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General Contact and Research Queries?

For questions or help with your Shirley research, email Ken at:

kscislaw (at)

Emails to me seem to bounce for some people. If you have problems, try this one

kscislaw (at)

2016 UPDATE! Rules for sending a query to me

I am very happy to spend time on your Shirley research.

(Note: I do not help with research on relatives who have other surnames. This is the Shirley Association!).

But it seems the era of lazy IPhone queries has arrived with a bang!

This is common sense, if you cannot spend a mimimum amount of time asking the question, then why should I bother answering it?

Please type a proper request from a computer (that is, unless you are a wizard IPhone typist!), providing details of what you know, and what you don't know. Ideally, you would provide as many names, dates and places that you know. Send whatever you have. Clearly, your up front effort saves me huge time and avoids reproducing facts already known to you.

Again, I am very happy to help with your Shirley family research. I need you to help a bit too.








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