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2015 Georgia Archives Research Findings
Members-only Preview

Original document findings from Washington Co, Warren Co, Twiggs Co, Jones Co, Clarke Co, Campbell Co, Henry, and Franklin Co

November 17, 2015

I posted the following original probate document to the Orange Co IN and Vermillion Co IN pages in the members' section

Orange Co IN

1847 Orange Co IN WB 1 page 140 - Will of Henry Shirley

22 Dec 1847; 4 Jan 1848; Wife Catherine; children George, Garrett, John, Westly, Susannah, Harriet, Margaret Hertsel (formerly Shirley); Henry Brassie, heir of Ann Brassie (formerly Ann Shirley); "my scholarship in Indiana Asbury University." Exec: Andrew Wilson and George Shirley. Witness: not given

Vermillion Co IN

1856 Vermillion Co IN WB 1 page 77 Will of Edmund Shirley of Boone Co IN (See Branch #10 Argeland Shirley)

LW & T of Edmund Shirley of Boone Co, state of Indiana. That my daughter Aravina Amanda Malvina have all the houseold furniture which I am possessed at my death. That said daughter have possession of all my real estate for one year from the first of the next March aftre my decease free of rent. All other personal property not mentioned to be sold by my executors and divided among my children viz: Presley, Embley, P. Daniel, William Miletus, Doctor J, Bartlett, James S and my A. A. M Grragert...17 September 1856 <s> Edmund Shirley Wit: Joseph Helton and H. Sapham. [part of probate "that the said Edmund Shirley died on the 22nd of January 1860 at said county..."] Probated 4 February 1860.

1854 Vermillion Co IN WB [ ] page 212 Will of Jonathan Shirley of Augusta Co VA (also probated in Virginia)

I Jonathan Shirley of the county fo Augusta and state of Virginia do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made and first I desire that my body be decently intered and as to such [ ] as it has pleased god to interest me with. I dispose of the same as follows: First I desire that all my debt and funeral expenses be apid as soon after my decease as possbile out of the first moneys that shall come into the hands of my executor from any portion of my estate real or personal first I wish for all my children to have an equal portion fo my estate with the exception herinafter mentioned my son William Shirley is not to have any thing as I have fully given him his portion in the farm I sold him. I wish the part that goes to my daughter Sarah Byan to go into the hands of my executors and he to give it to her and her children as he may think they hand in want of it and daughter Susannah McFall I wish to go into the hands of my executors and he to give his and her children her as he may think they need it. My son Jacob Shirley's children and my son Peter Shirley's children are to have their father's part of my estate which is to be an equal part of my estate. I wish all my children to have an equal part of my estate with the above exception. My lands if I have any at my death I wish to be sold by my executor to the best advantage that he may think proper and I haereby give him power to make a good and lawful title for the same all other property I wish to be turned into money and distributed as above directed. And I do hereby make and ordain my son William Shirley as my executor fo this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I Johnathan Shirley the testator have to this my last will written on one sheet of paper set my hand and seale this 4th of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. <s> Jonathan Shirley. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us who have subscribed in the presence of each other. Samuel Cline, Peter Cline, Solomon L. Smith. [In the court of Augusta County October 24th 1865. This last will and testament of Jonathan Shirley deceased was presented oin court and formed by the oaths of Samuel Cline and Peter Cline two of the subscribing witnesses therego who deposed that Jonathan Shirley the testator who was well known to them signed and acknowledged to said paper as his last will and testament at the house of Samuel Cline in the presence of Samuel Cline Peter Cline and Solomon L. Smith who all three signed and attested it as witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each other at his request and that the said Jonathan Shirley was then and there of sound of sound and disposing mind and memory whereoupon the said will was ordered to be recored Test William A Bennett clk. ]


November 15, 2015

New USA Shirley Branch. I spent several hours today developing a new branch for the descendants of Nimrod Shirley of Hamilton Co Illinois.

101. Nimrod Shirley born about 1785 in South Carolina. Lived in Barren Co KY, White Co and Hamilton Co IL. Likely related to Moses Shirley Branch #9 New Haplogroup E1b1b1 

November 8, 2015

I posted the following original estate records to the Abbeville SC page in the members' section

Abbeville Co SC

1826 Abbeville District SC - Loose Estate Records for Elizabeth Shirley, dec'd

1826 Abbeville District SC - WB 1 page 201 - Will of Elizabeth Shirley, dec'd

1827 Abbeville District SC - WB 1 page 232 - Will of William Shirley, dec'd

1827 Abbeville District SC - Loose Estate Records for William Shirley, dec'd

1829 Abbeville District SC - Loose Estate Records for Lindsey L. Shirley, dec'd

1886 Abbeville Co SC - WB [ ] page 197, page 198 - Will of Obediah Shirley, dec'd

October 23, 2015

DNA News! A member of Branch 34 Ferrers Shirley has joined the Shirley DNA project. We are now awaiting results.

October 13, 2015

I posted the following immigration abstracts to the New Orleans Parish page in the members' section

New Orleans Parish, LA

1850 Passenger Immigration to New Orleans

Ship: Atala from Liverpool

Dennis Shirley 18 b 1832 Ireland

1850 November 6 Passenger Immigration to New Orleans

Ship: Charles Saunders from Liverpool

Mat Shurley 24 b 1827 Ireland

1851 Passenger Immigration to New Orleans

Ship: Bombay from Liverpool

Ellen Shirley 40 b 1811 Ireland
John Shirley 13 b Ireland
Daniel Shirley 8 b Ireland
Johanna Shirley 11 b Ireland
Bridget Shirley Infant b Ireland
Ellen Shirley 24 b Ireland

same page

Thomas Shirley 23 b 1828 Ireland
Sarah Shirley b 1831 Ireland

September 29, 2015

I posted the following original documents to their respective pages in the members' section.

Warren Co GA

1799-1819 List of male and female members of the Long Creek Baptist Church

Edward Shurley

Kissiah Shurley

1849 Warren Co GA Tax List

Dist 153

Charles Shurley 4 slaves; 400ac in Warren Co

Skelly's Dist 154

Thomas Shurley 3 slaves; ---
E & T Shurley exor for Wm Shurly dec'd 0 slaves; ---
........................425 ac in Warren
........................202 1/2 ac in Telfair; Dist 14 #285
.........................40 ac in Cherokee; Dist 618 #9
Edward Shurley 0 slaves; 137 1/2 ac in Warren

Clarke Co GA

1817 Clarke Co Tax (page 2) - Capt Sim's District

S.W. Sherley 125 acres; granted to Williamson; joining Williamson; on Wolf Creek of Clarke Co; 1 slave; 0.92

Henry Co GA

1825 May 17 Henry Co GA DB C page 357 - At a court in Jefferson Co GA upon the suit of P B connelly against William S Shirley. Sheriff seized the property of William S Shirley in Henry County for sale at public auction on 3 May 1825. Jesse Johnson sherrif for $50 paid by Jonathan Harknip Lot number #99 Henry County. Recorded 17 May 1825

Campbell Co GA

1840 October 23 Campbell Co GA DB F pg 536 - Cobb County GA. Indenture between Ethelred Austin of Campbell Co and William Shirley of Cobb Co $12 tract of land in the 8th district of Section 2 containing 37 acres part of lot 827. Recorded 4 November 1859

September 24, 2015

I added the following property tax image to the Prince William County VA page in the members' section

Prince William County VA

1783 Prince William Co. Person and Property Tax lists. (alphabetical only by letter)

William Shurley 1 free tithable over age 21 6 horses 14 cattle (listed next to Elijah, Richard, Archibald and George)

Elijah Shurley 1 tithable 1 horse 1 cattle

Richard Shirley 1 tithable 4 horses 10 cattle

Archibald Shirley 1 tithable 3 horses 5 cattle

George Shirley 1 tithable 4 horses 9 cattle (likely born 1744-1749, see 1765 tithe list)

James Shirley 1 tithable 2 horses 2 cattle (a few names down the list from the above)

Richard Shirley 1 tithable 4 horses 6 cattle (another few names down the list)

Thomas Shirley 2 free tithables over 21 1 tithable slave 7 horses 11 cattle (another few names down the list)

September 7, 2015

Research Trip. I posted the following deeds to the Franklin Co GA page in the members' section

Franklin Co GA

1843 October 1 Franklin Co DB CC pg 134 [Mortgage] John N Shirley of Anderson District South Carolina to Washington Hunt [Shirley borrowing $50 and $104] Collateral: 100 acres of land "in the county and state aforesaid" [should be Franklin Co?]

1851 July 15 Franklin Co DB CCC pg 313 Joshua W E Rucker to Richard Shirley 495 acres

1852 July 29 [recorded] Franklin Co DB CCC pg 312 Joshua W E Rucker to Richard Shirley 418 3/5 acres

1858 October 2 Franklin Co DB CD pg 285 Richard Shirley of Franklin Co to David More of Abbeville District South Carolina, 88 acres.

1859 November 6 Franklin Co DB CD pg 292 Nathan Shirley, Ana Murphy, Andrew Jackson Shirley and Thomas W Elrod to James H Chappelear 124 acres

August 25, 2015

I posted the following original loose estate documents to the Laurens County SC page in the members' section

Laurens SC

4 May 1861- Laurens Co. Estate records - Estate of Joel Shirly. Elihu Shirly applied for admin. Appraisement $345.69. Buyers: Elihu Shirley, Mrs Crecy Shirley....."One note on LD Elmore and DA Shirly November 1861....One note on George Shirly, John Davenport November 1861.... [Another later administration by M. McPherson names widow Crecy. Children: James Shirley, [not named] Shirley]

August 23 2015

I posted the following original will document and court abstract to the New York County NY and to the Pike County PA pages in the members' section

1831 Sept 30/ 1831 Sept 30; Deed - Stephen Shirley and wife Elizabeth to Congress Steam Sugar Refinery Bk 277 pg 321

Vice Chancellor's Court of NY - SHIRLEY vs SUGAR REFINERY - Stephen Shirley in the month of September 1831 sold a house and lot known as No. 140 Duane St in New York to the defendants the Congress Steam Sugar Refining Company. The house and lot were conveyed to the company by Shirley but only a small part of the purchase money was paid and no mortgage had been given, although the bill alleged that it was part of the tgerms of the purchase tha tone should be given. In July 1832 Stephen Shirley was about quitting the city of New York on account of the prevalence of the cholera and then an account was made out by the officers of the company, showing the balance due to Shirley and the Treasurer and Secy made out a promissory note for such balance and handed it to Mr Shirley [terms of note for $2,000]. Shirley made his will; and died. He appointed the present complainants his executrix and executor. [plaintiff suing for the balance; ruled for defendants]

1833 Oct 15 Will of Stephen Shirley New York County WB 71 page 76 [page 78] - I Stephen Shirley late of the City of New York now of the township of Dingman in the county of Pike and state of Pennsylvania. I bequeath unto my oldest daughter Lucy $1000; To my youngest daughter Sarah Jane $1000; To my son in law John W Richards intermarried with daughter Elizabeth 3 certain parcels of land situate in the township of Delaware containing 750 acres, [This is in Pike Co] being the same I purchased of the assignees of William Ovington of the City of New York and on which I have commenced an improvement; I devise all the rest and residue to my three duaghters above named; Daughter Lucy executrix and John Sholer of City of New York executor <s> Stephen Shirley. Wit: Edward Mott, Daniel Retallick, John J Linderman [Pike Co]

August 17, 2015

Exciting New Shirley Book!! - Robert Shirley, the present Earl Ferrers informs the Shirley Association that the updated history of his Shirley family is about to go to press and will be available shortly. Published by Brewin (UK), the book is an update to the well known history of his family, Stemmata Shirlieana, published by Evelyn Philip Shirley in the mid 1800s.

No Shirley family has been found to date to be kin to the Earl Ferrer's ancient Shirley lineage, but I know that many of you have a general interest in the history of his family - as do I!!

I will keep you posted on the publication details when I know them, how and when to order the upcoming book.

August 6, 2015

Research Trip. I posted the following tax documents to the Franklin Co GA page in the members' section.

Franklin Co GA

1837 Tax List - Abraham Shirley

1837 Tax List - William Shurley, Riley Shurley

1834 Tax List - William Shurley

1833 Tax List - William Shurley, Riley Shurley

1818 Tax List - Moses Shearly

July 26, 2015

Spent the morning updating the family lineage of John Shirley Jr (Branch 2). Received a few photos from Marcie for members of this family, so am working on getting those posted. In the meantime, I browsed the Morman's online court records for Shirleys in Anderson Co SC and posted the following to the members' section. The numbers following the index item represent a folder of information contained about the lawsuit.

Anderson Co SC Court of Common Pleas (Plaintiff Index) 1827-1903

[date] John M Sherly vs William Dawkins et al 681

[date] John J Sherly vs N N [ ] and W P Mailing 2426

1867 A J Shirley (for Ausiter?) vs John Kay 2852

1869 Rebecca Shirley adm and LD Harris Admrs vs Elijah Webb and Saml Brown Jr 3111

1876 George Shirley vs W L Burton 3524

1883 Estate of Stephen Shirley decd 4442

1883 Estate of James Shirly 4450

1887 L A Shirley as admr of estate MD Shirley and as heir at law of Martha D Shirley vs W R Shirley, R N Shirley, James R Walker and Larence Eugene Walker 5069

1887 R M shirley vs Lee and Taylor 5102

1887 R M Shirley vs Jesse T Ashley 5146 and 5147

r M Shirley assignee and in hsi own right and B[ ] B[ ] [ ] vs J B Cox and EL Cox, RM Cox and NL Cox 5154

1888 Shirley and Burford assignees vs W L Davis 5186

1888 Shirley and Buford vs D B Milford 5190

1888 LA Shirley vs R N Shirley et al 5246

1893 Shirley Finly and Shirley vs Prince Shealey and [ ] M Shirley 5612

1893 J C and J W Shirley vs E W Ragsdale 5828

1893 J C and JW Shirley vs R S Haynie 5848 and 5849

1893 J W Shirley vs PM Getsinger 5850

1899 RM Shirley as trustee under the will of A E Mattison decd vs Mrs Mary M Hammett Edwin and Clarence Taylor the last 2 minors under 14. 6147

1899 RM Shirley in his own right and as assignee of MJ Brock vs J B Cox 6185 (same as no 4871)

1903 Mrs Maggie E Shirley as assignee vs Wm M , RM and JM Shirley et al 6447

July 25, 2015

I spent several hours this morning tracing emancipated slave families in the neighborhood of "Bottom Ben" Shirley in Hart Co GA. Posted to the bottom of his lineage page, Branch 4

African-American research

Slaves owned by Benjamin Shirley of Hart Co in 1850 census


Slaves owned by Benjamin Shirley of Hart Co in 1860 census:

male - black - age 34 (would be 44 in 1870 census)
male - black - 26 (would be 36 in 1870)
female - mulatto - 25 (would be 35 in 1870)
male - black -18 (would be 28 in 1870)
female - mulatto - 15 (would be 25 in 1870)
maybe Syntha Barton?
male - black - 7 (would be 17 in 1870)
maybe Calvin Shirley?
female - black - 1 (would be 11 in 1870)

1870 Hart Co Census

Living in household of Benjamin Shirley

Peter Knox age 22 black works on farm; born AL
Patric Cauthen age 14 black works on farm; born GA
Syntha Barton age 25 black works on farm; born SC

Next door to Benjamin Shirley

Mariah Shirley age 40 black born SC
Calvin Shirley age 17 black b SC
Adaline Shirley age 13 black b GA
Ida Shirley age 9 black b GA

Tracing Mariah Shirley's family

1900 Hart Co Census - Shoal Creek

Robert L Shirley Head M 34 Georgia (son of Benjamin Shirley)
Ellen Shirley Sister F 40 Georgia
Dicie Shirley Sister F 38 Georgia
Calvin Shirley Boarder M 48 black widowed b Georgia (single boarder in James Roberts HH in 1880; boarder in Sarah Jones HH in 1910 Franklin Co GA, Bryants PO, no relations shown; single no relation in Edward Earl HH (black) in 1920, Shoal Creek Hart Co)
Auther Knox Boarder M 22 Georgia black

Death Cert 17 Feb 1927 Franklin Co GA (Bryants PO) Calvin Shirley age 74, widowed b GA; Father Hugh Shirley b SC [no other known] Informant: Ed Earl

Research Trip. I posted the following original church record to the Twiggs Co GA page in the members' section

Twiggs Co GA

15 June 1815 [April 15] Stone Creek Baptist Church Members

Kissey Shearley [listing: Received by letter; Dead (no date)]

[Kissey Shearley is accepted by letter the same day as Phoebe Busby. A Phoebe Miles Busby b 1800, married Jeremiah Busby of Twiggs Co GA, named a child b 1840 Elizabeth Shirley Busby. This family moved to Wayne Co MS, In 1850 census, their HH contained Elizabeth Shirley age 10 (not their dau Eliz) and Sampson Shirley age 16, all children in HH attending school]

July 24, 2015


Branch 7 Reunion, Lebanon Indiana: Sept 4 - Sept 5

76th Shirley Cousins Reunion for the descendants of Benjamin Thomas and Arminta Smith Shirley (Thomas and Mollie Grubbs Shirley Branch #7). All Smiths and Shirleys of any branch are welcome.

The "old" Shirley Reunion was first recorded in the Boone/Hendricks County, Indiana area in 1914 and ran till 1964. The Cousins Reunion started in 1937, so this is the 101st year there has been a reunion!

Friday, September 4, 2015 6pm Wiener roast at Elizaville Christian Church 5745N 500E Lebanon, Indiana. Please bring snacks that go with hot dogs. Paper ware and drinks provided.

Saturday, September 5, same place 10am Coffee and donuts. 12 noon Pitch in dinner. Meat, paper ware and drinks provided. Please bring lots of side dishes and desserts and an item for the White Elephant auction. This is the only way we fund the reunion for the following year.

Please post this information on Facebook and let all our relatives know!

Questions? Call Mary Hicks 765-325-9246

July 23, 2015

Here is somebody new. Not sure what to make of this fellow. No other Shirleys in this area at this timeframe.

Revolutionary War

Returns of deserters from the late 3rd and 4th Connecticut Regiments composing the present 1st Regt from the 1st of January 1777 to the 1st of January 1781 and of the present 1st Connt Regt to the present time Augt 12th 1782.

Mason Shirley/Sherley
When deserted: 16 July 1782
Town inlisted for, Norwich
Place where born: Connecticut
Remarks: "into the country" (this means where he went upon desertion)
Enlisted: a recruit 26 March 1782
Term of enlistment: d war

July 16, 2015

Research Trip. I posted the following original deed records to the Warren County GA page in the members' section

Warren Co GA

6 February 1796 Warren Co DB A pg 294 - James Baley of Warren Co to William Shirley of same. L50. one certain tract containing 150 acres being half of a tract granted the sd James Baley March 5, 1787, Beginning at a poplar on Little Creek, running N 70 W 60 chains to a red oak. Then S 20 W 45.5 to a pine. Then S 70 E to a branch, thence with the [ ] to the beginning. <s> James Bailey. Wit: J Grizard, William Kitchens. Recorded 27 July 1797.

10 June 1803 Warren Co Deed Book D, p. 113, Edward Shirley of Warren County to Turner Persons of same a tract of two hundred acres . Parcel of land situate lying on the waters of Rocky Comfort beginning at a stake and running S60 E 41.60 links to a pine. bounded at the time of survey by Run ____ Lands, thence N 30 E 48 chains to a stake crop, bounded by Run Lands, at the time of survey, thence N 60 W 41.63 chains to a pine, bounded by vacant lands, and from thence to the beginning, bounded by unknown lands containing 200 acres granted to Pecable Clay on 12 May 1794, and conveyed by Sarah Clay to Edward Shirley.....Recorded 12 Nov 1814. [Recorded on the same day, Turner Persons sold the property to Matthew McCrary on 8 Nov 1814. Original: Land Grant for 200 acres in Wilkes County [in the part that subsequently was transferred to Warren County], to Perceble Clay by Gov. George Mathews, dated 12 May 1794. - Georgia Archives, Surveyor General, Grants, Bk. DDDD, p. 577, Drawer 52, box 35]

18 October 1806 Warren Co DB B pg 538 - Randal Johnson of Warren Co to Richard Shirley of same $100. 50 acres lying on Rocky Comfort being part of a tract granted to thomas McClendon. <s> Richard Shirley. Wit William Simmons, John Hatcher. Recorded 28 January 1807.

31 July 1846 Warren Co DB X pg 99 - Solomon Lockett of Warren Co to Charles Shurley of same $900. tract of land lying on Rocky Comfort Creek containing 630 acres whereon Thomas Lockett deceased lately resided and conveyed by executor to Solomon Lockett excepting the mill on said tract. Recorded 3 February 1846.

21 December 1846 Warren Co DB X pg 287 - John Macaulay of Warren Co to Thomas Shurley of same. $193.90. A tract of land lying on waters of Mill Creek containing 100 acres bounded by lands of John Kitchens jr. James Raley and Jonathan Baker. Wit: Edward Shurley, James X Raley. Recorded 13 August 1847

14 February 1848 Warren Co DB X pg 418. Bond. We Edward Shurly, Charles Raley, Samuel Parker, Thomas Shurley, Nathaniel Shurley, Wm Shurly, James M. Johnson, William Dye, Adam Jones, James Pilcher and James Bradley are held and firmly bound. $20,000. Whereas the above bound Edward Shurley was on the third day of January 1848 elected sheriff of the county of Warren. [all Shurleys signed without mark]. Recorded 19 May 1848.

30 December 1851 Warren Co DB Y pg 423 - Elias D Hopkins to Thomas Shurley $200. parcel of land 70 acres on waters of Joes Creek adj lands of Jacob Kitches and others. Recorded 22 May 1852.

8 January 1856 Warren Co DB Z pg 176 - Jasper G Shurley of Warren Co to John J Pilcher of same as security. Promisory Note. Indebted to Thomas Shurley executor of Wm. Shurley deceased $901. Pilcher to become security. [collateral] 137 1/2 acres being a part of tract of land granted to Peter Goodwin. <s> Jasper G Shurley. Wit: Jordan S Kitchen, Larkin Kitchen. Recorded 5 Feb 1856.

7 January 1856 Warren Co DB Z pg 168 - Jasper G Shurley of Warren Co to William Dye of same. $650. a tract of land containing 175 acres being a portion of an original tract owned by William Shurley deceased the same having been divided into two parts byt he executor of said deceased before the sale of the same to me the said Jasper G Shurley <s> Jasper G Shurley. Wit: Jessee M Jones, Larkin Kitchen. Recorded 2 February 1856.

20 April 1857 Warren Co DB Z pg 415 - Catherine Shurley of Warren Co to Hudson Wellborn of same. promisory note to firm of Eason Hudson, Marshall Wellborn, James Wellborn and Adam Jones jr. $227.32. [collateral] tract of land on waters of Rocky Comfort Creek adjoining lands of Tilman N Pool, Mrs Mary Pool, John Swint, Jasper Shurley and others it being the place whereon the said Catherine Shurley now resides containing 150 acres. Catherine X Shurley. Wit: Wm J Hudson, Joseph Wasden. Recorded 2 Nov 1857.

6 February 1860 Warren Co DB AA pg 66 - Mathew Kitchen of Warren Co to Charles Sharley of same. $5,000. land known as Thomas Neal tract lying on the Rocky Comfort Creek containing 800 acres. Recorded 7 February 1860.

27 October 1871 Warren Co DB B pg 295 - Allice C ?Garry of Warren Co to Thomas N Shurley of same $350. Lot of land in Warrenton, to a corner formerly known as the Ellison land. Recorded 14 Nov 1871.

July 13, 2015

Research Trip. I posted the following small items to the respective pages in the members' section.

Pulaski County GA

1818, 1821 Court Records - Jury Lists: John Shirley

1816 Oct 30 Court Records - State vs Mary Shirley

Houston County GA

1832 Feb 4 Deed - Aaron Shirley of Crawford Co GA to Josiah Johnson, Lot 120 10th District

Bibb County GA

1830-40 Grantee Index (the only available) - Simmons to Thomas Shirley - DB H/156

July 8, 2015

Research Trip. The following documents were found while researching at the Georgia Archives and are now posted to the Washington Co GA page in the members' section

Washington Co

1828 Tax List Mason's District - James Shurley - 1 poll; 130 acres of pine land in Washington Co on Ohoopie River, adj Johnson

1828 Tax List Capt Hardison's District (defaulters) - William S Shurley - 1 poll; [no land taxed]

June 30, 2015

Thanks to David H. for sending the following. He's tracking another surname involved in records with the Shirleys who are migrating from SC to Rutherford Co NC and then onward to White Co TN. Every little tidbit helps.

Rutherford Co TN

Rutherford County, North Carolina, Deed Books vol. 18-19 pages 90-91 no.
1713 (Roll 4, images 544-545), executed 28 Aug 1800, recorded 30 Sep
1802, Joseph Shelton to Jesse Brigs [Briggs], 100 acres on a branch of
the Piny [Piney] Mountain Creek waters of Bills Creek. Wits: Wm Eliot,

June 19, 2015

I spent about 4 hours today researching the descendants of slaves named in the 1862 estate inventory of Richard Shirley of Hart County Georgia. This is Branch #4.(see bottom of the lineage page) The freed slaves first lived in next door Franklin County GA in 1870 using the surnames Shirley and Roe (or Rowe). Descendants are traced to Eagle Lake, Colorado County Texas in the early 1900s.

Tracing these African-American families:

David Shirley (aka Solomon Shirley?), married Harriet (aka Jenny?), married Elsie

Anderson Shirley (son of Solomon Shirley)

Burrell Roe/Rowe, married Dilsey/Dilly/Lilly

June 15, 2015

Research Trip. I just spent almost a week at the Georgia Library and Archives in Atlanta researching Shirleys/Shurleys in that state. As warned often on this blog over the last year, the low hanging fruit of new discoveries have been picked long ago. The task now is to search obscure sources, looking for a needle in a haystack. These sources never seem to have indexes, so hours of page by page browsing is required, usually with no Shirley findings whatsoever. This was generally the case for my trip to Atlanta, no Eureka moments, few new findings (if any).

As a consolation prize, I spent some time browsing microfilm, gathering a few original deeds and other records. I will post what I gathered over the coming days to this blog and to the members' section.


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