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Questions or help with your Shirley research. Email Ken at:

kscislaw (at)

Emails to me seem to bounce for some people. If you have problems, try this one

kscislaw (at)

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  • Forget Login? Email me (See at left). Sorry, this is an amateur org, all done by hand
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Rules for sending a query to me (edited 2020, to be more polite. HA)

1. This is the SHIRLEY Association, not the Jones Association, not the Smith Association. We only track people with the surname Shirley. I would love to help solve all your genealogy questions, but Shirleys are tough enough!!!

2. The era of lazy I-Phone queries has arrived with a bang! Cryptic or vague email sentences are not helpful to me - I will have great difficulty understanding what you need.

I am very happy to help with your Shirley research!!! Please type a proper request, maybe from a computer?

Don't forget, there are 1000s of Shirley families around the globe. Please provide details helping me to differentiate the Shirley family in your query to all the others.

3. Need help researching YOUR Shirleys? I would love to help!

Suggestion: Provide details of what you know, and what you don't know. Ideally, you would provide as many names, dates and places that you know. Send whatever you have. Clearly, your up front effort avoids reproducing facts already known to you.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!







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