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2015 Georgia Archives Research Findings
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Original document findings from Washington Co, Warren Co, Twiggs Co, Jones Co, Clarke Co, Campbell Co, Henry, and Franklin Co

January 31, 2015

I posted the following merchant ledger index records to the Prince William Co VA page in the members' section. We have long possessed the details for Shirleys named in the Daniel Payne merchant ledger, but do NOT have details for the ledger of John Glassford

Prince William Co VA

Shirley ____; 1758-1776 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio, 114
Shirley, George "security for Richard Shirley, Junr. 1775-1776 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 177
Shirley, John; 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio, 114
Shirley, John; 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio, 127
Shirley, John; 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio, 133
Shirley, John Junior; 1763-1764 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 162
Shirley, John Junior; 1765 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 111
Shirley, John Junior; 1765-1766 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 88
Shirley, John Junior; 1767 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 142
Shirley, John Junior; 1767-1768 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 158
Shirley, Richard; 1768-1769 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 172
Shirley, Richard; 1768-1769 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 175
Shirley, Richard Senior; 1771-1772 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 125
Shirley, Richard Junior; 1771-1772 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 264
Shirley, Richard Senior; 1773-1774 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 186
Shirley, Richard Junior; 1773-1774 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 230
Shirley, Richard Junior; 1774-1775 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 162
Shirley, Richard; 1774-1775 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 186
Shirley, Richrd Senior 1775-1776 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 160
Shirley, Richard, Junior "Security by George Shirley" 1775-1776 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 177
Shirley, Thomas; 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio 87
Shirley, William 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio 114
Shirley, William 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio 124
Shirley, William 1758-1764 Daniel Payne's Ledger, Book A, folio 133
Shirly, Richard Senior; 1765-1766 John Glassford and Company Ledger folio 202

January 10, 2015

I have been working with descendants of the Staffordshire Shirleys over the last 3 days (they live in Australia). We are trying to clean up and update the lineages we have for that particular Shirley cluster. This work motivated by the new DNA result for USA Branch #34 matching the DNA for these families.

I constructed the following research "work in progress" for the origins of Branch 34 Ferrers Shirley of London

Research on the English Origins of this Family New!

January 7, 2015

DNA News!! The very first DNA results for a male Shirley descendant of US Branch 34 Ferrers Shirley are now published. The family's DNA matches a group of English Shirleys who clustered in Staffordshire. This is Haplotype I

Matching Staffordshire Branches

England Branch Benjamin Shirley (m. Mary Ann Gilliam Sept 2, 1827 St. Alphage Parish, Greenwich, Kent)

England Branch Shirleys of Rewlach Staffordshire

England Branch Samuel Francis Shirley b. ca1817 MDX d Prestwich Lancs.

England Branch William Shirley of Alstonfield Staffordshire to Australia 1912

England Branch John Shirley b Hanley Staff. to Baltimore MD

December 18, 2015

I transcribed the following newspaper story about the death of Walter Shirley of Jefferson County WVA in 1873. He was part of Branch 21. He was notably the foreman of the jury that convicted John Brown, of the famous Harpers Ferry fame.

Spirit of Jefferson., February 04, 1873 - SAD ACCIDENT - This community was shocked on Friday last by learning of the sudden and untimely death of Mr. Walter Shirley, a highly respected and well-known citizen of this county, and brother of our Delegate in the Legislature, Jas. W. Shirley esq. It seems, from what we can learn, that Mr. S. started for home from the residence of Mr. Philip Gordon, at about dusk on Thursday evening, and a short time afterwards was found in the woods of Mr Ephraim Watson, by a little son of Mr. Gordon's with his head out of his body otherwise injured, having been thrown from his horse against a tree. Mr. Gordon immediately reparied to the spot and removed him to his house, where every effort was made to bring him to consciousness. All was unavailing, however and he expired in a few moments, having never spoken after the accident. The friends of the deceased have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement. His remains were attended to the grave on Sabbath last by a large concourse of relatives and friends.

Here is the original:

December 13, 2015

I posted the following newspaper abstract to the Vigo Co IN and Augusta Co VA pages in the members' section. This family is Branch 31.

30 June 1886 Staunton Spectator, Volume 63, Number 42 "Intelligence of the death of Mr Daniel Shurley which occurred recently at his residence in Vigo County Ind. has been received by his relatives here. Mr Shurley was 88 years of age. He had long since passed the allotted age of man; but of him it could be said with truth, he had not outlived his usefulness. He was a native of this county, and was raised near Churchville [August Co VA]. About the year, 1834, with his family, he left for the State of his adoption, and was a prominent and deservedly popular citizen above reproach. The deceased was a member of a very large family, only four of whom survive him - Mr. Wm. Shulrey of Churchville, Miss Nancy Shurley of Jenning's Gap, Mrs Sarah Bryan of this place and Mrs Fannie Sheets of Rockingham County."

December 3, 2015

New Shirley Book!! The modern history of the Shirley family of Ettington Warwickshire England, written by Alexandra Fielding. Available from Brewer Books in the UK. Read more (how to purchase)

November 17, 2015

I posted the following original probate document to the Orange Co IN and Vermillion Co IN pages in the members' section

Orange Co IN

1847 Orange Co IN WB 1 page 140 - Will of Henry Shirley

22 Dec 1847; 4 Jan 1848; Wife Catherine; children George, Garrett, John, Westly, Susannah, Harriet, Margaret Hertsel (formerly Shirley); Henry Brassie, heir of Ann Brassie (formerly Ann Shirley); "my scholarship in Indiana Asbury University." Exec: Andrew Wilson and George Shirley. Witness: not given

Vermillion Co IN

1856 Vermillion Co IN WB 1 page 77 Will of Edmund Shirley of Boone Co IN (See Branch #10 Argeland Shirley)

LW & T of Edmund Shirley of Boone Co, state of Indiana. That my daughter Aravina Amanda Malvina have all the houseold furniture which I am possessed at my death. That said daughter have possession of all my real estate for one year from the first of the next March aftre my decease free of rent. All other personal property not mentioned to be sold by my executors and divided among my children viz: Presley, Embley, P. Daniel, William Miletus, Doctor J, Bartlett, James S and my A. A. M Grragert...17 September 1856 <s> Edmund Shirley Wit: Joseph Helton and H. Sapham. [part of probate "that the said Edmund Shirley died on the 22nd of January 1860 at said county..."] Probated 4 February 1860.

1854 Vermillion Co IN WB [ ] page 212 Will of Jonathan Shirley of Augusta Co VA (also probated in Virginia)

I Jonathan Shirley of the county fo Augusta and state of Virginia do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made and first I desire that my body be decently intered and as to such [ ] as it has pleased god to interest me with. I dispose of the same as follows: First I desire that all my debt and funeral expenses be apid as soon after my decease as possbile out of the first moneys that shall come into the hands of my executor from any portion of my estate real or personal first I wish for all my children to have an equal portion fo my estate with the exception herinafter mentioned my son William Shirley is not to have any thing as I have fully given him his portion in the farm I sold him. I wish the part that goes to my daughter Sarah Byan to go into the hands of my executors and he to give it to her and her children as he may think they hand in want of it and daughter Susannah McFall I wish to go into the hands of my executors and he to give his and her children her as he may think they need it. My son Jacob Shirley's children and my son Peter Shirley's children are to have their father's part of my estate which is to be an equal part of my estate. I wish all my children to have an equal part of my estate with the above exception. My lands if I have any at my death I wish to be sold by my executor to the best advantage that he may think proper and I haereby give him power to make a good and lawful title for the same all other property I wish to be turned into money and distributed as above directed. And I do hereby make and ordain my son William Shirley as my executor fo this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I Johnathan Shirley the testator have to this my last will written on one sheet of paper set my hand and seale this 4th of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. <s> Jonathan Shirley. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us who have subscribed in the presence of each other. Samuel Cline, Peter Cline, Solomon L. Smith. [In the court of Augusta County October 24th 1865. This last will and testament of Jonathan Shirley deceased was presented oin court and formed by the oaths of Samuel Cline and Peter Cline two of the subscribing witnesses therego who deposed that Jonathan Shirley the testator who was well known to them signed and acknowledged to said paper as his last will and testament at the house of Samuel Cline in the presence of Samuel Cline Peter Cline and Solomon L. Smith who all three signed and attested it as witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each other at his request and that the said Jonathan Shirley was then and there of sound of sound and disposing mind and memory whereoupon the said will was ordered to be recored Test William A Bennett clk. ]



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