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Archived Shirley Association queries from a discontinued message board
I recently discovered copies of old message board postings from 1999 to 2003. That board was unfortunately cyber hacked at the time and had to be removed. I recently found the postings on

Here is the link to the entire board at

Collateral Surnames
The Shirley Association has compiled miscellaneous pedigrees and commentary about dozens of families who may be related to Shirleys or who may hold a key about certain Shirley origns. View the surname index here.

The Shirley News Archives
Betty Shirley published The Shirley News family newsletter for well over a decade. The Shirley Assocation is making copies of these editions online to the public, including an itemized table of contents for each edition. PROJECT COMPLETE!.


United States

Shirleys in US History - Links to histories about Belle Starr, the famous western outlaw, the Royal Gov of NC, the colonial Gov of Massachusetts, the story of writer O'Henry, Pro baseball players and more. Read about Shirleys in US history here

African Americans - Shirleys of African American ancestry main research page.

Native Americans - Shirleys of American Indian descent main research page

Certified DAR Lineages - Are you trying to prove your DAR lineage to a Shirley ancestor? The Shirley Association has compiled the list of certified DAR lineages for Shirley patriots. All you need to do to have your lineage accepted by the DAR is connect to any one of the Shirleys mentioned in the certified lineage shown See the certified lineage here 

Shirley Family Bible Records - Original images of family bibles submitted by friends and members of the Shirley Association. See the bible records here. 


The Story of Lough Fea - This house has been in the Shirley family for hundreds of years. Major John Shirley is in possession of this house and of Ettington in England at the present time. This page includes the pedigree of the Shirleys of Lough Fea to the present date 


The Story of Anne Shirley of Green Gables - The famous fictional tale was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery who was born Nov 30, 1874, Clifton , Prince Edward Island. Her first book, Anne of Green Gables, was published June 1908. 


The history of the Shirleys of Hyde Hall, Jamaica - Henry Shirley was born in Chambery France. His Lancashire English father was a diplomat and merchant adventurer involved in the mining trade in Savoy France. Henry Shirley became the charge d' affaires at the court of Catherine the Great before marrying a rich widow and moving to Jamaica. This page includes the family lineage of the Shirleys of Jamaica as well as the two very large 1817 list of slaves who toiled on the family's Ettindon and Glamorgan sugar plantations.


John Shirley, esq. Servant of the Earl of Warwick, Chaucer Scribe - This page provides a documented timeline of the life of the famous Chaucer scribe.

James Shirley, London goldsmith and treasurer of the Plymouth Colony - The pedigree of the Shirleys of London have not been successfully linked to any other main branch here 

English Coats of Arms - This page presents all of the arms granted to persons with the Shirley surname in England over the centuries. A dictionary of heraldic terms is also provided.

The Story of James Shirley, famous dramatist and poet - One of the most famous english dramatists who lived in London in the 1600s. 



John Shurley of Isfield, Coffer to King Henry VIII
Read about the very prominent Shurley family of Isfield Parish England. Although no link can be made to the ancient Ettington Shirley family, the Isfield lineage dates back to the 1400s. here


Genealogy and information about the Ancient Shirleys of Ettington - This comprehensive page includes the pedigree of the ancient family and stories of other famous members of the main lineage and cadet branches. 


Robin Hood - This page outlines several connections between the mythical Robin Hood and the ancient Shirleys of Ettington. 





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