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December 3, 2014

Jamaica. Someone alerted me to an Ebay auction for an antique silver cup engraved with a coat of arms Shirley quartering Houlton (according to the sender). If the latter surname is correct, then it's likely the owner of the cup was a member of this English/Jamaican Shirley family. By the way, the auction price for the cup is $4,400!

Current Ebay Auction:
Antique silver cup with coat of arms, Shirley quartering Houlton

Update! I spent some time tonight researching the arms impaling Shirley on the silver cup. They are indeed the arms of Houlton family of Farley Castle, argent on a fess wavy between three talbots heads erased azure, three bezants.

November 30, 2014

I posted the following to the Walton Co GA page in the members' section

Old Walton 1803 - 1811

"As a result of the 1802 Act of Cession and the Yazoo Land Fraud, there was an orphaned strip of land in present day North Carolina's Transylvania Co. near Brevard in the upper French Broad River Valley and a small section of Henderson Co., NC. It was not officially claimed by either NC, SC or GA. However, Northeast Georgia folks established it as Walton County, Georgia in 1803 and elected their officials. "

1803 Census 'Old Walton' - A census of the inhabitants within the western district commanded by Capt Fane in the terretory ceded by the United States to the State of Georgia

Moses Shirley 7 (number of whites)

This would not be the currently constituted Walton county of Georgia, but an earlier attempt by Georgia to establish a county in territory claimed also by the Cherokee Nation, North Carolina and South Carolina. Many of the names on the 1790 Rutherford NC census also appear on the 1803 census of Walton County GA, so that Moses Shirley was certainly living in a disputed territory.

"The Walton War"

"Soon it looked attractive to North Carolina, who sent in its troops to claim it in December of 1810 and thus, began what is known as the Walton War. By January 1811, the battle was over. Many Georgians were killed or taken prisoner. From then on, this area was considered North Carolina."

November 28, 2014

I posted the following original 1798 land entry document for Baxter Baker in Rutherford Co NC. Champ Shirly is a chain carrier (which places him in Rutherford Co in that year). Thanks to David H. for sending it!!

Rutherford Co NC

Warrant 1473 - Land Entry for Baxter Baker surveyed for Isaac Hutson 50 acres on the waters of Bills Creek, adjacent Baker's land, Rutherford Co NC. Chain carriers: Champ Shirly, Andw Baker

November 27, 2014

White Co TN Shirleys! This info was sent to me by David H. earlier today. Potentially VERY helpful.

"Champ Shirly appeared as a chainbearer for a survey made for Baxter Baker and Isaac Hutson in Rutherford County, North Carolina on 20 Nov 1799. Other people mentioned in the survey and land grant documents are Andrew Baker and Susana Baker.

Within a few years, Baxter Baker, Isaac Hutson and "Champanus" Shirley all went to White County, Tennessee. All of them appear on the 1820 census there.

I don't know whether Champ Shirly was related to any of the other people mentioned in the survey documents or if he was simply a neighbor in the Bills Creek area of Rutherford County, North Carolina."



November 8, 2014

I continue to make progress on the Shirley families of Hardin Co TN. There is strong evidence that they originated in South Carolina and then East Tennesse, maybe White Co TN or neighboring counties. James Shirley of Hardin TN is believed to have lived in Lowndes Co MS in 1830 census. I found a homestead land warrant for him in Lowndes in 1826 stating he resided in next door Monroe Co MS. So that document sent me to Monroe County, and this is what I found:

Monroe Co MS

1822 June 28 Monroe Co Tax List

Robert Shirly 1 white polls; 0 free men of color;1 slave between 5 and 60; tax 1.50; .25 (headings from 1839 list; Shirly name confirmed from original, page 4) Who is this?

1823 June 15 Monroe Co Tax List

Robert Shirley 1 white poll; 0 free men of color; 1 slaves between 5 and 60; 2 tax

James Shirly 1 white poll; 0 free men of color; 0 slaves; 1 tax (He was born 1795 according to 1850 census)

1824 Monroe Co Personal Property Tax List

James Shirly 1 white poll ;0 free color;0 slaves; $0.75

1825 Monroe Co Personal Property Tax List

James Shirley 1 white poll ;0 free color;0 slaves; $0.75(2nd copy of tax list, alphabetical)

May 10, 1826 Patentee Name:   James Sherley of Monroe Co MS; Acres: 79.75; Document #: 1753 - 1 E½NE 5/ 18-S 18-W No HUNTSVILLE   MS    LOWNDES

1827 Monroe Co Personal Property Tax List

James Shirley 1 white poll;0 free color;0 slaves; $0.50 (2nd copy of tax list, alphabetical)

1828 Monroe Co Personal Property Tax List

James Shirley 1 white poll;0 free color;0 slaves; $0.50 (2nd copy of tax list, alphabetical)

November 1, 2014

New English Lineage: I posted the following new English lineage for the county of Berkshire

3. Ferrers Shirley born about 1709, In 1742, He transferred his family's residence from St Lawrence Reading to Hurst, Berkshire. They lived Sonning, Berks Co. He died prior to 1782 when his wife Elizabeth was buried as a widow.

October 29, 2014

I posted several links to original 15th century documents located in the UK archive. The John Shirley esquire mentioned in the following online records is the famous scribe of the work of Geoffrey Chaucer. He was also a highly regarded member of the household of the Earl of Warwick.

1430 AALT
d 926
London debt Shirley, John, esq, on his own account Graystok, Ralph, of Thorp Arche, York; Cook, John, of Chestrefeld, Derbs, chaplain
1430 AALT
d 981
London debt Shirley, John, esq, on his own account Froxmere, William, of Wyche, Worcs, gent 
1430 AALT
f 835
 London debt Shirley, John, esq, on his own account Froxmere, William, of Wythe, Worcs, gent
1430 AALT
d 1706
 London debt Shirley, John, esq; Wodehous, John, of Calais, on their own account Pencrych, William, of London, Doctor of Laws & archdeacon of St Davids, clerk
1430 AALT
d 926
 London debt Shirley, John, esq; Wodehous, John, of Cales, on their own account Pencrych, William, of St Davids, archdeacon & doctor of Laws, formerly of London 


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