Dr. John Shirley
Lanark, Lanarkshire



This lineage was constructed by the Shirley Association using Scottish census, IGI births and marriages, and probate documents.

Thomas Shirley, shoemaker; died before 1802 when his widow remarried and had a child.

married Anna Finlay - she married 2) James Boyd

Finlay, Anna married Thomas Shirley, shoemaker 9 Aug 1785 both of New North parish; d of John Finlay weaver in Lanark

COURT OF SESSION—FRIDAY, JUNE 11 Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland), Monday, June 14, 1858; - Mrs Moffat v Shirley - Mrs Boyd, widow of James Boyd weaver, Lanark, executed a disposition and settlement on 24th April 1834 when she was about 80. She had been married twice; first to a shoemaker named Shirley; and second to the weaver Boyd. The defender, Dr. John Shirley Lanark is a child of the first marriage. The pursuer Mrs Janet Finlay Boyd or Moffat widow of T. M. Moffat S.S.C. is of the second. She alleges that the trust-disposition and settlement was impetrated by fraud on the part of the defender for his own interest and to her prejudice. The mother herself seems to have thought so, for in 1835 she insisted on obtaining a deed from the defender binding himself to distribute her property in a certain way among the younger children. It is alleged he fraudulently inserted a clause of revocation in his own will in this deed and burned it after his mother's death. Findings: the deed of 1835 was obtained by fraud. Defender liable for expenses.

Note: Janet Finlay Boyd was chr 6 Jun 1802 at Lanark to James Boyd and Anna Finlay


1. Dr. John Shirley born abt 1786 or 1797 Lanark; MD and Surgeon, High Street; living Lanark, Lanarkshire in 1841; died 16 April 1862;


Shirley John 17/7/1863 doctor of medicine and surgeon in Lanark Glasgow Sheriff Court Inventories

Shirley John 17/7/1863 dr of medicine and surgeon in Lanark, spouse of Agnes Thomson Glasgow Sheriff Court Wills

Shirley John 31/7/1889 M.D. and Surgeon, Lanark, d. 16/04/1862 at Lanark, testate Lanark Sheriff Court

married Agnes Thomson on 28 Feb 1830 Lanark; born abt 1801 Falkirk Stirlingshire [1851, 1861] or abt 1811 Scotland [1841]; living in HH of mother Christina Thomson at St. Cuthbert's Edinburgh in 1851; died 13 November 1863 at Lanark

2nd marriage record: John Shirley m. Agnes Thomson 8 Mar 1830 St. Cuthberts Edinburgh, Midlothian

The Aberdeen Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland), Wednesday, March 24, 1830 - Marriages: At George Place, Leith Walk on the 9th instant, John Shirley M.D. Lanark to Agnes, second daughter of the late Mr W. Thomson, dyer in Edinburgh.

Shirley Agnes 14/9/1877 or Thomason, Lanark, d. 13/11/1863 at Lanark, intestate Glasgow Sheriff Court Inventories

Shirley Agnes 26/4/1889 or Thomson, Lanark, widow, d. 13/11/1863 at Lanark, intestate Lanark Sheriff Court

2.i Thomas Miller Shirley born 5 Jan 1831 Lanark; writer [1851], sheriff clerk [1861]. sheriff's court writer [1871]; living in HH of parents in 1861; living 9 High Street Lanark 1871 as head of household unmarried with brother and sisters after parents died; died 26 May 1877 at Lanark

Shirley Thomas Millar 29/7/1878 Writer, Lanark, d. 26/05/1877 at Lanark, testate Glasgow Sheriff Court Inventories

2.ii William Thomson Shirley born abt 1833 Lanark; chr 31 Mar 1839 Lanark; Printer of the Firm of Nossonar & Shirley ; living in HH of uncle Belsey Thomson in St. Cuthberts Edinburgh in 1861; living 8 Montgomery St in St. Andrew South Leith Edinburgh in 1871 with young family; 14 Montgomery St in 1881occupation as a "compositor"; living 1 Oxford Rd St. Cuthberts parish; died 18 March 1901 at Edinburgh

Shirley William Thomson 15/5/1901 retired Printer, 41 Newington Road, Edinburgh, d. 18/03/1901 at Edinburgh, testate Edinburgh Sheriff Court Inventories

married Elizabeth Bayley after 1861; born Wales abt 1841 [1891, 1901 census]; living 41 Newington Rd with adult children after death of husband William.

3.i Agnes Wylde Shirley born 20 Aug 1868 Edinburgh Midlothian; not in parent's HH in 1901.

3.ii John Shirley born 19 Dec 1871 Edinburgh Midlothian; living in HH of parents in 1891 and 1901; law apprentice [1891], solicitor [1901] Any Descendants?

3.iii Emily Gertrude Shirley born 31 Jul 1873 Edinburgh Midlothian; living in HH of uncle John F. Shirley at 9 High St Lanark in 1881, age 7; living in HH of parents 1891, 1901; teacher of the pianoforte

3.iv George William Shirley born 1879 Edinburgh; living in mother's HH in 1901 age 22; mechanic typewriter

George William Shirley was born in Edinburgh in 1879, the son of W.T. Shirley, printer. He attended Heriot's School, Edinburgh and afterwards became an apprentice at Edinburgh Subscription Library. He subsequently worked at Greenock Public Library and in 1903 became the first head of Ewart Public Library, Dumfries. In 1905 he married a daughter of William Falconer. In 1906 he re-established the Independent Labour Party in Dumfries and acted as Secretary for several years thereafter. From 1909 he was Secretary of the Antiquarian Society. He was a founding member of the Scottish Library Association. He wrote several plays which were performed in Dumfries by the Guild of Players. Shirley died in 1939 having been Librarian of the Ewart and Dumfriesshire County Libraries for 36 years and a memorial was erected to him in 1952. Repository Dumfries: Ewart Library Reference B225/EGD/37 Title Shirley manuscripts

married _______, in 1905, daughter of William Falconer

Any Descendants?

3.v Annie E. Shirley born abt 1883; living in HH of parents in 1891, 1901 census. Photography retoucher [1901]


2.ii Christina Gillies [Christian Gillien] Shirley born 19 Jun 1835 Lanark; untraced after 1851 census.

2.iii Ann Finlay Shirley born abt 1837 Lanark; chr 12 Jun 1837 Lanark; living in HH of father in 1851, 1861 census; living in HH of brother Thomas M. Shirley in 1871; living in family HH at 9 High St. with brother John and sister Agnes in 1881; living with brother John's new wife and family in 1891 "on private means"; living alone at 17 High St. after death of sister Agnes; apparently died unmarried

2.iv Agnes F. Shirley born 4 Mar 1839 Lanark.; living in HH of grandmother Christina Thomson in 1851 census; living in HH of brother Thomas M. Shirley in 1871;died 25 August 1896 at Lanark; living in family HH at 9 High St. with brother John and sister Annie in 1881; apparently died unmarried

Shirley Agnes Thomson 9/8/1897 17 High Street, Lanark, d. 25/08/1896 at Marklands, Arran, testate Lanark Sheriff Court

2.v John Finlay Shirley chr 7 Jan 1843 Lanark; living in HH of father in 1861; living in HH of brother Thomas M. Shirley in 1871- unmarried; living in family HH at 9 High St. with sisters Annie and Agnes in 1881; living 9 High Street 1891; living 57 High St. in 1901; bankers clerk [1861], bank accountant [1871, 1881], bank agent [1901] (The Commerical Bank of Scotland)

married Henrietta [apparently McKeane] between 1881 and 1888; brother Robert McKeane, law clerk, living in HH in 1901.

3.i John Shirley born abt 1888; living in HH of parents 1891, 1901; scholar Any Descendants?

3.ii Henrietta Morrison Shirley born abt 1890; living in HH of parents 1891, 1901; scholar



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