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Shirley Families of Jamaica, West Indies

A published family history of the descendants of Henry Shirley, esq. of Hyde Hall, Jamaica W.I. Almost 500 pages. The book includes detailed biographical information on Shirley's life including his work at the court of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Many descendants live today in Jamaica and USA. A history of the ancient Sherdley family of Lancashire, England is also presented. More info

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New Book
Published by the Family of the Earl Ferrers
The Shirley Family

One Thousand Years of English History

by Alexandra Fielding

This book updates the mid-19th c. Shirley family history, Stemmata Shirlieana, written by antiquarian E. P. Shirley. The format is also somewhat different. Rather than a scholarly family history, the current book is more "coffee table" in style, with lots of family photos and the like.

Order from Brewin Books Ltd

Cost: £50

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Encounter with History
The Memoirs, Reminiscences, and Amazing Life of Captain Edmund Richard Pitman Shurly, 1829–1909

Robert Vanderzee 

Biography of Capt Edmund Richard Pitman Shurly

In this richly detailed, compelling historical biography, Robert Vanderzee brings to life the adventures, courage, and determination of his great-grandfather, Edmund Richard Pitman Shurly (1829–1909), who was a part of an extraordinary generation during an extraordinary time.


Burt Russell Shurly: A Man of Conviction, A Life in Medicine and Education, 1871 – 1950,

Robert Vanderzee

Biography of Burt Russell Shurly

In Burt Russell Shurly: A Man of Conviction, A Life in Medicine and Education, 1871 – 1950, Robert Vanderzee continues the story of the Shurly family, focusing on a physician and educator who, with the help of his mentor, chose medicine over the military life his father had planned for him.



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Stemmata Shirleiana

or, the Annals of the Shirley Family, Lords of Nether Etindon, in the County of Warwick, and of Shirley in the County of Derby by Evelyn Philip Shirley (hard bound with embossed foil lettering, quality paper)

Non-US Residents - You can find the book on offer by navigating to the "Family Histories" menu link on the Heraldry Today website. (caution: unsecure online credit card transmission)

US Residents should order direct from the publisher via email
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