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Shirleys of Brays Green, Little Missenden Parish

DNA Haplotype of a Descendant is R1b1

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Most of the following pedigree comes from Brian Shirley and was last updated July 2013. A connection to the ancient Shirleys of Ludgershall is claimed by descendants but more evidence is needed to confirm.

Revised June 2018 to confirm and correct christenings and birth dates where errors were found (death dates not verified, and births that use m/d/y format have not been verified as yet). Also confirmed family groupings using census data where possible.

John Shirley of Little Missenden Buckinghamshire

married Elizabeth Hale on 22 February 1731 at Little Missenden, Bucks. She was b. April 8, 1702 Chartridge, Chesham, She died Oct 25, 1763;

This link to son John Shirley of Chesham needs to be confirmed


1(i). John Shirley born June 8, 1732 Bellingdon, Chesham d. Mar 18, 1789

married Rebecca King on 24 November 1759 at Chesham St Mary Buckinghamshire. She was chr June 26, 1736 Chesham and buried Nov 14, 1786


1(ii). Lydia Shirley born 9 Aug 1772, baptised as an adult 10 May 1818 at the High Street Independent Church of Chesham Bucks, daughter of John Shirley labourer of Chesham Bucks and wife Rebecca King. Her baptism record says she was then the current wife of James Putman . Baptism record also states that both her parents died before her baptism. Separate records show marriage occurred 14 August 1797 at Chesham

1(i). John Shirley chr Jan 14, 1760 Brays Green, Hyde Heath Little Missenden Buckinghamshire, son of ___Needs to be confirmed___? He died Nov 24, 1796, buried age 35 at Little Missenden, Bucks.

married Susannah Aldey 6 Nov 1786 at Chetwode Parish, Bucks; She was b. July 20, 1767 Chetwode d. Aug 15, 1810, buried at Little Missenden Bucks


2(i). Mary Shirley born Jan 20, 1788 Brays Green, Hyde Heath m. James Jeffkins

2(ii). James Shirley born 25 September 1791 at Little Missenden Bucks, son of John and Susan Shirley; He was a widower and lving alone at Little Missenden in 1861 census, age 70, occupation: agricultural labourer; He died Jan 6 1870 Brays Green, Hyde Heath, Little Missenden. 

married Jemima How on 10 Nov 1814 at Little Missenden Parish, Bucks; She was b. Nov 5, 1786 d. May 10, 1852


3(i). James Shirley born Oct 1, 1815 Brays Green. Hyde Heath,

3(ii). John Shirley born 5 October 1817 at Brays Green, Hyde Heath Little Missenden, son of James and Jemima Shirley; Father named as James Shirley at time of marriage; He lived at Brays Green Little Missenden in 1851, 1861 census and in 1871: occupation agricultural labourer. Widower and living alone at Brays Green, Little Missenden in 1881 census, age 63. He was buried April 15, 1887 at Little Missenden Bucks

3(iii). George Shirley born Nov 20, 1822 Brays Green, Hyde Heath d. May 21, 1837

3(iv). Sophia Shirley born 12 December 1819 at Brays Green, Hyde Heath, Little Missenden Bucks daughter of James and Jemima Shirley. She married William Bridges

3(v). Joseph Shirley born 23 May 1824 at Brays Green, Hyde Heath, Little Missenden Bucks, son of James and Jemima Shirley

3(vi). Moses Shirley born July 15, 1827 Brays Green, Hyde Heath; Living with parents in 1851 census, age 23; lived at Brays Green Little Missenden in 1861, and 1881 census, age 57, occupation agricultureal labourer; He died April 10, 1911 in Amersham Bucks.

3(vii). Daniel  Shirley born 15 November 1829 Brays Green, Hyde Heath, Little Missenden, son of James and Jemima Shirley; Living with parents in 1851 census, age 22; Father identified as James Shirley at time of marriage; Not enumerated with wife and family in 1861 census (may have been away); He lived with his brother Moses Shirley in Little Missenden in 1881 census, age 50, widower; He died Mar 1, 1893

married Mary Butler on 23 October 1853 at Little Missenden, Bucks. Enumerated as head of household (married) in 1861 census with her children; She was b. 1834 Little Missenden d. Aug 2, 1866


4(i). Martha Shirley born Mar 26, 1854 Brays Green, Hyde Heath

4(ii). Charles Shirley born Jan 18, 1856 Brays Green, Hyde Heath, age 6 in 1861 census

4(iii). Ellen Shirley born May 12, 1857 Brays Green, Hyde Heath Not in mother's household in 1861 census; She d. May 31. 1873

4(iv). Joseph Shirley born April 10, 1859 Brays Green, Hyde Heath, age 2 in mother's 1861 census household

4(v). Fredrick Shirley born Feb 2, 1863 Brays Green, Hyde Heath  d. Feb 13, 1863

4(vi). Jonathon Shirley born Sept 13, 1865 Brays Green  Hyde Heath d. Sept 21, 1865

3(viii). Henry Shirley chr April 8, 1832 Brays Green, Hyde Heath d. ___,

married Mary Ann Palmer in 1852 in Chesham Bucks, She was born 1833 Bovingdon, Herts.


4(i). Mary Ann Shirley born 1868 Chesham

4(ii). Lucy Shirley born 1871 Chesham

4(iii). Alfred Shirley born 1874 Chesham

2(iii). Elizabeth Shirley chr Feb 15, 1795 Brays Green, Hyde Heath

St Mary's Chesham Parish Register

24 Nov 1759 John SHERLEY married Rebecca KING
27 Mar 1761 Eliz. SHERLEY married Jas. DEAN
22 Feb 1762 Ann SHERLEY married Wm. CUFFTREY
12 Apr 1762 Mary SHURLEY married Thos. YOUNG
14 Aug 1763 Sarah SHERLEY married Philip PAYNE
16 Oct 1770 Lydia SHIRLEY married Thos. CATLIN
11 Sep 1772 John SHIRLEY married Deborah ARNOLD
11 Apr 1793 Eliz. SHERLEY married Thos. SILLS
14 Aug 1797 Lydia SHIRLEY married Jas. PUTNAM

Little Missenden Church, Buckingham
Final resting place for many Shirleys from 1761 to date for this branch



Brian Shirley
Brian is the grandson of William George Shirley

From Betty Shirley

I had the pleasure of staying with Brian and his wife, Janet. They have a lovely home in the Dorset area of England.  My thanks to them for taking the time to show me around that area and visit former properties of the Shirleys, the Parish Churches and the final resting places of several Shirleys.


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