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Coat of Arms: Shirleys of Ettington
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Lineage of the Ancient Shirleys of Ettington - Includes information on Ettington Park Manor. The page also presents the main lineage of the noble Shirley family who have held lands at Ettington for over 900 years.

Lower Eatington: Its Manor House and Church By Evelyn Philip Shirley (1869) Written by the esteemed antiquary and family historian, E.P. Shirley in the mid-19th century. Read the entire book as published. Contains a history of the manor and parish church. Also includes an inventory of all portraits hanging in the manor house as well as all sepulchre monuments in the church (downloaded Google Book in pdf format) NEW!

Lineage of the Shirleys holding the manor of Ettington. This page highlights the Shirley family who resided primarily at Lough Fea in Irealnd and the Isle of Man

Biography of the Italian Duchess Sforza - Caroline Shirley was the natural born daughter of Robert Sewallis Shirley, Viscount Tamworth who died before his father, the seventh Earl Ferrers. She inherited many of the ancient Basset properties held by the Shirleys including Ragdale (Rakedale). NEW

Story of the Shirley "Great Pedigree". This page shows a photo of the huge pedigree which was viewed during a Shirley Association trip to England. The pedigree is rarely allowed to be seen.

The Story of the Chartley cattle - Ancient herd of cattle now owned by the Shirley family. "So it is that the 'wild' indigenous cattle, which roamed the forests of Britain at the of William the Conqueror and afterwards, can to this day still be seen as a herd"

The Story of Lady Huntingdon, Selina Shirley - The Countess was one of the major advocates of the establishment of the Methodist Church. She was the daughter of the 2nd Earl Ferrers, Washington Shirley

The Story of Tryon Palace North Carolina - Royal Governor William Tryon was the grandson of the 1st Earl Ferrers, Robert Shirley. His governor's mansion in North Carolina was known as Tryon Palace.

The Story of the great adventures of the Shirley brothers of Wiston - The three brothers Sir Thomas Shirley, Sir Anthony Shirley and Sir Robert Shirley were reknowned for their great travels and adventures 

The Story of Rev. Arthur Shirley, rector of Stinsford parish, Dorset. This page includes biographical information about Rev. Arthur Shirley of the Ettington Shirleys, church pictures and information about Thomas Hardy of Stinsford.

Memoir of Sir Horatio Shirley KCB,  brother of Rev. Arthur Shirley.  This page presents the biography of Sir Horatio Shirley born 1805, 7th son of Evelyn Shirley and uncle of famous Shirley historian, E. P. Shirley of the house at Ettington. (MS Word .doc file). Also see Vice Admiral Arthur Horatio Shirley's official British naval records. Friends of the Shirley Association funded and participated in the restoration of Sir Horatio Shirley's grave marker. Read more here

The Hanging of the 4th Earl Ferrers. Lawrence Shirley. The eldest son of Lawrence Shirley of Ettington and Staunton Harold was hanged in a celebrated trial for the murder of his chief steward.

The Story of Admiral Washington Shirley, 5th Earl Ferrers. The 5th earl inherited the title after his unfortunate elder brother Lawrence was hanged for murder. Washington Shirley was a famous British captain and later admiral.

New The Story of Captain Thomas Shirley of the ship Leander. He captured 5 Dutch forts on the Gold Coast of Africa in 1781. He was born 1733 to Laurence Shirley, son of Robert 1st Earl Ferrers, and brother to the 4th, 5th and 6th Earls.

New Shirley Book!! The modern history of the Shirley family of Ettington Warwickshire England, written by Alexandra Fielding. Available from Brewer Books in the UK. Read more (how to purchase)

The following links present information on the various manor homes, estates and related parishes of the main Shirley family lines of Ettington, Wiston, and Preston.



Breedon on the Hill Church




Hoon NEW!

Lough Fea, Ireland

Ote Hall


Radcliff upon Soar



Staunton Harold


Tamworth Castle

West Grinstead


Google & E-Books

  • Lower Eatington: Its Manor House and Church By Evelyn Philip Shirley >> read online book
  • Stemmata Shirleiana NEW The history of the ancient Shirley family of Ettington now online in various e-book formats at The book was published in 1873 by the noted historian Evelyn Philip Shirley. >> read online book
  • The Sherley Brothers: An Historical Memoir of the Lives of Sir Thomas Sherley, Sir Anthony Sherley, and Sir Robert Sherley, knights, By Evelyn Philip Shirley >> read online book
  • The Life and Times of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, By Aaron Crossley Hobart Seymour >> read online book
  • Catalogue of the Library at Lough Fea in illustration of the history and antiquities of Ireland By Evelyn Philip Shirley, Fea lough >> read online book
  • Proceedings Upon the Trial of the Action Brought by Mary Elizabeth Smith Against the Right Hon. the Earl Ferrers >> read online book


Research into the origns of Saswalo, progenitor of the Shirleys of Ettington. Exerpted from a published journal history of the Ensor family, this information provides the most documented evidence outlining the Norman orignis of Saswalo - contrary to the thesis advocated in Stemmata Shirleiana.

Research into the family of Sir Thomas Shirley, antiquarian. Very little is known about this family. This page attempts to trace all known documents related to this family.

Research into the Shirleys of Swepstone Manor, Leicestershire. This family appears to branch from the main Shirleys of Ettington. Evidence is presented on this page describing a theoretical connection.

Research into Ettington lineage problems of the 13 c and 14 c. The lineage presented in Stemmatta Shirlieana appears to be incomplete during the era of Ralph de Shirley who married Margaret Waldeschef. This page proposes a lineage that resolves the Ralph de Shirley vs Ralph son of James Shirley problem. New


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