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  Shirleys of
Isfield, Sussex

Roger Shurley of Presteign Herefordshire in the Marches of Wales. He was mentioned in the 1527 will of his son John Shurley

married _________


1(i). John Shurley, cofferer and keeper of the wardrobe to King Henry VIII. Son of Roger Shurley and grandson of William Walker both of Presteign, Herefordshire. He died Aug 3, 1527 and was buried at Isfield parish, Sussex

Port: London Controlment of Customs on wool &c. by John Shurley 5-6 Hen.VII.; 6-7 Hen.VII;. 9-10 Hen.VII;. 4-5 Hen.VIII.; 18-19 Hen.VIII.

Wardrobe of the king's household: John Shirley, cofferer of the household, acting keeper - 1 Hen VIII through 18 & 19 Henry VIII.

Wardrobe and Household: Checker roll of the household, John Shirley, cofferer. 1 & 2 Henry VIII. 4 & 5 Henry VIII. 10 & 11 Henry VIII. 11 & 12 Henry VIII. 12 & 13 Henry VIII. 13 & 14 Henry VIII. 14 & 15 Henry VIII. 17 & 18 Henry VIII.

"The old Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Worcester, had been getting decrepit and had been too feable...Lord Sandys, the treasurer of Calais was appointed to succeed him...and Edmund Peckham replaced John Shurley as cofferer. Master Shurley had gone about his duties in his own quaint way and when Cardinal Woolsey was working out details of the reforms had gone off to his Sussex home for the summer, setting a lamentable example to his staff." - The Cardinal and the Secretary, Henry VIII Changes and Reforms in Staff.

Will of John Shurley Esq. and Cofferer to King Henry VIII, March 1, 1525, To be buried in parish church of Isfield in Sussex, To high alter of Isfield 13s 4d, To freres at Rye of the Five Portes 13s 4d. to pray for my soul and that of my late wife Parnell., To the gray freres at Winchelsea 13s 4d. To the white freres in the same town 13s 4d.To parish of Little Horsted, sussex Co. 20d. My son John Shurley - my best bason and ewer of silver etc. Mentions saltes given to my wife by her brother John at her marriage. My son Edward Shurley My son William Shurley My daughter Brigget Shurley May daughter Joane To Sir Richard Broke Kt. Chief baron to the king's exchequyer To James Sutton To Roger More, sergeant to the king's bakehouse My friend Thomas Knight son of the kinge's brewere To parish church of Rye My old friend Henry Page and his wife To Thomas Weldon third clerk of the kinge's kitchen To son John, royalties and patronage of church at Isfield which I have taken for three score years of my lord of Canterbury Executors son John Shurley and Roger More, sergeant of the kinge's bakehouse.Will proved Nov 23, 1527

Memorial Inscription St Margarets Church, Isfield Parish
"Here under lyeth the body of Mr. John Shurley, Esquier, sometime chefe Clerke of the Kitchen to our Sov'ryn Lord Kyng Henry VII and Cofferer to our Sov'ryn Lord Kyng Henry VIII, which John decessed ye iii day of August, Ao, mvxxvii"

married 1st Parnell Grandford

married 2nd Margery Goring.


2(i). Joan Shurley - mentioned in father's Will

2(ii). Bridgett Shurley - mentioned in father's Will

2(iii). John Shurley- Executor of father's Will. Inherited Isfield. Likely died without issue since Isfield passed to younger brother Edward

2(iv). William Shurley- mentioned in father's Will. Likely died without issue since Isfield passed to younger brother Edward. However, if father's Will listed children in order of birth, then William is the youngest and could have issue.

2(v). Edward Shurley d. March 16, 1558 "Inherited Isfield owing to the deaths of two older brothers" (stated in family history source) .

Thomas [Cranmer], archbishop of Canterbury, v. Edward, son and heir of John Shurley esquire.: Refusal of marriage with Elizabeth Cranmer, defendant being complainant's ward in right of the manor of Isfield.: Sussex [no date] C 1/961/2

Will of Edward Shurley, Esq. August 4, 1557 To be buried in parish church of Isfield, in the Chappel where my father lies buried. To Eward Johnson, my Godson To Alice West To Margertt Estye Johan my wife Executrix, my cousin George Gorynge and brother John ffenner overseers. Refers to my manors of Isfield and Crawley My youngest son Edward Shurley My eldest son Thomas Shurley My son John Shurley My sister Elizabeth ffenner My nephew Edward ffenner To John Saunder John Ashewyne Proved May 1558.

Memorial Inscription St Margarets Church, Isfield Parish
"Here lyeth Edward Shurley, Esquier, the sonne of John Shurley, of the manor of Isfylde, Esquier, and Cofferer to King Henry the Eyght, and Johanne his wyffe, daughter to John Fenner, Esquier, which Edwarde departed this mortal lyfe the xvi daye of Marche, Anno mccccclviii, and Johanne his wife departed the - day of - Ano Dei - whose soule God pardon; and between them God sent them echie thre sones and one daughter"

married Joan Fenner, daughter of John Fenner, Esq. Joan married Anthony Morley next.


3(i). Thomas Shurley eldest son. Inherited Isfield died 1579 Lewes, Sussex, buried Isfield, [See full post mortem inquisition at the bottom of the page]

Memorial Inscription St Margarets Church, Isfield Parish
"Here lieth buried the bodie of Thomas Shurley, of Isfield, in the County of Sussex, Esq., eldest Son unto Edward Shurley, of Isfield aforesaid, Esq., and the bodie of Anne his wife, the daughter of Sir Nicholas Pelham, of Laughton, in the County aforesayd, Knight, by Anne, his wife, Sister unto Sir Richard Sackville, Knight, the which Anne, wife unto the said Thomas Shurley, departed this mortall life at the Manor House of Isfield, the sixth day of April, in the year of our Lord 1571, and the aforesaid Thomas Shurley departed this mortall life at the town of Lewes, in the county aforesaid, upon the xviii daye of Januarye, in the year of our Lord, 1579, and in the xxi yere of the reigne of our Sovereign Ladie, Queen Elizabeth"

married 1st Ann Pelham daughter of Sir Nicholas Pelham of Halland, Sussex

married 2nd Ann Wroth at Enfield on Dec 12, 1575, daughter of Sir Thomas Wroth

Corrected 2015 5 Apr 1622 Will of Ann [Wroth] Shurley of Bexley in Kent - the Will of Thomas Shurley of Isfield esq deceased, goddaughter Abigail Hussey, my coffin be adorned with arms of my father and mother….husband, my name parentage and to be engraved in brass and to be fixed thereon, to each of my servants, my apprentice Thomas Citahall, Ann Hussey my sister's daughter, to nephews Thomas and John Hussey, to my sister Shurley, to Robert Wroth son of my brother Thomas Wroth deceased, to my natural sister Mary Hussey and Frances Carlton, to Sir Thomas Wroth my brothers son, to John Hussey my godson, brother John Wroth executor nephew Sir Peter Wroth. Dated 8 April 1622. Signed in presence of Jno Gouldwill, William Payne. Proven 1623. PCC 11/141 p 411 [Shurley replaced with Hussey throughout]

children by 1st wife

4(i). Sir John Shurley, Knt. born 20 Apr. 1568, the first son of Thomas Shurley of Isfield and his first wife Anne, daughter of Sir Nicholas Pelham of Halland, Sussex. Knighted 11 May 1603. In 1603, he signed the puritan petition against the 'hot urging of ceremonies'. He settled in Cuckfield, 12 miles north of Lewes in 1607 (Hist of Parl.). He was sheriff of Sussex and Surrey in 1616/17. Member of Parliament for East Grinstead, Steyning, and later Bramber. He died 25 April 1631 Lewes, Sussex, buried Isfield, Inherited Isfield

Will of John Shurley of Isfield, Sussex April 25, 1631 To be buried in Chancell in Isfield where my anestors are buried.To my nephew Robert Shurley, son and heir apparent of Sir George Shurley Kt, Cheife Justice of the King's Bench in Ireland, goods and chattels in my manor house at Isfield.Refers to 12 musketts, corseletts etc. at Isfield in care of Robert Courthope.Refers to lease of years in lands of Somervile, Aston, Gloucester, assigned to Thomas Pelham, baronette, Robert Tracy, Kt., Anthony Stapley and my nephew Arthur Shurley to be sold to Sir William Somervile, Kt.My nephews Arthur Shurley and Pelham Shurley sons of my said brother Sir George Shurley, and my other two nephews Thomas Shurley and Henry Shurley, two other sons of the said Sir George Shurley. My nephew Henry Carton, Esq. My five daughters now living and the one daughter of my daughter Somervile now deceased.Refers to ward-shippe of the bady and lands of William Somervile. My grandchilde son of and heir of Sir William Somverile Kt. deceased and Dame Cicely his wife.Refers to advowson of the Parsonage of Stenninge conveyed to Rt. Hon. George, Lord Goring, to be conveyed to my wife Dame Dorothy Shurley.My sister the Lady Garton Sons and daughters of my sister Garton with exception to her son Henry. To Mr. Attersal, minister of Isfield.To poor of Isfield. Wife Dorothie to be sole and only executrix.My knismen and friends Lord Goring, Sir Thomas Pelham Baronett, Thomas Shurley of Preston the elder Esq., Anthonly Stapley and Patcham Esq. and William Newton, the elder of Southover, Esq. to be overseers. Witnesses: John Shurley, William Newton, John Panton, Roger Cobier, William Durrant

Inq PM John Shurley of Isfield, knt. Vol. 471, No, 70. - Shoreham, 18 Jan. 7 Charles. Died 25 April last s.p. male. Coheirs, daughters Jane Covert, aged 28, wife of William Covert, knt. ; Elizabeth Palmer, aged 25, wife of Thos. Palmer, Bart. ; Charity Rivers, aged 24, wife of James Rivers, esq. ; Anne Overbury, aged 23, wife of Giles Overbury, knt. ; Mary Doyley, aged 22, wife of John Doyley, esq. ; and William Sornervile, esq., aged 2 years 4 months, son and heir of Cicely S., widow of Wm. S., knt., which Cicely was another daughter and coheir, now deceased. Lands. " Millmoores," " Blundens farm," " Bettings " in Isfield, " le Ham " in Barcombe, " le Eyes," parcel of " le Marvells " in Barcombe. By deed 15 Dec. 1 Chas. between himself and others, " for love to his heirs male," and to Robert Shurley, eldest son of George Shurley, knt., Lord Chief Justice in Ireland, brother of J. H., and the heirs male of Robert Shurley, Pelham S., Arthur S., George S.,
Thomas S. and Henry S., gents., sons of George S. aforesaid, and John
Shurley of Lewes, esq., son and heir of John Shurley, esq., sergt. at
law, deceased, conveyed to trustees for use of self, heirs male, remainder
to Robert S. and his heirs male, remainder to Pelham, Arthur,
George, Thomas, Henry, and John S., remainder to right heirs of J. S.
Also seized of manor of Isfield and manors of Worth and Homeplace
in Little Horsted, " Cookes " in Laughton, land in Steyning, and by
deed 23 April last granted them to use of himself and Dorothy his
wife, and if s.p. male then as above.

Memorial Inscription St Margarets Church, Isfield Parish
"That the fame of Sir John Shurley, of Isfield, in the County of Sussex, Knight, may be precious in the memory of all men, till the change of the last man, be it delivered to posterity, that Sir John Shurley, Knight, was of an ancient family, of a magnanimous heart, of an exemplary industry, of a justice beyond exception, and that he was stout in good causes, yea, and good in all causes. His first wife was daughter unto Sir Thomas Shurley, of Wiston, Knight, by whom he had two sonnes and seven daughters. The sonnes and two daughters are called into Heaven, and the five living into several marriages of good quality. His second wife was daughter to George Goring, of Danny, Esq., Receiver of the Court of Wards, and aunt to the Right Hon. the Lord Goring, Master of the Horse to the Queene, and received into all men's affections. She was the widow of Sir Henry Bowyer, of Cuckfield, in the County of Sussex, Knight; she was a merit beyond most of her time, for her purse was open to a prophet's name; her pitty was the clothing of the poore, her piety the mother of her practice, her devotions were her daily offerings to God, her mercy sure against condemnation, and all her minutes were but steppes to Heaven. The above named Sir John Shurley, (being Deputie Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace and Coram of the County of Sussex), deceased at Lewes the 25th April, Anno Domini, 1631"

married 1st Jane Sherley, daughter of Sir Thomas Sherley of Wiston, Sussex,

married 2nd Dorothy Goring on March 14, 1607 Cuckfield, Sussex, widow of Sir Henry Bowyer, daughter of George Goring.

children by 1st wife

5(i). Jane Shurley born Sept 21, 1594 Woolavington, Sussex, Buried Iverne Courtnay in Dorset.

married 1st Sir Walter Covert,

married 2nd Lord Holles. Died Apr 1666 at Paris.

5(ii). Cicily Shurley chr 28 Feb 1597/8; She died before the 1631 Will of father.

married Sir William Sommerville.

5(iii). Elizabeth Shurley chr 17 June 1599

married Sir Thomas Palmar

Dec. 4 Thomas Palmer of Wingham, co. Kent, esq., & Elizabeth Shurley of Isfeylde : sureties, said T. P., James Rivers of Westram, esq., and John Shurly of Lewes, esq. (Isfeyld)

5(iv). John Shurley chr 14 Dec 1600. d. s.p. according to historical account of family

5(v). Hannah Shurley d.v.p.

5(vi). Mary Shurley

married John Doyley, son and heir of Sir Hooper Doyley of Chesselhampton Co Oxford

5(vii). Charity Shurley chr 4 July 1602 (see bottom of page for more info)

married James Rivers, Esq.

5(viii). Anne Shurley chr 31 Dec 1603

married Sir Giles Overbury

5(ix). Thomas Shurley (listed by virtue of family historical account stating "chr. 10 Sept 1604 and buried at Isfield. d. s.p.)

4(ii). Sir George Shurley, Lord Chief Justice in Ireland, born about 1569, d. 1647, buried Isfield,. Admitted Middle Temple 10 Oct 1588, "2nd son of Thomas of Ifefelde Suss esq." George Shurley, knt was the eldest son of Thomas Shurley of Isfield in Sussex and Anne, dau of Sir Nicholas Pelham of Laughton; was born 1559; matriculated in Cambridge Univ from Clare College 1587; was called ot the bar in the Middle Temple 1597; appears as a master of the uter bar 1603, and a bencher 1607; acted as a reader 1615; went to Ireland as chief justice of the King's Bench 1620; was knighted then by the king; acted as a commissioner for the plantation of ulster 1622; became treasurer of the King's Inns same year; complained that he was depreived of precedence owing to the chief justice of the Common Bench being a peer and that he was given a circuit in Ulster, a discourtesy never offered before to one in his position, 1626; resided in Dublin in Young's Castle; appears as landowner in co. Carlow 1627; acted again as tread. of the King's Inns same year; visited England 1632; received a license from the archbishop of Dublin to eat meat in Lent 1640; appears in attendance on the house of lords same year; acted constantly as a justice of assize generally taking the Munster circuit to 1641; appears subsequently residing in Chester; was acting again as a member of the Irish council 1643; made a bold speech to the agents of the Catholic Confederation 1644; left Ireland finally 1646; died 1647; was buried at Isfield; married Mary dau and heir of Edward Halfhide of Aspenden in Hertfordshire and had issue - The Judges in Ireland, 1221-1921 By F. Elrington Ball

Will of Sir George Shurly Kt Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of Cheife Place in the Kingdome of Ireland.Dated February 8, 1646 My wife Mary - all and singular lands and tenements in England. Mentions goods and chattells in possession of Mr. John Wenden in the City of Chester. To wife, house in Dublin called Yonge castle. After my wife's death to Arthur Shurley gent. my second son, and after his decease to my grandchildren, George Shurley, my third son and his heirs. Rest and remainder to wife, who is named sole executrix. Witnesses: Mat. Doyle Probate granted to Maria Shurley Dec 30, 1647. Admon. May 6, 1657 to Penelope Selwynne, executrix of Dame Mary Shurly. [also probated at the Prerogative Court in Ireland]

Memorial Inscription St Margarets Church, Isfield Parish - "Here lyeth the body of the honourable Sir George Shurley, Knight, Lord Chiefe Justice of the Chiefe … in Ireland, and one of the Privy Councell there, under the late King James and King Charles for 28 years: he was borne at Isfield, 1569, and died the fifteenth of October 1647"

married Mary Halfide dau and heir of Edward Halfhide of Aspenden in Hertfordshire

1654 April 1 Dame Mary, relict of Sir George Shurley, makes will. Sick in body bequeaths soul to God trusting to be saved by the only merits of God and the death and merits of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; refers to debentures for her late husband's entertainment in the west of Chester; mentions Francis Selwyn who married her daughter Penelope; her daughter Dame Juedith Cooke; grandchild Penelope Lightfoot; her sister Elizabeth Parsons; her true and dear friend Mrs Mary Crouch, assistant to her in sickness and in health; grandchildren Charity, Mary and Penelope Selwyn; grandchild Francis Selwyn; grandchild John Shurley to whom she leaves the whole law books that were his grandfathers'; son Thomas Shurley and his daughters Mary and Mabel; son Arthur; Mary Spicon; Joan Wheatland; John Esterfield; Mary Moseley; L40 to be disbursed about, adn for, funeral expenses; money in Ireland; goods in Chester; appoints daughter Penelope, wife to son Francis, executrix; leaves her residue; until paid legacy. Desires Mrs. Crouch to hold table cloth and what belongs to it. Proved by Mary Selwyn before witnesses Robert Hungerford, Mary Spicer, Francis Reyly, 27 May 1668 [Also probated at the Prerogative Court in Ireland]


5(i). Robert Shurley, Esq. Buried 13 Dec 1646. Inherited Isfield from his uncle Sir John Shurley in 1631. Admitted Middle Temple: 6 May 1612, "son and heir of George of Brightlyng Sussex esq, Called to bar 7 May 1619"

married 1st Margaret Verney, d/o Sir Richard Varney of Compton, Warw. She was alive 1633

married ?2nd Joan Culpeper of Cranbrooke Co Kent, widow.

Sussex Marriage Records Deanery of South Malling - 1642 Aug 27 Robert Shurley of Isfield esq to Lady Joan Culpeper of Cranbrooke Co Kent widow. Surety: Allan Garston of Isfield yeoman, and Joseph West of the Cliffe near Lewis gent (Isfield)


6(i). John Shurley chr 6 Feb 1633; He died 1656, about age 23; buried Isfield

married Anne Parker (did she marry 2nd Francis Barnham on 8 October 1667 at St Michael Lewes Sussex?)

5(ii). Pelham Shurley - mentioned in uncle John Shirley's Will 1631. Admitted Middle Temple: 10 Aug 1615 as 2nd son of George. Died 30 Oct 1634

Ensign Pelham Shurley buried Dublin 1634 Ms 64-79 Funeral Entry Vol 6.(coat of arms: Diagonal 8 with a canton ermine with a crescent showing second son- half Ashton and quarter Grendall quarter Shirley). Ensigne Pelham Shurley departed this mortall life the 30th day of October 1634 and was buried in St. Michans Church Dublin the 1st of November. He was 2nd son of Sir George Shurly knt . The truth of the premises is testified by the subscription of Richard Gibson gent. Taken by me Albone Leveret Athlone Officer of Armes to be recorded in the Office of the Kings Armes of Ireland.

5(iii). Arthur Shurley He died 1667; Inherited Isfield from elder brother Robert. Admitted Middle Temple 10 Aug 1615, 3rd son of George. Listed as 2nd son in father's 1646 Will

Will of Arthur Shirley of Isfield in County of Sussex Esquire. To be buried in the Chappelle in the South side of Isfield Church. To Elizabeth Shirley my eldest daughter the manor house and lands of Isfield. To my two daughters Elizabeth and Penelope Shirley all manors, messuages, lands in London and Sussex (to Thomas Hoake of Throghton in Dorsett Esq)…land in County of Cork, land in Killeny Ireland to executors, Land of Dungenonourth house called Young's Castle. Sister Lady Coke. To Sir John Pelham Bart. And Thomas Hoaks Esq. Executors. Towards bringing up my children and payment of debts. Dated August 1667. Witness John Hart, Henry Marlon, George Harve [Prerogative Court of Ireland Will Book pg 265A]

married Elizabeth __________


6(i). Elizabeth Shurley chr. 18 Oct 1662

6(ii). Penelope Shurley chr. 1 May 1664.

married 1st Nathaniel Noel of St George Southwark,

married 2nd Edward Radcliffe esq. on 28 September 1680 at St Verdast Foster Lane, London. Inherited Isfield - passing to the Radcliffe family.

6(iii). Elizabeth Shurley chr. 26 May 1666.

married Sir James Smyth, Lord Mayor of London on 19 January 1679/80 at St Martins in the Field, Middlesex; Buried Westham Essex.

19 Jan 1679-80 John Wallis, of Middle Temple (or Inner Temple) [sic], Bachelor, 26, & Elizabeth Shirly, of Isvell [sic], co. Sussex, Spinster, 22, parents dead; at St Martin's in Fields, or St Mary, Savoy. Bishops Mar. Lic.

5(iv). Thomas Shurley - chr. 5 Sep 1608 at Brightling, Sussex; He was mentioned in uncle John Shirley's Will 1631, mentioned in mother's 1654 Will (died intestate - estate administration 1662 Dublin) died 19 Nov 1661 Buried St Michans Dublin

Thomas Shurley buried Dublin 1661 wife…Fitzpatrick. Ms 64-79 Funeral Entry Vol 4, 14, 16 (coat or arms: same as Pelham Shirley above except half Shirley and half Fitzpatrick) Thomas Sherly second son of the said Shurley was married to Fitzpatrick by whom he had issue 2 or 3. He dyed the 19th day of November 1661 and was buried in the some month at St Michans Dublin 1661.

Thomas Shirley, Dublin gent. Administration to George Adams and Maria his wife, daughter of Thomas Shirley Dec 23 1662

married _______ Fitzpatrick


6(i). Mabel Shurley Listed in grandmother's 1654 Will

married Edward Trevor in St Michan Dublin 1661.

6(ii). Mary Shurley Listed in grandmother's 1654 Will

married George Adams in Dublin 1661.

5(v). Henry Shurley - chr 27 May 1615 at Brightling , Sussex; mentioned in uncle John Shirley's Will 1631. Not mentioned in 1654 Will of mother - untraced

Cambridge Matriculations - Henry Sherley, Adm. pens (age 16) at St. John's, June 16, 1631. Son of George (1587), Knight, Chief Justice of Ireland. B. At Brightling, Sussex. School, Westminster. Migrated to Trinity. Matric. there Michas. 1631; Scholar, 1634; B.A. 1635-6; M.A. 1639, Fellow of Trinity, 1637.

5(vi). Ann Shurley

married Sir Fenton Parsons of Ireland

5(v). Penelope Shurley (probably born 1601 St Botolph London?) Buried 13 January 1664 at Friston, Wealden District, East Sussex,

Will of Penelope Selwin, widow of Francis Selwin, late of Friston in Co. Sussex, makes Will. 1662/3 February 18 Touching estate in Ireland leaves same to beloved daughter, Mary; appoints her sole executrix; witnessed by Will Quartermaine, Thos. May. Proved 2 May 1668 (Prerog. Will)

married Francis Selwyn of Friston

5(vi). Judith Shurley chr 12 Dec 1611 at Brightling, Sussex; married Sir Samuel Crooke of Ireland. She admin his estate 1665

5(v). Edward Shurley chr 1 Mar 1606 at Brightling, Sussex; Admittted Middle Temple 10 Aug 1615 5th son of George- untraced

5(vi). George Shurley (added by virtue of mention as 3rd son in father's 1646 Will) - untraced

5(vii). Dorothy Shurley chr 1 Jul 1610 "to George Shurley" at Brightling, Sussex

5(viii). Capell Shurley (male) chr 16 Oct 1614 "to George Shurley" at Brightling, Sussex - untraced

5(ix). Jane Shurley chr 7 Mar 1615 "to George Shurley" at Brightling, Sussex

4(iii). Judith Shurley born about 1570. Her PCC Will probated 9 May 1642.

marrie Sir Peter Garton (he died 1607)

Marriage Settlement. date: 7 May 1592 Giles Garton of Woolavington, esq. and his son Peter Garton, to Thomas Pelham of Laughton, John Shurley of Lewes and John Shurley of Isfield, esqrs. Recites intended marriage between the said Peter Garton and Judith, daughter of Thomas Shurley, late of Isfield, esq., dec'd. The said properties to be to the use of the said Peter Garton and Judith Shurley for life; the said Giles Garton also covenants to pay to the said Judith £300 within six months after the death of the said Peter, and £400 to an only daughter or £300 each to two daughters or £200 each to the three eldest daughters of the marriage if there is no male issue. Witnesses: George Shurley, Thomas [?Sarly] and John Coles, notary public.

Sir Peter Garton, who acquired the manor of East Dean in 1589, also held the manor of Woolavington and passed with Woolavington (q.v.) until 1739 at least. Sir Peter died seised of the manor in 1607. Between 1607 and 1642 the property passed to his three sons, Sir Thomas (d. 1619), Robert (d. 1634), and Henry (d. 1642). Lady Judith Garton, widow of Sir Peter, survived until after 1634.

3(ii). John Shurley, sergeant at law of The Friars, Lewes. Lawyer. Admitted Middle Temple 5 Aug 1565, 2nd son of Edward of Ishfield Sussex esq decd; "His house in Lewes, called ‘The Friars’, was evidently used as their town house by the Isfield Shurleys, since both Shurley’s elder brother Thomas and his nephew John died there; Member of Parliament for Lewes; He died 2 Oct. 1616, apparently intestate, leaving his son a minor. His inquisition post mortem and feodary’s survey show that, as well as owning property in Lewes, he died seised of the manor of Broadwater, Sussex, which he had bought in the autumn of 1605" (Hist of Parl.); Buried at All Saints Church, Lewes ‘in the alley of the little side chapel’.

Calendar of Patent Rolls - 1554 April 20. The like, in the hanaper, to Edward Shurley, esquire, to grant the rectory of Ifelde, co Sussex: - to John Shurley, gentleman, son of Edward, his heirs and assigns.

John Kyme, who died in 1585, having bequeathed Greyfriars house on the site to his niece Elizabeth Kyme and her heirs male. Her husband John Shurley, sergeant-at-law, who in 1588 bought the rights of her sister Joan wife of Sir George Paulett, survived her and in 1610 settled the property on his second wife Frances Capell. (fn. 237) He died in 1612 and his son John died before his stepmother Frances, in 1631, leaving the reversion of Grey Friars after her death to his son John, then aged 10 or 11 years, (fn. 239) who died in 1637, while Frances was still alive. (fn. 240) Under John Kyme's will, made in 1569, the residuary legatee was Seth Awcocke (Greyfriars passed to this family).

Inq PM. John Shurley sergt.-at-law. Vol. 355, No. 63. Petworth, 10 Dec. 14 James. Died 2 Oct. 14 James at Lewes. Heir, son John Shurley, esq., aged 16 years 9 months 20 days. Lands. " Grey Friars " and the " Wishe " in Lewes, etc., property in Ringmer called " Hasselham," etc. On 18 March 8 James made deed to Whittingham Woodd of Bromley, esq., to use of his wife Frances. Seized of manor of Broad water. Frances survives.

married 1st Elizabeth Kyme sometime after December 1570; She was daughter and co-heir of Richard Kyme of Lewes. She died 30 May 1580 at Lewes, wife of John Shurley

married 2nd Frances Capell on 14 September 1585; Daughter of Henry Capell of Hadham Hertfordshire; She married Thomas Trayton next in 1633.

1633 June 19. Marriage. Thomas Trayton gent and Frances Shurley, widow, relict of John Shurley esq deceased, of All Saints Lewes.


4(i). Elizabeth Shurley chr 29 May 1580, daughter of John Shurley (a dau b. to.... - History of Parliament)

4(ii). _____Shurley daughter of John Shurley and Frances Capell (History of Parliament)

4(iii). _____Shurley daughter of John Shurley and Frances Capell (History of Parliament)

4(iv). John Shurley, Esq. chr 19 December 1599 at All Saints, Lewes; He died 3 October 1631.

Inq. PM. John Shurley esq. Vol. 471, No. 73. Shoreham, 18 Jan. 7 Charles. Died 3 Oct. last at Lewes. Heir, only son John S., gent., aged (10 or) 11 years 3 months. Lands. Reversion after death of Frances (still living), widow of John Shurley, sergeant-at-law (father of J. S.), who died at Lewes 2 Oct. 14 James, of "Grey Friars " in Lewes, " the Swannes nest," the " Wish," and a messuage near Greyfriars, " le Moore " and other lands in Lewes and Eingmer, " Hasselham " in R., portion of tithes of " Howndeane " and " Smithwike " in St. Mary Westout, Lewes, " Ashcombe " in Falmer, lands in St. John sub Castro, Barcombe and Plumpton settled on her for life 18 March 8 James. J. S. also seized of manor and advowson of Broadwater, and 20 July 19 James settled on himself for life and then on Judith his wife for life, then on their heirs male. Judith survives at Charing, co. Kent. J. S. also seized of broken down chapel, etc., in Wogham in Hamsey.

married Judith Honywood. She re-married 2nd Sir Thomas Pelham of Halland in Laughton in 1637. Died 1638 buried at Laughton Wealden District, East Sussex. [note: there is a stray Robert Sherley gent of Halland Will proven in the PCC dated 1654 wit: Thos Pelham]


5(i). Frances Shurley chr. 13 June 1620 at All Saints Lewes; She died 19 June 1620, infant

5(ii). John Shurley chr. 5 July 1621 at All Saints, Lewes; He died 26 August 1637 at age 17. Post Mort. inquisition 1638 (chancery 570.147)

Inq PM. John Shurley gent., son and heir of John Shurley, esq., deceased. Vol. 570, No. 147, Lewes, 6 Sept. 14 Charles. Died 26 Aug. 1637. Heir, sister Frances Shurley, aged 15 years 1 month 15 days. Lands. Inq. at Shoreham 18 Jan. 7 Charles on John Shurley, his father, quoted. Frances Shurley his grandmother and Judith Shurley his mother are still alive.

5(iii). Frances Shurley chr June 8, 1622 (or 4 July 1622?) at All Saints, Lewes, Sussex. Heir to her father and brother when she was age 15.

5(iv). Charitie Shurley chr 27 April 1624 at All Saints, Lewis, Sussex (may have died young)

3(iii). Edward Shurley - youngest son. mentioned in father's 1557 Will. Admitted Middle Temple 27 May 1570, gent late of Clements Lane 3rd son of Edward late of Iffilde Sussx

3(iv). daughter Shurley



Charity Shurley and husband, James Rivers, Esq. of Chafford, Kent Co. England, daughter of Sir John Shurley of Isfield Village, Sussex. From: The Records of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, by E. A. Webb, page 462...

Within this hollow vault here rests ye frame
Of that high soul wch. late inform'd ye sam
Torne from ye service of ye state in his prime
By a disease malignant as the time
Who's life and death design'd no other end
Than to serve God his country and his friend;
Who when ambition rytanny and pride
Conquer'd the age, conquer'd himself and dy'd

Here lyeth ye Body of James Rivers Esq. (Sonne and Heir of John Rivers of Chafford in ye County of Kent (Baronet) who married Charity daughter and coheirs of Sir John Shurly, of Isfield in ye county of Suss'x,, Who died June ye 8th 1641.

We learn from the parish registers that he was buried on the 9th day of June, the day after his death, "out of the house of W. Freaake Esq. the close side" from which, and from the fact that we find no other record of him in connexion with the parish, we assume that he staying in the Close with a friend at the time and was not resident here. He probably died of the plague as did Sir George Hastings three weeks later.

His great-grandfather, Sir George Rivers, Knight, of Chafford, was Lord Mayor of London in 1573. His father, Sir John Rivers was madew a Baronet in 1621 and was still living when his son died.

James Rivers and wife Charity Shurley held the manor of Flore (or Flower) in the parish of Godstone Surry and sold it in 1634/5 to John Evelyn.


Thomas Shurley of Isfyeelde, esquire.

Died; at Lewes 18 January, 21st Elizabeth (1579) Son and heir; John Shurley; age, at time of death of the said Thomas 10 years 8 months 28 days.

Inq: at Lewes. 13 July, 22nd Elizabeth (1579)

Before, John Sackvile esq. Herbert Pellam esq. Edward Myddleton gent. feudary and Arthur Keltou gent. deputy of the escheator.

Jurors; John Stempe Richard Choloner Nicholas Chaloner John Maschall Thomas More Walter Dowbble Robert Randalle John Broade John Chanceler Thomas Satten Robert Chatfyld Richard Ockendene John Duffyll Thomas Aptot Thomas Chattfyelde Edward Duffylde Thomas Lullingdon.

Thomas Shurley was seised of the manor of Isfyelde ; and of the reversion after the death of Mary Shelley of a messuage and certain lands called Woodes in Isfeilde parcel of the said manor containing 100 acres, and of the reversion of a certain other parcel of land called Mawllinge Landes parcel of the said manor containing 60 acres ; and of 4 acres of land called Breache Crofftes in Ringmer; and of the reversion after the death of the said Mary of the manor of Woorthe in Little Horsted, and of the reversion of 200 acres of land in Horsted ; and Mary Shelley is still living. And being so seised, a fine was levied at Westminster in Trinity term 20th Elizabeth between John Pelham, knight, and Thomas Wrothe, gentleman, demandants and Thomas Shurley deforciant of the said manors and other premisses by which Thomas Shurley acknowledged them to be the right of the said John Pelham and Thomas Wrothe and remitted them to them, and this fine was levied to the intent that John Pelham might receive the issues of the said manors &c until all the debts which Thomas Shurley then owed him should be satisfied from the said issues which at the time of the death of the said Thomas amounted to £314, and that if Thomas Shurley should die before such of his sons as should be his heir at the time of his death had accomplished his full age that then immediately after the said debts had been satisfied John Pelham should take the issues aforesaid to the use of the remaining children of the said Thomas namely George Shurley his son and Judith Shurley his daughter until the said heir should come to his full age and afterwards to the use of the heirs of the said Thomas Shurley. Moreover he was seised of certain lands and tenements called Eastmervell or East Wood Great Eyes or Little Eyes in Barcombe which contain 46 acres now in the tenure of Richard Barton and William Dyne ; and of certain parcels of land called Cookes in Lawghton containing 40 acres ; and of the manor of Crawley with the market and fair belonging to the same manor; and of a watercourse in Ifyelde which runs from the iron furnace ; and of the reversion after the death of Elizabeth Fenner of certain lands and tenements called Tillgates containing 60 acres of land in the parish of Worthe, and of certain lands called Barnardes in Ifyelde containing 6 acres, and of a messuage and garden in Ifyelde, and of another messuage and garden in Crawley ; and the said Elizabeth is still living at Lewes. He was also seised of the manor of Ifield. And being so seised, by indenture made between him on the one part and Peter Osborne Robert Wrothe esq. and Thomas Wrothe gent. on the other part 10 December 18th Elizabeth the said Thomas Shurley, in consideration of the marriage to be made between Ann Wrothe one of the daughters of Thomas Wrothe, knight, deceased and for jointure of the said Ann and the advantage and livelihood of the heirs male born of the bodies of the said Thomas Shurley and Ann, agreed with the said Peter Robert and Thomas that the manor and tenements aforesaid in Ifyelde should be to the uses following and not otherwise, namely, that Thomas Shurley his heirs and assigns should thenceforth be seised of the said manor of Ifyelde and of the lands and tenements following namely of the capital or mansion house of the manor of Ifyeld with all the lands belonging to it called the Court Landes and of a parcel of land called Bonnettes a parcel of land called Birlandes a tenement called Grynnames otherwise Gennames which parcels were then in the tenure of John Waller senr. of Ifielde and of a tenement called Tyballes then in the tenure of William Saunders of Ifyeld and another parcel called Greninge and land called Langley with certain lands called Potters and Cakellesam in. the tenure of Henry Hedger of Ifyeld and a parcel of land called Tailgates in the tenure of Nicholas Taylor and a parcel of land called Davies in the tenure of James Weller and land called Stones in the tenure of Peter Snell with all rents &c belonging to the same manor, saving and reserving to Thomas Shurley his heirs and assigns a watercourse running from a certain furnace to the lands of the same Thomas called the Courte Landes with free ingress and egress for the digging and scouring of the said water course to ensure the sufficient draining of the said furnace, and all these premisses shall be to the sole use of Thomas Shurley during his life and after his death to the sole use of Ann Wrothe for the term of her life by way of jointure and after her death to the sole use of the heirs male of the bodies of the said Thomas and Ann with remainder to Thomas Shurley and his heirs. And afterwards Thomas Shurley took to wife the said Ann and she survived him and is still living at Enfyelde in Middlesex and is seised thereof for tko term of her life. And Thomas Shurley died without issue male of the body of Ann wherefore the reversion of the manor of Ifyelde descends to John Shurley son and heir of the said Thomas.

The manor of Isfyeld and other lands and tenements in Isfyeld are held of the Queen as of her manor of Southmawlinge by service of one knight's fee ; and are worth £20. Breache Crofte is held of the same by fealty and rent of 6d. The manor of Worthe is held of Thomas Sackvile, knight, Lord Buckhurst as of his manor of Sheffielde by fealty but by what rent they do not know. Sixty acres of land in Horsted, parcel of the aforesaid 200 acres, are held of Edward Gage esq. by fealty but by what rent they do not know; 40 acres parcel of the same 200 acres are held of Nicholas Pope gent. by fealty but by what rent they do not know ; and the remainder of the said 200 acres is held of Lord Buckhurste by fealty but by what rent they do not know. Great Eyes and Little Eyes are held of the Queen in free socage by fealty only; and are worth 40s. Cookes is held of John Pelham by fealty but by what rent they do not know; and is worth £3. The manor of Crawley and Tillgates and Burnandes (sic) Grove and the messuage and garden iu Crawley are held of Philip Earl of Arrundell by fealty but by what rents they do not know; and are worth 20s. The manor of Ifyelde is held of the same by fealty but by what rent they do not know; and is worth £20.

(C. Vol. 191. No. 101.)



Jo Kirkham (apparently of Rye village Kent) was nice enough to email these details in September 2008

John Shurley was pardoned by Henry VIII (with 2 other Rye residents) - Robert Bawdwyn and Richard Berkeley – in 1509.
(CaL. Atate Paper. For. ND DOM., 1509/13, VOL PT. 1,, PP 203, 218.)
He was first appointed in 1499.

He is described as Chief Clerk of the Kitchen, Controller of the great customs in the port of London, and Bailiff of Rye. He was confirmed again as Bailiff shortly after – until 1524.

He was a Jurat in Rye from 1499-1502.

He is the first recorded – or rather ‘documented’ person to have a brick chimney built in Rye – in a bond of September 1504 specifying ‘a chymney with lyme, sande and breke’ to be erected in a property owned by him within one month of the following Easter.

By 1513 John Shurley had bought much property in the town and seems to have lived in large house to the west of the vicarage at the north-west corner of the churchyard (I walked past it this morning!!)

Other property of his was a house called ‘La Crowne’ with another to the south of it where Lloyds Bank now stands, and the one above it.

At one time he owned in the town 24 houses, 7 shops, 6 gardens and 3 acres of land.

I have a note that he died in 1527 when he was Cofferer to Henry VIII. I’m sure you’ve got a copy of his will and his burial at Isfield.

On 12 August 1573, Queen Elizabeth I knighted Thomas Shirley of Wiston, who was son/grandson(?) Of John on her visit to Rye.

1611, one John Shurley (with James Thurbane) - who were called ‘Sergeants’ and Counsel, were involved in a witchcraft case – saying that 2 ladies accused of bewitching the Mayor were covered by a general pardon an they were released from custody.


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