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1. Richard Shirley - b. ca 1712, wife Mary. The children of these Shirley's can be found living in Laurens and Fairfield Co. South Carolina  Haplogroup E

2. John Shirley - born between 1744 and 1749 wife Elizabeth Barmore. Were members of the Broad Run Baptist church in Prince William Co. Virginia & Turkey Creek Baptist Church in Abbeville Co. SC.  Haplogroup E

3. Richard Shirley - b. ca 1740's wife Dorcas. Lived South Carolina and Kentucky. Traditional family story is he is a brother of John Shirley branch #2.  

4. Benjamin Shirley - wife Elizabeth Hughes. Family tradition says he is a son of Richard. They lived Abbeville Co. South Carolina Haplogroup E

5. John Shirley - wife Elizabeth Fields, lived SC. Family tradition says he is also a son of Richard, and brother of Benjamin  Haplogroup E

6. Jesse B. Shirley - b. ca1780-1790 SC. Family tradition says he was a son of John Shirley of Laurens Co. SC (see branch #1)

7. Thomas Shirley - born between 1744 and 1749; wife Mollie Grubb. They were from Prince William Co. Virginia,  lived  in Barren Co. Kentucky.     Haplogroup E

8. James Shirley - wife Mary McMekin, lived SC & KY. Brother of Thomas above, also were from Prince William Co. Virginia and lived Barren Co. Kentucky.  Haplogroup E

9. Moses Shirley - wife Nancy Dale. Lived Barren County Kentucky and Hamilton County Illinois   Haplogroup R, Haplogroup E

10. Argeland Shirley - wife Susannah. Came from Prince William Co. Virginia to Abbeville Co. S.C. to Scott Co. Kentucky. Haplogroup E

11. Thomas Shirley - b. ca 1761, wife Mollie Yates, lived VA & KY. Came from Spotsylvania Co. Virginia, lived Adair Co. Kentucky. This branch is merged into Branch #12. Haplogroup R

12. John Shirley, Sr - b. ca 1735. wife Elizabeth. He died sometime after 1794 in Spotsylvania Co VA. His children moved to Adair Co KYHaplogroup R

13. John Shirley - b. ca 1728, wife Charity. Lived Maryland and Bedford Co. Pennsylvania.  Haplogroup E

14. William Shirley - b. ca 1730, wife Margaret, lived MD, PA & KY. Brother of John (branch #13), lived Maryland, Bedford Co. Pennsylvania and Scott Co. Kentucky. Haplogroup E

15. John Ambrose Shirley - b. ca 1770, wife Elizabeth. Family lived Lewis Co., Mason Co. Kentucky, Marshall Co. Marion Co., and Fayette Co. Indiana   Haplogroup R

16. William Shirley - b. ca 1788. Family lived in Washington Co. and Mercer Co. Kentucky Haplogroup R

17. Isaac Shirley - b. ca 1785, lived KY. May be a brother of William (branch #16), Lived same area

18. Patrick Shirkey - b. ca 1720, wife Anne, lived VA. Came from Augusta Co. to Botetourt Co. Virginia. A son lived Grainger Co. and Knox Co. Tennessee. Names is sometime spelled Shirley. Branch discontinued, not a "Shirley"

19. Walter Shirley - b. ca 1690, wife Dorcas Avis. He lived Calvert Co. Maryland in 1733, was in Frederick Co. Virginia by 1745.  Haplogroup R 

20. Robert Shirley - b. ca 1735, wife Susan Baker. Came from Bucks Co. Pennsylvania.   Family lived Franklin Co., Armstrong Co. and Indiana Co. Pennsylvania. Haplogroup I  

21. James Shirley - b. ca 1739, wife Judith Garriott. Family from Orange Co., Culpeper Co. and  Madison Co. Virginia. Some children to Kentucky.  Haplogroup R

22. William Stubley Shirley Family Groupings, b. ca 1732. Family from Augusta Co. Virginia according to family tradition. Family lived Washington Co. and Jones Co. Georgia very early.  Also connections to Spartanburg Co. South Carolina  Haplogroup E

23. David Shirley  b. ca. 1750, wife Prudence Kelly.
From North Carolina to Darlington Co. South Carolina, some children and grandchildren going to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
Haplogroup R

24. John Shirley - wife Mahala Frost. Lived South Carolina, White Co. and Jackson Co AL Supposedly brother of Thomas Shirley, Branch #39 Haplogroup R

25. James Shirley - b. ca 1649. Came from Ireland about 1730 and settled in Chester New Hampshire. His family lived in New Hampshire, Canada, New York and Pennsylvania  Haplogroup R

26. Shirey/Shirely of York PA - John Shirey/Shirely b. ca 1778, wife Christina Youst. Came from York Co. Pennsylvania to Frederick Co. Virginia in 1822. Now includes Branches #27 and #28

27. Peter Shirely - b. ca 1794, York PA; wife Elizabeth. Branch merged with #26 Haplogroup E

28. Daniel Shirely - b. ca 1792, wife Anna Flynn. Lived Morgan Co. Virginia  Branch merged with #26 Haplogroup E

29. Valentine Shirley - b. ca 1750, wife Catherine Baer. This family name may be Shally/Schally instead of Shirley.  Lived Augusta Co. and Rockingham Co. Virginia. Family to Indiana and Illinois. Haplogroup R

30. Michael Shirley 1740, wife Kathy Franz lived VA & KY. This family name may be Shally/Schally instead of Shirley. Lived Augusta Co. Virginia, and was killed by Indians in Kentucky. Widow lived Madison Co. Kentucky. May be a brother of Valentine Shirley (branch #29). Haplogroup R

31. Peter Shirley - b. ca 1750. Came from Maryland to Augusta Co. Virginia and lived in Madison Co. Kentucky. He is the great grandfather of Belle Starr. His son Christian,  went to Jasper Co. Indiana. His name may be Shally/Schally instead of Shirley. He is likely a brother of Michael (branch #30) and Valentine (branch #29) Haplogroup R

32. Lucas Shirley - b. ca 1740, wife Margaret. He may be a Shally/Schally instead of Shirley and may be a brother of Michael, Valentine and  Peter. (see branches #29, #30 and #31) He lived Virginia and Tennessee. Haplogroup R

33. Thomas Shirley - b. ca 1746 Maryland, wife Eliza Altman. He lived Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania. Son lived in Kansas

34. Ferrers Shirley - b. ca 1735, brewer of London; came to Boston about 1755; wife Ann. His sons lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York Haplogroup I

35. Philanders Shirley b. 1803 in New York; died 1862 in Waterloo NY; wife Eve Polhemus Rose; Children lived Seneca and Ontario NY Haplogroup I

36. Richard Shirley - lived Edgecombe Co. N.C. died about 1823; married 1st Waller, 2nd Delilah Edwards  Haplogroup E

37. Edward Shirley - b. abt 1743. died Oct 31 1816. Impressed into the British service and came to America about the time of the Revolutionary War. Deserted and went to Fryeburg Maine. He moved to Dunbarton, Merrimack Co New Hampshire about 1772 and after living there several years returned to Fryeburg, Maine.

38. Berryman Shirley - b 1795 in Laurens SC; lived in Habersham Co. GA  Haplogroup I  

39. Thomas Shirley - b. bef 1775. wife Margaret. They lived in White Co and Marion Co TN. Supposedly brother of John Shirley, Branch #24   Haplogroup R

40. Thaddeus Shirley - lived in Newberry SC; He died 1840 in York Co SC

41. John Pinkney Shirley of Choctaw Co. AL., Clark & Lauderdale Co. Mississippi. He is the brother of William W. Shirley, branch 57. Haplogroup R

42. Aaron Shirley - wife Anna Cleveland. Evidence suggests branch should be merged with Branch #1 of Laurens Co SC. Haplogroup E

43. Lewis Shirley - lived in Tuscaloosa Co. AL & Montgomery Co. Arkansas. Evidence suggests branch should be merged with Branch #1 of Laurens Co SC

44. Abiather Shirley - Originally lived in Massachusetts, then New York. Moved to Ohio in 1812.  Haplogroup I

45. Riley Shirley - b. ca 1803 SC. This family lived in Campbell Co. GA. He is possibly the son of Moses Shirley, Branch #61. Haplogroup E

46. Eli Shirley - b. Sept 1, 1798. Lived in Laurens Co. SC & Tuscaloosa Co. AL.  Haplogroup E

47. Nathan Shirley b. ca. 1805 SC. Lived in Greene Co TN in 1830 and Cole Co MO in 1840. Children lived in Cedar Co MO. Appears to be a brother of an Isaac Shirley and John Shirley who appear in Greene Co TN in 1830

48. Thomas Shirley d. 1696 Northumberland Co. VA 

49. Richard Shirley - wife Elizabeth Dale. He died 1831 in Barren Co. KY. His children lived in Harrison Co MO Haplogroup E

50. Thomas Shirley - Rev War soldier; moved from Fairfield Co. SC in 1780. Lived Washington Co. MO in 1850. Haplogroup R

51. William Dearing Shirley - b. ca 1800 TN, living Montgomery Co. IL in 1850 Census, wife Jane.  Haplogroup R

52. William Randolph Shirley, b. ca 1818 in South Carolina. The family line later to Clarke County Ga. and Montgomery Alabama. Haplogroup E

53. Jacob Camplin Shirley - b. ca 1810-11 in NC or TN. Son of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC; Living in Warren County, TN in 1834; died Shannon Co MO. Evidence proves Branch officially merged with #74 Haplogroup R

54. John Shirley b. ca. 1790  in SC, wife Elizabeth, living in Henry Co. AL 1850 census.  Haplogroup R

55. Moses Shirley lived North Carolina; died 1826 Darlington Co SC Haplogroup R

56. John Shirley Lived Darlington County South Carolina and Wayne County Mississippi  Haplogroup R

57. William W. Shirley b. ca. 1830. Lived Alabama and Mississippi. He is the brother of John Pinkney Shirley, Branch 41 Haplogroup R

58. Thomas Shirley b. ca. 1797 Lived Massachusetts and New York.

59. Jonathon Shirley b. 1810  Buckinghamshire, England, died Dec 29, 1893 Owego, NY. Brother of Branch 60

60. William Shirley b. ca 1825 Buckinghamshire England. Lived Maury Co. Tennessee Brother of Branch 59 Haplogroup R

61.  Moses Shirley b. ca1769. Lived Laurens Co. South Carolina and Habersham Co. Georgia Evidence suggests branch should be merged with Branch #1 of Laurens Co SC  Haplogroup E

62. Shirleys of Tuscaloosa AL Jonathan Shirley b 1807 SC; Beverly Shirley b 1807 SC; Moses Shirley b 1811 SC; James Shirley b 1809 SC; Lived South Carolina and Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama; Wright Shirley b 1808 lived Laurens SC and Tuscaloosa Co AL   Haplogroup R (Jonathan only)

63. Joel Shirley b. abt 1803, married Sarah Caroline Tierce. He was a constable of Tuscaloosa Co. AL in 1835. Evidence suggests branch should be merged with Branch #1 of Laurens Co SC

64. James Shirley b. ca 1778 Virginia. Lived South Carolina, St. Clair Co. Alabama and Sharp Co Arkansas. Haplogroup E

65. John Shirley May 3, 1818 South Carolina. He died Pickens Co AL; married 1st Lydia Williams,  m. 2nd Nancy Ann Corr Haplogroup E

66. Hezekiah Shirley b. ca. 1805 SC, son of Easter of Laurens Co. SC. Haplogroup R

67. William Shirley 1780-90, Virginia, Lived in Dubois IN; died Oct 28, 1845 Carroll Co. MO. Haplogroup E

68. James Bradford Shirley born about 1830; Lived in Blount Co TN in 1860 and then in Monroe Co. TN; Married Orpha Vincent.

69. William Shirley b. ca. 1750-60, lived Marblehead, Massachusetts This branch is merged with Branch #34

70. William Shirley b.1804 VA, Appears in Smith Co MS by 1838; died Smith Co. Mississippi

71. John H. Shirley  b. ca 1786 North Carolina.  Lived in Hempstead Co. AR

72. Shirley families of Hardin Co Tennessee Including lineages of Eli Wiley Shirley b. 1820 Tennessee, lived in Arkansas; Ezekiel Shirley lived Hardin Co TN; James R Shirley lived Hardin Co TN. Haplogroup R

73. John Shirley VA. Married Martha Canada Elliot; Lived in Lafayette Co MO; Children lived in Lake Co California

74. Thomas Jefferson Shirley born abt. 1810-11, NC; Son of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC; died Nov 13, 1859 probably in Tuolumne Co. or possibly San Joaquin Co California; Evidence proves Branch officially merged with #53

75. Young Shirley b.1822 SC; Married Rebecca Jordan and Nancy South; He lived Tuscaloosa Co AL in 1860.  Haplogroup I

76. Richard Shurley b. ca. 1665 of St. Marys Co. Maryland; He married the widow of John Wiseman; He died about 1737 in St Marys.

77. John Shirley b. ca 1800 South Carolina. Lived in Bollinger Co. Missouri

78. John Robert Shirley b. ca 1788 Lived in Pendleton Co. Virginia. 

79. Lawrence Shirley b. ca. 1710-15, lived Burlington Co. New Jersey

80. John Shirley of Scotland, lived Gilmer Co. GA went to Arkansas. Married an Indian woman. Had a son named Lord Wellington. 

81. Noah Shirley born ca.1803 lived White Co. TN; died before 1860; married Rebecca Sparks; children lived in Putnam Co TN and Franklin Co AR Haplogroup R

82. Abraham Shirley 1813 Mills, Anderson Co. SC m. Eliza  Downs. Lived in Franklin co. GA

83. Shirleys of Prince William Co VA James Shirley b 1795 and Richard O. Shirley b 1802 of Prince William Co VA. Daniel Shirley b abt 1800. These families did not migrate to SC or KY.

84. John W. Shirley born about 1825 in Kentucky. African-American ancestry living Metcalf Co KY. This lineage includes the famous opera tenor George Irving Shirley

85. Shirleys of Bedford and Botetourt Co VA John Shirley married Elizabeth Shields in 1791; Edward Shirly born about 1833 VA. Lived in Botetourt Co VA. Some family to Morgan Co Indiana Haplogroup I

86. Job Sherley, Revolutionary War Soldier, served as a minute man and lived to receive a pension. Moved to Niles, Cayuga NY about 1810; He died in Pennyville, N.Y. Descendants can be found near Chattanooga TN.

87. John Shirley born about 1825; African-American ancestry of St Mary's County Maryland; Emancipated May 20 1864; farmer of Mechanicsville MD;

88. Marion Taylor Barnes-Shirley born in 1907 in Hartwell, Hart Co. GA, of African-American ancestry. Reared by a Barnes woman and later by his maternal grandparents, the Harris family. He never knew his real surname. DNA testing has proven that his father was a Shirley shown to similarly possess the same rare null marker in haplotype E1b1b1 Haplogroup E

89. Jeremiah Shirley born about 1812/1814 in SC; lived Tuscaloosa County Alabama; died unknown; married Lucy

90. Champanious Shirley sergeant in the Revolutionary War; died at the close of the war; lived Edgefield Co SC.

91. John Martin Shirley born about 1804. Jeweler. The family apparently lived in Cambridge England and Brentwood parish Essex Family came to the U.S. on the ship "Egyptian" from London into New York October 6, 1836; Family lived Buffalo, Erie Co NY

92. Shirleys of Edgecombe Co NC - African-American families including George Shirley, Samson Shirley and Edgar Shirley, among others.

93. Edwin Shirley married Sophia Pike. Came to New York from Kent England with father-in-law George Pike's family. Lived in Berre, Orleans Co. New York and later Michigan.

94. Turner Shirley born about 1830 in VA, possibly Madison Co VA. African-American family living in Broad Run, Loudoun Co Virginia

95. Charles Shirley born about 1815 in Pennsylvania. He and his family appear as free blacks in 1850 Lancaster Co and 1860 Chester Co PA census. Descendants lived in West Chester Township, Chester Co PA

96. Barnaby Shirley born about 1810 in Virginia. African-American family living at Orange Courthouse PO, Orange Co VA in 1870.

97. Richard M. Shirley born about 1805; married Catherine Burkeypile in Muskingum Co Ohio; lived in Clark Co IL and Vigo Co IN. Some descendants moved to Jasper Co MO

98. Shirleys of Berrien Co Michigan. James H. Shirley family originated in Lowell Mass and lived in Cook Co IL; Another, Hiram Shirley family originated in Ohio and Indiana (DNA matches Branch 20 Haplogroup I

99. William D Shirley born 1855 in Tennesee; He appears in Independence Co Ark in 1880 census; He died 1890 in Independence Co Arkansas, age about 35. Not found in 1860 or 1870 census, yet. Haplogroup R
100. John Shirley born ca 1773-1778, likely in Virginia. Married Susanna Gardner in Albemarle Co VA. Family moved to Garrard, Gallatin and Owen Co KY

101. Nimrod Shirley born about 1785 in South Carolina. Lived in Barren Co KY, White Co and Hamilton Co IL. Likely related to Moses Shirley Branch #9 Haplogroup E

102. James Shurley born about 1804 in South Carolina; Migrated to Benton Co TN by 1836; He d: February 01, 1875 in Benton Co, TN

103. James Sherley born about 1822 in Tennessee, age 28 in 1850 Perry County Arkansas census, occupation: Ferryman. Married Jane. Haplogroup E

104. Thomas Shirley born say 1761, lived in Halifax Co NC, family moved to Guilford, Randolph and Davidson Co NC

105. Jonathan Shurley born about 1801 in Augusta Co VA. Lived in Monroe Township, Preble Co Ohio. Married Mary Pense New


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