Shirley's occupation has always been farming, and he has been quite successful in that pursuit. He now owns 480 acres of well improved land. He also raises some stock. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and are prominent people. His political views are Republican, and he takes a live interest in the political affairs of the community.History of Orange Co. Indiana


3(i). William Crawford Shirley born Aug 31, 1839, died Aug 14, 1832,

Biography of William C. Shirley - William C. Shirley, farmer in Orangeville Township, of which he is a native, was born August 21, 1839 to George and Elizabeth Wilson Shirley. He was the oldest child. He received a good common school education, having attended college at what is now DePauw University, a few terms. Most of the time previous to attaining his majority he rendered his assistance on the farm. March 19, 1867, he married Mary E. Hicks, to whom the following named children have been born: Charlie, Fred and Nellie.  In November 1861, he enlisted as a volunteer private in Company G, Forty-ninth Indiana Regiment and he was honorably discharged at Indianapolis in December, 1864, that being the expiration of the time for which be had enlisted. He  has been a very successful farmer, owning 280 acres of well improved land under an excellent state of cultivation. History of Orange Co. Indiana

married Mary Ellen Hicks March 19, 1867. She was born May 1847 d. 1907


4(i). Charles Hicks Shirley born Dec 29, 1867 d. Feb 12, 1918

married Maud Hardy May 20, 1896. She was born Dec 20, 1866 d. Aug 8, 1949


5(i). Mary Margaret Shirley born Feb 7, 1899 d. June 11, 1946  Graduated from Indiana University in 1922. She received her PHD in psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1927. She taught schools at various places.   

5(ii). Hardy Lomax Shirley born Nov 20, 1900 He graduated from Indiana University, was Dean of  New York Forestry at Syracuse, retiring as Emeritus Dean in 1967

married Mary Hayward Connard April 22, 1930 

5(iii). Samuel Crawford Shirley born April 26, 1902 He received the a. B. and A. M. degrees in chemistry from Indiana University in 1924. He retired in 1960 after a long career with the American Can Company in Illinois and New York City, followed by research for U. S. Steel until 1967.

married Mayree Ballantine Dec 2, 1929

4(ii). Fred Lee Shirley born Oct 13, 1870

married Rebecca Pearl Millis May 18, 1897. She was born Dec 26, 1873 d. Mar 23, 1953.


5(i). Millis George Shirley born Mar 25, 1898 d. June 12, 1946

5(ii). Harold James Shirley born Mar 29, 1900 d. Sept 18, 1965

married Ruby Daugherty Allen (widow with children and grandchildren)  NO CHILDREN

5(iii). John William Shirley born Mar 1902 d. Nov 17, 1974

married Dorothy Carmaechal July 4, 1942. Divorced. 

5(iv). Robert Hicks Shirley born Aug 3, 1906 d. April 3, 1979

married Ruth Ann Beatty June 28, 1941 NO CHILDREN

5(v). Franck Lewis Shirley born July 12, 1912 

married Ruth Eleanor Martin 

4(iii). Nelle Shirley born Sept 1877 d. 1965 m. Arthur Lewis 

3(ii). Henry Wilson Shirley born May 15, 1842, died Jan 28, 1919

married Nancy Emily McKnight May 18, 1870. 


4(i). Oscar Harry Shirley born Sept 25, 1871 d. Mar 10, 1936

married 1st. Clara A. __ born 1869 d. 1923

married 2nd Dolly Packwood.

4(ii). Arthur Clare Shirley born Jan 12, 1875 d. July 13, 1876

4(iii). Helena Grace Shirley born Sept 11, 1878 m. David Andrew Rothrock May 25, 1948 (Henry Rothrock's ancestor)

4(iv). Wayne McKnight Shirley born Dec 3, 1880 d. Mar 18, 1938

married 1st. Clara_____,

married 2nd Hazel Nockels

3(iii). LeRoy O'Blenis Shirley born Sept 20, 1845 died Nov 9, 1926,

married Mary Emily Campbell April 7, 1870.  She was born Mar 24, 1849 d. Aug 18, 1914.


4(i). Edward C. Shirley born Dec 1870 died in the 1950's unmarried

4(ii). Maude L. Shirley born Oct 1872 d. before 1943  unmarried

4(iii). Lena Pearl Shirley born 1873 

4(iv). Herbert W. Shirley born Aug 1879 d. Mar 17, 1944 (?), He became a missionary of the Nazarene Church in South Africa.

married 1st Nellie E. Wires Dec 10, 1907

married 2nd Etta Innes

4(v). Ethel Shirley born Feb 1884 d. Feb 22, 1933 m. Corwin A. Pierson Mar 10, 1908

4(vi). Ralph Campbell Shirley born April 11, 1890 d. Nov 1947

married Lelan Mae Trinkle June 16, 1916

3(iv). Samuel Albert Shirley born April 22, 1849, died Mar 15, 1854

3(v). Maria Lavinia Eliz. Shirley born July 5, 1857, died Aug 1931, married Nathan McPherson Feb 13, 1879. 

2(ii). Garrett Shirley born Aug 20, 1815, died Jan 14, 1873

married Mary Cropper Aug 29, 1844. She was born April 19, 1824 and died Dec 2, 1898.

children (all born in IL)

3(i). Nancy Catherine Shirley born June 1, 1846, died Jun 1921, m. Jefferson Jackson Oct 16, 1872. 

3(ii). Martha Jane Shirley born Jan 9, 1849, died Dec 23, 1889, married Reuben Ard Sept 17, 1878. (no children surviving 1900)

3(iii). Margaret Lucy Shirley born June 4, 1851, died may 8, 1924, m. 1st Lot Basden, (9 children), m. 2nd John Strouse, no issue.

3(iv). George Washington Shirley born Feb 9, 1854, died Nov 28, 1929, They lived in Chicago in 1919.

married 1st  Sarah Lucinda Landis June 2, 1878 (5 children),

married 2nd Mrs. Carrie Donaghue.


4(i). Sarah Elizabeth Shirley born Feb 8, 1880 m. Mr. Thorsen

4(ii). William Ellsworth Shirley born Oct 17, 1884

4(iii). Mary Etta Shirley born Dec 5, 1885 m. Anton Hansen

4(iv). Gilbert Elmer Shirley born Nov 24, 1888 

4(v). Nellie Elsie Shirley born Dec 12, 1890 m. Clinton Thomas

3(v). Dora Ann Shirley born Sept 19, 1856, died Jan 8, 1919 KS, m. 1st Hiram Cochran Nov 16, 1876 (7 children), m. 2nd Russell Carter. No Children

3(vi). Frances Leanna Shirley born July 15, 1859, died after 1940, m. Thomas Martin Wilshire Oct 3, 1883

3(vii). Henry Grant Shirley born Mar 4, 1862, died Aug 5, 1926, He lived in Caspar Wyoming in 1919. No Children

married 1st Emma Jane Malone Mar 25, 1897

married 2nd Lida Richardson-Fritchey.

3(viii). Mary Della Shirley born Sept 21, 1865, died July 15, 1921, m. Frank Stoops, June 26, 1904. They lived Denver, CO. 

2(iii). Annie Shirley born June 12, 1818, died Mar 4, 1838, married William Bracey. She died at the birth of her first child., Henry Bracey, who was cared for by the Henry and Catherine Shirley (grandparents).


3(i). Henry BRACEY,  cared for by the Henry and Catherine Shirley (grandparents).  He married and had two sons. Henry was killed in the Civil War at Stones River, Murfreesboro, TN. The two boys went west and nothing is know of them.

2(iv). Margaret Shirley born July 18, 1820, m. 1st Eli Heartsell, m. 2nd Isaac Boggs.

2(v). Catherine Shirley born March 29, 1822, died before 1860. She married William Young Christy June 4, 1844. In 1850 they were living in Lawrence Co. IL. 

2(vi). John Wesley Shirley born Oct 22, 1825, d. ______, They lived in Richland Co. IL in 1850 and in Lawrence Co. IL in 1860. In 1869 a John W. Shirley m. Barbara Theobolt. William C. Shirley said... John was not as industrious as other members of Henry Shirley's family. He could fish a little and hunt a little and drink a little whiskey. He married a Catholic woman. Several children were born of whom all trace is lost.....

married Catherine McManis b. ca. 1826 IL and they were the parents of at least five children.

Known children:

3(i). Elizabeth Shirley b. ca. 1847 IL

3(ii). Charles B. Shirley b. ca. 1848 IL

3(iii). Ann Shirley b. ca. 1852 IL

3(iv). Catherine Shirley b. ca. 1854 IL

3(v). John Shirley b. ca. 1858 IL

2(vii). Susan Shirley born Feb 17, 1828, died May 2, 1915, married Enos Halbert Jan 16, 1848.

2(viii). Mary Ann Shirley born Oct 28, 28, 1831, died 1833/1836?

2(ix). Harriet Shirley born July 15, 1834, died ca. 1914, m. Harley Kingsbury.

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