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Branch #2

Bible of Annie Louise Greer Shirley naming the children of Charles Crayton Shirley (b 1871) of South Carolina

Bible of Edmond Shirley born 29 March 1783 and his wife Philadelphia Perry born 4 Nov 1787. Other surnames mentioned: Hill, Dreese, Kise, Coyl, Cox

Branch #4

Bible of Stephen R. Douglas - itemizes the family of Riley Shirley of Milton Co GA and his wife Dicy Douglass.
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Branch #4

Bible of Robert Newton Shirley family b 5 Oct 1871 Smith Co TX, Includes the marriage of his father and mother, Elbert Lee Shirley and M. T. Hughes in Franklin Co GA. Other surnames mentioned: Hughes, Lauderdale, Rucker, Davidson, Hollis, Kingston, Berry, Constable.

Branch #6

Bible of Hannah Sherley Buskirk born March 11, 1855 daughter of Edward (Ned) Sherley born January 12, 1821. Other surnames mentioned: Buskirk, Rather,

Branch #7

Bible of Elijah Shirley family b 7 Mar 1805, d 6 Nov 1860. Lived Barren Co KY. Other surnames mentioned: none

Bible of Mary T Beesley, wife of William Shirley b Jan 22, 1818 who lived at Kiawatha Kansas. The bible provides births, marriages and deaths for many early Shirleys in Branch #7 including Thomas Shirley who married Hannah Dale. (note: Several of the earliest dates shown in this bible differ from dates published for this family on this website and that were clearly sourced elsewhere). Other surnames mentioned: McDaniel, Berryhill, Margueling, Beesley, McGrath, Bedker, Ellis

Branch #10

Update. Bible of Edmund Shirley born 1783 who died 1860 in Boone Co Indiana. Other surnames mentioned: Cox, Coyle, Kise, Johnston, Hitt, Duese, Seward, Carter, Swigert, Woollen. (transcript)

Bible of Spencer Alsop [1 page] showing the marriage of William R[oach] Shirley and Elizabeth D Alsop

Branch #11

Bible of John Mason Shirley born 1802. Died 1866 in Kentucky. (transcript) Was the son of Thomas Shirley and Molly Yates. Other surnames mentioned: Poole, Garnett, Morton, Rodgers, Cook

Branch #11

Bible of Albert Henry Shirley born 1842 at Barren Co KY; Son of John Mason Shirley and wife Mary Pool. (transcript). Other surnames mentioned: Pool, Garnett, Cook, Allen, Baird

Branch #21

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Zachariah Shirley (married Barbarah Keagey); He died in Madison Co VA; His descendants lived in Shenandoah Co VA; Births and deaths. Other surnames mentioned: Keagey; Marriages, Births, Deaths

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Zachariah Shirley (born 1819, lived Shenandoah Co VA) Other surnames mentioned: Koontz, Norrel, Fritsch, Strachan , Kouder, Hoffman, Martin, Sauermann; Marriages, Births, Births (page 2), Deaths

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Christian Shirley (born 1835, lived Shenandoah Co VA) Other surnames mentioned: Andrews, Roller, Horner, Miller, Brumback, Rosenberger Births, Marriages, Deaths

Branch #22

Bible of Richard Charles Shurley of Jones Co GA (transcript); Other surnames mentioned:Maxwell, Brooks, Brown, Teat, Noble, Todd, Parker, Porter, King

Branch #25 - The births page from the bible of James Shirley of New Hampshire. Found in his revolutionary war pension application records

Branch #25 - The births page from the bible of Alexander Shirley of New Hampshire. Found in his revolutionary war pension application records.

Branch #34

Massachusetts bible mentioning members of the Ferrers/Phares Shirley family. Surnames mentioned include: Smith, Whitney, Shove, and ?Fenton/Senton/Senlon

New York bible of the Phares Shirley family b June 9 1765, d [ ] 20 181[ ]. He married Olive. Surnames mentioned include: Northrup. In the records of the Broome Co NY Historical Society.

Branch #46

Bible of Davis Shirley family b 9 Aug 1825, who lived in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Lists the births of his father Eli and mother Elizabeth Shirley. Other surnames mentioned: Anders, Birk

Bible of Samuel V Shirley, son of Biard Shirley. He lived in Tuscaloosa Co Alabama. Other surnames mentioned: Boozer, Hocut, Popwell, Brown, McCaskell, Evins, Lunsford, Espy, Alexander

Branch #53 and #74

Image of the James Madison Williams bible (of Butte Co California) recording the deaths of three Shirleys from Branch #53 Jacob Shirley of Warren TN and Shannon Co MO and Branch #74 Thomas Jefferson Shirley - family of Crawford Co MO and Tuolumne Co. CA. Other surnames mentioned: Farrow, Farres (or Farrar), Mitchell, Renfro, Williams, Hudspeth, Mitchell.

Here are the relevant passages

"Jacob Shirley departed this life on Saturday 2 March 1850"
"Sopha Shirley departed this life on Thursday the 18th of September 1845".
"Tryphena Williams departed this life on Tuesday February the 27th 1855." (nee Shirley)

Note: Credit for this material goes rightfully to Eve Berg-Pugh. She is descended from David Williams and Tryphena Shirley through their son, James Madison Williams. The pages are all that is left of the Bible from a burglary that occurred long ago, perhaps in the early 1930's. - Ron Womack

Image of the "Hodges" bible submitted by Lynn Hodges (May 2010). Children of Jacob Sherley, Branch #53.

Elizabeth Sherley January 31st day 1835
William Sherley February 18th 1837
Charles Sherley September 24 1839
Mary J. Sherley March 29th 1842
Margret Sherley December 2nd 1845
Alexander Sherley December 6th 1847
Sarah J. Sherley June 15th 1845

Branch #60

Bible of Alfred M. Shirley born 1853 and died 1902 in Maury Co TN (transcript). Other surnames mentioned: Smithson, Luke, Martin, Estes, Bethell, Young.




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