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August 5, 2018

I posted the following Irish deed documents to the Londonderry NI page in the members' section


1734 - Deeds Registry Vol 82 page 193 James Cunningham of Agivey set to James Shirla of Ree. yeoman, one third of the townland of Ree except the bleaching greens for 31 years at a yearly rent of 6 pounds.

1737 Deeds Registry Vol 92 page 289 (page 290) James Sherla of Ree, obtained 5 acres, the bleach yard on part of Ree, and part of Drumstaples 25 acres late in the possession of James Gould, for 29 years at 9 pound rent. Shirla had been engaged in the linen business as early as 1722.

1737 Deeds Registry Vol 93 page 26 James Conningham merchant of London to James Sherla of Ree Londonderry, linen draper, lease land in Scalty adjoining the bridge of Milltown, 5 acres. also one half or moiety of the Foubor Moulter of Gowd's Mill Fog with the drying kill thereto being in the manor of Lizard, county Londonderry. Lease for 29 years.

August 4, 2018

I posted the following original Irish probate document to the County Tipperary page in the members' section

Mar 7 1775. Wills in the Registry of Deeds Dublin Vol 307 page 486 - Will of Thomas Shirley Graigudarrgg, Co. Tipperary, Farmer, proven 6 July 1775. His sister Betty Shirley otherwise Mara. Thomas Lloyd, Cranagh Esq executor. His sister Sally Shirley otherwise Keesan. His sister Mary Shirley, otherwise Mara. Lands of Graiguedarrigg. Wit: Thomas Lloyd, farmer; John Farrell woolcomber, Michael Kennedy carpenter, all of parish Killea, Co. Tipperary. Memorial wit: Thomas Lloyd, Michael Kennedy

I posted the following original Irish deed and marriage documents to the County Kilkenny page in the members' section

May 9 1761 Vol 217 pg145. Indenture of lease between Rev Arthur Webb of Wobbsburrow Kilkenny clerk and Arthur Webb esq his eldest son of one part and of John Shirly of Croan Kilkenny farmer of other part. Let the town and lands of Belmount 398 acres lately held by John Waring gent in Barony of Tasaghdining Kilkenny Wit: Bibby Hartford city of Kilkenny gent. Edmond Kemech of Danganmore Kilkenny farmer. Registered 18 jun 1762.- Registry of Deeds Dublin

May 18 1764 Vol 228 pg 290. Deed of lease and release [same as 9 May 1761 above]. Registered 21 May 1764 ["…in 1764, the Tracys of no special import of Belmont leased Belmount lands aka Coonfile from Webb…"]- Registry of Deeds Dublin

Nov 4 1769 Vol 453 page 394 Indent Deed of Lease John Shirly of Croan Co Kilk. Farmer unto David Browning of Barnadown Co Wexford gent lands of Bellmount then lately held by sd Shirly 269 acres. Wit: Richard Bookery of Granglegg Co Kildare Esq, Wm Langford of Bellmount farmer. Reg. June 20 1792- Registry of Deeds Dublin

Sept 14 1779. Vol 344 page 458 Agreement between John Shirley of Croan Co Kilk. Farmer and Sarah Shirley wife of 2nd part and William Jaques sadler of City of Kilkenny of 3rd part. Deed of Separation. Wife accepted payment of 20 pounds sterling annually for rest of her life. Relinquish all claims she might have. Wit: Adam Reynolds, Brazier Co Kilkenny, Stephen Bryan Gent. Reg July 4 1782.- Registry of Deeds Dublin

Jan 3 1781. Vol 343 page 26 Joanna Shirley otherwise Byrne otherwise Gallawan of Templeorum Co Kilkenny and John Shirley son of sd Joanna, sell to sd John Shirley the messuage or lands of Templeorum 182 acres devised to John Shirley of Templeorum aforesaid deceased by Hon Lord Duncannon . To sd John Shirly to hold during natural life of Sarah Shirly wife of John Shirley of Croan, Co Kilkenny. Wit: John Mitchell, Edward Shortill of Clonmell. Reg Oct 27 1781- Registry of Deeds Dublin

Oct 21 1781. Vol 343 page 25 John Shirley of Templeorum Co Kilk. To Longe Bowers of Cloga Co Kilk. Gent. Sell lands of Templeorum 182 acres devised to John Shirley dec'd by Rt Hon Lord Duncannon residue of term granted by aforesaid lease unto sd John Shirly dec'd Wit: Robt Bowers of Clonmell Co Tipperary gent. John Murray of Carrick on Suir shopkeeper. Reg. Oct 24 1781.- Registry of Deeds Dublin

Dec 1 1794 Vol 489 page 544 - Between Paul Shirley of Ballinkee Co Kilk. Farmer [sp?Ballintee is next to Croan] in whom all of the right and title of John Shirley his father late of Koan in Co Kilk. Farmer dec'd the lesser in the original lease came to and vested off of the one part, and John Shirley of Bellmount Killkenny farmer, Brother and administrator with the Will of Paul Shirley late of Bellmaine aforesaid farmer and trustee in deed of renewal for Thomas Shirley and John Shirley two elder sons of said Paul Shirley dec'd and devises in his said Will named minors under age of 21 in whom all the title and interest of their grandfather Thomas Shirley late of Bellmount said original lease of the other part. Said John Shirley the lessor in said original lease and said Pail Shirley father of said Thomas and John Shirley and that John Shirley in trust for his nephews said Thomas and John according to the tenor of said lease. [mentions George Reade, Redmond Reade the 2nd and 3rd sons of George Reade of Piltown Co Kilkenny] Wit: James Rae, Robert Carter. Reg Feb 12 1795 - Registry of Deeds Dublin

Dec 7 1799. Vol 522 page 438 (page 440) John Shirley of Croan Kilkenny Esq. And Naomi Reade spinster, elder daughter of Henry Reade of town of Wexford esq of 2nd part and Henry Reade aforesaid of 3rd part. and Francis Harvey Viscount Mountnorris (?) and John Nugent of Monestown Esq the 4th part. the marriage of said Hanry Reade with francis Monroe otherwise Reade wife of said Henry [produce children] payment to John Shirley L750 [ ] over 4 years from date of intended marriage Marriage Agreement. 18 Dec 1799 Lands of Sheepstown, Garrynaman and Croan to be conveyed by John Shirley. - Registry of Deeds Dublin

May 11 1805 Vol 576 pg 196. Indenture of lease between John Sherley of Knockabranagh Co Carlow farmer of 1st part and Edmund Butler of Coonfile Kilkenny farmer of other partconveyed lands of Bellmount 13 acres, 2 roads and 32 perches to Edmund Butler in possession of James Butler of Coonfile farmer dec'd and part of Bellmount in possession of John Bradley farmer known as Big Meadow Browfield containing 8 ac in Barony of Tasidinen Kilkenny for 42 years for lives of James Butler eldest son of Edmunt Butler the lessor. Wit: Edward Low of Leighlin Bridge Carlow gent and James Sherley of Belmount Kilkenny farmer. Sworn 30 Sept 1805. - Registry of Deeds Dublin

Apr 9 1807 Vol 588 pg 279 (page 281) Deed of release between John Shirley of Croan Kilkenny esq of 1st part, Naomi Shirley otherwise Reade wife of sd John Shirley of 2nd part, John Davis of Summerhill Kilkenny esq and Edw Hant of Jerpoint of 3rd part and Henry Loftus Reade of Rosslare Wexeford esq of 4th part [Many disputes between John and Naomi Shirley and she had instituted a suit in Consistorial Court of Ossory Diocese against sd John Shirley for divorce and alimony] 2 bills in the high court of chancery in Ireland to pay alimony decreed by Consistorial Court 23 July last had agreed to live separate lives and any disputes be referred to barristers. Lands of Ballynacooley 107 acres in occupation of Patrick Reilley, John Reilley et al,; Lands of Clopregg known as Bishopes Hills in Barony of Gowan in Kikenny; town lands of Kilmanogue 310 acres Kilkinney; town lands of Sheepstown called Ballinvadory Garealeagh 140 acres. John Shirley to have Ballynacooley ….Sworn 7 Apr 1807. - Registry of Deeds Dublin

I posted the following original document image to the County Carlow Ireland page in the members' section

6 Oct 1836 - The last will and testament of John Shirley Knockabrannar in parish of Old Leighlin drawn up at my own request Oct the 6th 1836. I John Shirley being in perfect possession of all y faculties and now wishing to make a final settlement of all my earthly affairs do of my own free will and choice make the following divisions of all my property and wish that same should remain unchanged and binding on all concerned, I John Shirley do will and bequeath to my wife Deborah Shirley and my son Abraham Shirley farm which I now hold in Knockabrannar together with all my stock in cattle and all other property that may be thereon at my death to be equally possessed and held by same Deborah Shirley my wife and same Abraham Shiley my son, I further will that if my wife Deborah Shirley should at any further time wish to separate or live distinct from same Abraham Shirley my son, that she Deborah Shirley be entitled to hald of whatever stock and of all other property wihtin and without, which at time of separation may exist. And also I will that she Deborah Shirley shall at such separation be intitled to half of my present farm in Knockabrannar. I further will that after the death of my wife Deborah Shirley that all the stock and other property then existing together with the whole of my farm be the sole property and possession of my son Abraham Shirley, I further will wthat my wife Deborah Shirley and my son Abraham Shirley pay conjointly the annual of four pounds to Catherine Shirley widow of my son Thomas Shirley, and that same sum of four pounds be paid to same Catherine Shirley during the eixstance of the present lease, I further will that my son Ansley Shirley and Catherine Shirley widow of my son Thomas Shriley should hold undisturbed their present farms in the same manner as they now hold and possess them, I further will and bequeath to my son Abraham Shirley the profit rent now arising fro Kilfoyle's farm in Coon, being eight pounds ten shillings annually to be possessed by same Abraham Shirley during the continuance of same forever. I further will that Paul Shirley my son the present occupier of same farm in Coon is not to be disturbed from its possession by my son Abraham Shirley or any person representing him provided the annual interest of eight pounds ten shillings be paid regularly to same Abraham Shriely or his representation, I further will and bequeath to my son John Shirley of Brackin the whole interest in and arrising from my farm near Mount Melick known by the name of Bog Farm, I further will and bequeather to John Shirley son of Ansley Shirley the sum of twenty pounds to be paid by my son John Shirley out of the Bog Farm in four different and equal payments, six months intervening between each payment, I further will and bequeath to my son Ansley Shirley all the interest arrising from the Gowrawn Farm in Coon also known by the name of John Bradley's farm. I further will that when the interest of my son John Shirley shall cease in the Bog Farm the life thereof having fallen, that same John Shirley shall have equal share with my son Ansley Shirley in the interest arising fro the Gowrawn Alias Bradley farm in Coon, this only to commence its interest when interest in the Bog Farm ceases, I further will and bequeath to my daughter Margaret wife of James Butler the sum of ten pounds to be paid same Margaret by my son Ansley Shirley at the experation fo one year from the day of my death, I further willa nd bequeath to my son James Shirley of Ridge the annual interest arising from the holdings from the holdings of Hartin Kealey, John Tales, Michael Conners and Patrick Walshe, to be possessed and enjoyed by same James Shirley as long as same interest continues, I further will that if my son Abraham Shirley now unmarried should take as wife a person who is a member of the Church of Rome that no part of the property herein by me bequeathed to him shall be his, that such an act shall disentitle him to the possession of any part of my property and the property thus forfeited be equally divided, between my sons Paul Shirley. I John Shirley being in possession of all my faculties and understanding unimparied and directing every and all distributions of property as herin expressed I sign this as my last will and testament. Oct 6 1836 <s> John X Shirley [his mark]. Wit present: Mirtin Kealy, Thos. Morak, Robert Baker [on leaf: 'Dated 6th October 1836; A copy of; John Shirleys will; eldest son of; Thomas Shirley; Lease in the lase; of 1766']

I posted the following original document image to the County Kilkenny Ireland page in the members' section

27 Dec 1844 Will of John Shirley, proven 3 Feb 1850, probate granted to Elizabeth Shirley Index to Ossery Wills Co Kilkenny

1844 - LW&T of John Shirley of Burnchurch, Kilkenny

In the name of God Amen. I John Shirley of Burnchurch being of sound mind memory and understanding blessed be God for it do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say First leave and bequeath my soul to God and my body to be interred in my family burying place in Burnchurch at the discreation of my family and my Executors hereafter named - Secondly I leave to my son Richard all my right title and interest in my part of the lands of Bellmount forever. Subject to the following legacies and bequests. My son Richard is to pay my daughter Eliza ten pounds a year for ten years after my decease. But the first four years is to be kept by Richard and at the expiration of four years after my decease to pay Eliza the sum of forty pounds together and ten pound a year for six years after. And my son Richard is also to pay unto my grandaughter Maria Dow in fourteen years after my decease the sum of twenty pounds ster. and also to my granddaughter Agness Shirley the sum of twenty pounds ster. in seventeen years after my decease. Thirdly I leave and bequeath to my son Henry Shirley all my right title and interest in my farm in Burnchurch together will all my personal property. I mean all my stock of cattle, cows houses corn hay potatoes money and so forth. But Richard is to have his bed and bedding. But my son Henry is to pay and be subject ot the following legacies. He is to pay my daughter Maria one hundred pounds ster. in twelve months after my decease out of my property bequeathed him and also to pay my daughter Johanna one hundred pounds ster. in two years after my decease out of my property bequeathed him. And in order to enable Henry to pay my daughters Maria and Johanna the sums bequeathed them I will and bequeath my son Henry all my interest in part of the lands and houses in Kilbline [Tullaherin Civil Parish] being six pounds ten shillings by the year during the life of Philip Hayden and his wife Catherine and it is my further will and desire that my children herein named shall live together at Burnchurch as usual and assist each other until they get married, or otherwise find it their mutual interest to separate. And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my brother Thomas Shirley and Thomas Way Bayley to be my executors to this my last will and testament in witness - where of I have put my name and seal this 27th day of December 1844 ----------John Shirley ----------- seal.

Signed sealed published and declared by the said John Shirley as and for his last will and testament in our presence who at his desire and in his presence and in the presence of each other have this day subscribed our names. Thomas Shirley Charles Idllis.

August 1, 2018


Branch #7 Thomas and Mollie Grubbs Shirley Family

Shirley Cousins Reunion - Lebanon Indiana

Saturday September 1, 2018

Boone County Fairgrounds Community Building
1300 E 100S Lebanon, IN

10am Coffee and Donuts

12 noon Lunch Meat, drinks and tableware provided. Please bring a side dish.

Plus: Auction to raise money for next year-please bring an item for the auction.

Sunday September 2, 2018

Elizaville Baptist Church 5946 Howard St. Elizaville, IN (Lebanon area)

Sunday School 9:45 Church 10:45.

1:30 Lunch Denny's 1524 W S St (Hwy 34) Lebanon

Economy Lodge 1245 W St Rd 32 Lebanon 715-483-9611
Old Mill Run Campground 8544 W 690 N Thorntown, IN 765-436-7190

June 30, 2018

BROKEN LINKS? - I clicked on a link for a will in our members' section and it was broken. I looked at the file path and realized that the file was referring to a folder containing all my summer 2017 research findings - a folder I had deleted some months ago. But where were the original 100+ files painstakenly researched last summer? Nowhere to be found.

After a panic, I found all the files in my computer recycle bin, not yet permanently deleted. PHEW!

Today, I begin the process of retyping all the corrected URL references for each of the 100+ files from my summer research process, documents from dozens of US states, provinces, English counties etc.

June 29, 2018

EXCITING NEW DNA RESULTS - The Shirley Association offers free DNA tests for England participants. We recently funded one such test of a Shirley who descends from a cluster of old families originating out of Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire. Test results match the largest USA DNA cluster E-M35 (the old E1b1b1) - which include numerous Shirley branches. Also matches the Shirleys of Kilkenny Ireland and Portsea Hampshire England.



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