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November 28, 2016

I thought this very early item was interesting. Posted to the Texas page in the members' section

Jackson Co (Republic of Texas)

November 24, 1838 Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 4, No. 15, Ed. 1 - Executrix's Notice - Letter of administration have been granted to me on the following estates, to wit: Robert Henderson, George Webb, John Sherley, and Wm S Roberts by the judge of Probate of the county of Jackson; all deceased soldiers; therefore notice is hereby given to all having claims against said estates to present them duly authenticated according to law. and those indebted to said estates are requested to make immediate payment. P. Caldwell Adm'r Texana Nov 10

November 5, 2016

England Lineage. - I researched and produced a family tree for a Shirley family who originated at Long Whatton Leicestershire England. Descendants of this family migrated to Manitoba Canada and then to Oregon and on to Los Angeles


1. Shirley Family of Long Whatton Leics. Descendants migrated to Manitoba Canada, USA (Oregon then, Los Angeles) New

October 16, 2016

England Branch!! I receive family history queries from all over the world about every day. I usually take that opportunity to research and build up the "data" posted to the various member pages where that particular Shirley family lived. I have numerous Shirley family trees temporarily parked at the bottom of these pages, with listing as a new Shirley branch pending. Here's a new branch for Warwickshire England which was motivated by a family history query from Margaret.

8. George Shurley born say 1677, died prior to 1730. He raised a family in Priors Marston Warwickshire New

September 14, 2016

By coincidence, I received several queries recently regarding different Shirley families in Oregon. I often take the opportunity when receiving a query to upgrade the information found in counties relevant to the query archived in the members' section of the website. So I spent a few hours today and added about a dozen new Oregon counties to the members' section of the website.

August 21, 2016

I posted the following index of Shirleys named in the Guild of London Haberdashers records to the London page in the members' section


Haberdashers Company Register


1549, Thomas, Charley, Freeman
1583, Thoma, Sherley, Apprentice
1583, Thoma, Sherley, Apprentice
1584, Roger, Charley, Freeman
1584, Tho, Sherley, Apprentice
1584, Thoma, Sherley, Apprentice
1584, Thoma, Sherley, Master
1584, Thoma, Shorley, Master
1585, Jacobus, Sharley, Apprentice
1585, Tho, Sherley, Apprentice
1585, Thoma, Sherley, Apprentice
1585, Thomam, Sherley, Master
1586, Jacobus, Sherley, Apprentice
1586, Tho, Sherley, Apprentice
1589, Thomam, Sherley, Apprentice
1593, Barnardo, Charley, Master


1608, Jacobus, Sherley, Apprentice
1612, Thomas, Charley, Master
1619, William, Charley, Freeman
1623, Johes, Sherley, Apprentice
1632, John, Sherley, Freeman
1638, Johi, Sherley, Master
1640, Robtus, Sherley, Apprentice
1646, Jacobus, Sherley, Apprentice
1646, Johin, Sherley, Master
1647, John, Sherly, Master
1654, John, Shirley, Master
1654, John, Sherley, Master
1656, Andrew, Sherley, Apprentice
1656, John, Sherley, Apprentice
1661, John, Sherley, Master
1661, John, Shurley, Master
1664, Andrew, Sherley, Freeman
1667, Ben, Sherly, Master
1668, John, Sherley, Master


1702, Richard, Sharley, Apprentice
1716, Thomas, Shorley, Apprentice
1724, James, Shurley, Apprentice


1818, William, Shirley, Apprentice
1825, William, Shirley, Freeman
1830, John, Shirley, Apprentice

August 20, 2016

I spent numerous hours over the course of the last several days investigating and updating the information and family tree of the old Shirley family, goldsmiths of London. James Sherley of this family was one of the financiers of the Mayflower and Plymouth Colony. Many extended family relatives were actively involved in trade to the American colonies. It seems logical that some of the many untraced members of this extended family could have immigrated to the New World.

August 5 2016

NEW DNA RESULT - WARREN CO PA - New DNA results for a descendant of the Shirleys of Warren Co PA match exactly several other Shirley families who also lived around the NY, Ohio and PA areas.

But results also potentially overturn the origin of another Shirley family, or it least call into question their DNA result.

Up to this point, the Shirley Association had identified one DNA result as the official profile for the very old Shirleys of New Hampshire, Branch 25 who migrated from Londonderry Northern Ireland to Boston then to NH in the early 1700s. It's important to note that despite the very large NH family spreading far and wide, the Shirley Association did not have a 2nd DNA result to confirm the 1st result.

Today, we have a result from the Shirleys of Warren Co PA who have long claimed connection with Branch 25 (and the Shirley Association has agreed, placing their lineage within the Branch 25 family. But the new DNA does not match the New Hampshire family DNA (as previously identified by only 1 test).

The Warren Co PA family matches Branch 20 Robert and Susannah Baker Shirley of PA, Branch 58 Thomas Shirley (born NH), Branch 44 Abiather Shirley of Ohio (who is very likely the son of Job Shirley/Shelly of NY Branch 86 who originated in Plymouth Mass).

They also match 1 of the 2 Shirley families of Berrien Co Michigan, known as Branch 98. Note, the 2nd Shirley family of Berrien Co Michigan is indeed the family originally deemed by the Shirley Association to represent Branch 25, the Shirleys of New Hampshire! (the one that does not match any other Shirleys)

So, which is the real DNA profile for the Shirley family of New Hampshire?

CALL FOR DNA - We need any male Shirley who is a proven descendant of the Shirleys of New Hampshire Branch 25 and unrelated to the above 2 families to take the FTDNA test to confirm once and for all which profile is correct.

August 1, 2016

REUNION ANNOUNCEMENT - Thanks to Margo for the news!

Shirley Cousins Reunion
Decendents of Thomas and Mollie (Grubbs) Shirley Branch #7
Benjamin and Arminta (Smith) Shirley

Saturday, September 3,2016
Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds Community Building
13300 300 South Lebanon, Indiana

10am Donuts and coffee (till 2pm)
Lunch at noon. Bring a side dish or dessert. White Elephant Auction 1:30
Bring an item to raise funds for next year's reunion.

Sunday,Sept.4 Lunch at Denny's at 1:30pm
1524 W South St Lebanon 765-428-1508

All Shirley and Smith decendents welcome!

For more information call Mary Hicks 765-325-9246 or cell 765-894-9087

July 24, 2016

Posted the following original probate document to the Anderson Co SC page in the members' section

Anderson Co SC

1862 September 8 Letters of Administration on the estate of James Shirley, dec'd granted to Rebecca Shirley pg 454

July 23, 2016

Posted the grantee and grantor deed index for Shirleys to the Edgecombe Co NC page in the members' section

Edgecombe Co NC

Edgecombe Co NC Grantor/Grantee Deed Index 1802 - 1920

Posted the following official deed transcriptions to the Anson Co NC page in the members' section

Anson Co NC

Feb 2, 1762 Anson Co DB 3 page 28 William S. Shirly to Isaac Davis, adjoins Jeremiah Clark

Feb 2, 1762 Anson Co DB 3 page 33 William S. Sherly to Jeremiah Clark

Oct 23, 1762 Anson Co DB 3 page 149 William S. Sherly from George Carter & wife, Cartledge Creek

Mar 10, 1763 Anson Co DB 3 page 143 William S. Sherley from Christopher Hunt, Cartledge Creek

Jan. 12, 1768 Anson Co DB H-1, page 210, William Stoutly Sherly of St. Pauls Parish, Georgia to Micajah Pickett Jr.,  for 12 pounds, 125 acres granted to Wm. Blewett Mar 6, 1750, on north bank of Cartledge Dry Fork, northeast of   Peedee.  (2 more deeds same as this, p. 212 &216).

Jan 13, 1768 Anson Co DB H-1, p. 205 William Stoutley Sherley of St. Paul' Parish, Providence of Georgia, to Micajah Pickett Jr., of the waters of Craven County South Carolina, for 20 pounds, tract on northeast side of Peedee River to west side of Cartledge's Creek, granted to him April 1762. (no acreage given). Isom, Eliz. Picket and John Sutton. Proved by Eliz Pickett. 

Posted the following original NC land grant records to the Anson Co NC page in the members' section

Anson Co NC

Nov. 26, 1757 NC Land Grant to William Stantly Shirly; Book 2 pg 171; N. E. side of Pee Dee river crossing the school House branch of Hitchcocks Creek; 200 acres

Nov. 26, 1757 NC Land Grant to William Stontly Shirly; Book 16 pg 139; On the No. Et. side of P. D. river Beginning at a hickory crossing the Schoolhouse Springs Branch of Hitchcocks Creek; 200 acres

Jul. 1, 1758 NC Land Grant to William Stoutly Shirley; Book 2 pg 199; N. E. side of Pee Dee river N. side main fork of Cartledges Creek; 200 acres

Jul. 1, 1758 NC Land Grant to William Stoutly Shirley; Book 16 pg 214; On the No. Et. side of P. D. River beginning at a red oak N. side of Main fork of Cartledges Creek; 200 acres



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