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Membership dues cover webhosting costs, genealogy database subscriptions, and the periodic fixes to our message board among other costs. Most research costs, for the past 30 years, have been absorbed by the two Shirley Association administrators. Your contributions will help offset these research costs to continue to find some of those elusive Shirley answers!!! - Ken

You can donate "in memory" of your Shirley family member by sending me an email containing the details. I'll post your tribute below!

Honor Roll
General Research Contributors
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$500 and up

Dec 2011 Fannie Linder of New York

May 2011 Andrea Montooth of Tennessee

in memory of John J Eylward (father), Lawrence E. Eylward (uncle), and Florence V. Eylward (grandmother)

July 2009 Fannie Linder of New York

For the promotion of research and in
memory of Betty Shirley, founder of the
Shirley Association

2006 Edward Shirley of Atlanta

Edward contributed a large sum to
help Betty defray the costs of her
2006 England meetings.

Rudy Robinson of New York City.

Please note that Rudy Robinson, a New York businessman, has financially supported the research of the Jamaican Shirleys for many years and was instrumental in the publication of a book on that Shirley family.

$100 to $499

June 2021 Clarissa Shirley of Plano Texas in memory of her late father Robert Franklin Shirley of Plano Texas who died in 2021. Branch 9

March 2020 Gary Mcgill of Santa Barbara California Researching Branch 30, Descendants of Charles Shirley

July 2019 Gary Mcgill of Santa Barbara California

Sept 2018 Glen King of Michigan

June 2018 Gary McGill of Santa Barbara California

July 2013 Dale Shirley of Mercer Island Washington

May 2011 Gary Shirley of Stanwood Washington

For research of his Shirley family

May 2011 Bill Shirley of Olympia Washington

For research of South Carolina
Shirley families

August 2009 Gary Shirley of Stanwood Washington

In Memory of Betty Shirley

August 2009 Rudy Robinson of New York City and Roger Whitfield of Florida

“Roger and I will be eternally endebted to Betty, without her contribution the Jamaican Shirley book would not have been possible. - Rudy Robinson and Roger Whitfield”

Up to $99

July 2021 Rev. Alice Shirley

In tribute to her parents Walter L. Shirley, Jr. and Marian Osborn Shirley

July 2019 Marcene Ammons Blatt

In Memory of Betty Mae Shirley

June 2009 Ray Shirley of Knoxville TN

Honor Roll
DNA Fund Contributors
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Thank You!!

$500 and up

July 2009 Fannie Linder

For the promotion of research and in memory of Betty Shirley, founder of the Shirley Association

Sept 2006 Fannie R. Linder

$100 to $499

July 2009 FTDNA - in memory of Betty Shirley

Feb 2009 Fannie Linder

July 2008 Raymond Shirley Sr.

July 2007 Fannie Linder

Up to $99

July 2008 Martin Shirley

July 2008 Sheila Shirley-Pecot

July 2008 William Shirley

July 2008 Sylvia J Rowley-Bailey


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