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William Stubley Shirley
b. ca1732. Lived in VA. Family to Georgia



Haplogroup E1b1b1


2(ix). William Stubley Shirley born June 8, 1790 in Spartanburg Co. SC (if same William); He lived in Lowndes Co GA in 1830, 1840 census, and then in 1850 census, age 60 b GA; William Sherley and his sons Thomas and Jesse G. Took part in the Indian war in Florida in 1836-1840. The elder Sherley was a private in Captain John J Johnson's militia for three different periods of service, viz: Captain John J Johnson's company 2nd regiment East Florida Mounted Volunteers, June 16, 1837 to December 18, 1837, same captain, 12th Regiment, Florida Mounted Volunteers , April 6 to July 22, 1838, same captain in regiment of Georgia Mounted Volunteers August 23 to Oct 18, 1840. In Clinch County, on Nov 25, 1850, he made his declaration to obtain bounty land for his service and was granted 160 acres. He died 1867 in the portion of Lowndes Co detached and made into Echols Co in 1858. I suspect this death date is wrong. His wife "Jennie Shirley" is living alone in 1860 Lowndes Co census. Note: there is another William S. Shirley who lives in nearby Jefferson Co GA 1820 census age about 30, with family but he is still living in Jefferson Co, then Sumter Co GA in 1830 and 1840.

married Jane ____ likely about 1812. She was born about 1795, age 55 in 1850 census; She is living with daughter Mary Shirley (age 32) in the Benjamin Witherington household in the 1860 Lowndes Co GA census, age 80. She died 1869 in Echols Co. GA.

children: (likely all accounted for)

3(i). Thomas Shirley born about 1813 in SC (census); Age 15-20 in the family's 1830 census household. Enumerated in the 1835 Lowndes Co Tax list. Likely the Thomas Shirley age 20-30 living in Ware Co GA in 1840 census in the 719th District of Ware County, one that later formed the new county of Clinch in 1850 and then out of Clinch into Echols in 1858. He moved to Columbia County, Florida about 1846/7. He lived in Columbia Co Florida in 1850 census; He died 1858 Shirleys of Hamilton Co Florida

married Fannie _____ likely about 1832; She was a widow and enumerated in Hamilton Co Florida in 1860.


4(i). William Shirley born about 1833 GA, age 17 in the 1850 census. A William Sherley of Columbia Co FL in 1855 patented 40 acres (BLM) in Union Co FL. The latter William may be the person who is enumerated in 1850 census, born 1827 SC, with wife Elizabeth

4(ii). Jonathon Shirley born about 1834 GA, age 16 in the 1850 census. Lived in Alachua Co FL in 1860 census near brother Thomas Shirley; He lived in Hernando Co FL in 1880 census.

married 1) Jane Gillett on 26 April 1858 in Levy Co FL; She was age 19 in 1860 census.

married 2) Ellen Hayes on 28 June 1869 in Levy Co FL 

married 3) Avay (Iva) Ann Albritton. She is enumerated as the wife of Jonathan in the 1880 Hernando Co FL census.

Email April 2015 - You have two marriages for him and I believe there is a third marriage though I have not yet found the record. In the 1880 Hernando County census you quote, is his third wife Avay. If you take a look back at that census, you will see another child, Ellen 3 years old in between Sally and the unnamed female child 1 year old. I am researching the ancestry of that Ellen Delona Shirley, parents Jonathon Shirley and Avay (Iva) Ann Albritton. The family listed just after Jonathon and Avay in that 1880 census is Avay's Aunt Susan Albritton married to James Ransom O'Berry. Her brother Noah is living in their household. In the Florida State census of 1885, Jonathon is enumerated as Johnson Sherley, wife AA, 15 yo son VH (William) , 11 yo daughter M B (Myra), 10 yo daughter Sally, 8 year old daughter Ellen, 5 yo daughter Janie (unnamed on the 1880 census) and two new daughters DA 3 years old and AS 1 year old. I lose track of this family after 1885 but I do believe they lived in Arcadia, Desoto County, Florida after the 1885 census and base this on oral history by the present day descendants. - L. Freeman


5(i). Edna R Shirley born on 16 Jan 1860 in Florida. She died on 24 Nov 1921 in Wesley Chapel, Pasco County, Florida, USA. She married Pleasant Alexander Tucker in 1876 (1910 census states they've been married for 34 yrs). He was born on 07 Dec 1851 in Florida. He died on 20 Aug 1925.

5(ii). William Shirley born about 1870 FL, age 10 in 1880

5(iii). Myra Shirley born about 1874 FL, age 6 in 1880

5(iv). Sally Shirley born about 1876 in Florida. She married William B Peacock on 13 Apr 1890 in DeSoto County, Florida, USA (South Florida Pioneer Issue #10 October 1976).

5(v). Ellen Delona Shirley born on 10 Jul 1877 in Florida, USA. She died on 11 Jul 1969 in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, USA. She married (1) Edward Duncan Weese, son of Judson Weese and Margaret Ambrosia Wright, on 17 May 1891 in Arcadia, De Soto, Florida, USA. He was born in Aug 1864 in West Virginia, USA. He died after 1910. She married (2) Louis Hamilton. She married (3) James Edward Daniels. He was born on 09 Apr 1883 in Florida. He died on 06 Feb 1949 in Lee, Florida, United States.

5(vi). Janie Shirley born about 1879 FL, unnamed female child age 1 in 1880, identified age 5 in 1885 state census

5(vii). D. A Shirley (f) born about 1882, age 3 in 1885 state census

5(viii). A. S. Shirley (f) born about 1884, age 1 in 1885 state census

4(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1835 GA, age 15 in the 1850 census

4(iv). Thomas Jefferson Shirley born about 1839 GA, age 11 in the 1850 census; Lived in Alachua Co FL in 1860 near brother Jonathan Shirley; Lived in Levy Co FL in 1870 near brother Jackson Shirley, and lived in Hernando Co FL in 1880; He died May 14th, 1884

married 1st Annie Gillett on 2 October 1858 in Levy Co FL (6 children). She is age 26 in 1870 census.

married m. 2nd Scidee Lang (3 children)


5(i). Jefferson Shirley born about 1860, age 10 in 1870 census. died young 

5(ii). Oscar Milford Shirley born about 1862 FL, age 8 in 1870 census.

married Darcus Bryan

Children in the 1900 census of Pasco County Florida

6(i). Eunice I. Shirley Dec 1892 FL

6(ii). Milford M. Shirley Oct 1894 FL

6(iii). Hazel E. Shirley Mar 1896 FL

6(iv).  Ruth  Shirley July 1898 FL

5(iii). Hardy Anderson Shirley

married 1st Siddie Lang Aug 21, 1879 (8 children)

5(vi). Laura Lucinda Shirley

5(v). Artie R. Shirley

5(vi). Annie Jane Shirley m. George Eaton Lightfoot Jr. June 1886 Dade Co. Florida

5(vii). Isaac Shirley                                                       

5(viii). Kate Shirley

5(ix). Samantha Shirley

4(v). Jackson Shirley born about 1841 GA, age 9 in the 1850 census; Not living with mother in 1860. He lived in Levy Co FL in 1870, age 30, near brother Thomas Shirley

married Elizabeth _______ She is age 27 in 1870 census


5(i). William Shirley born about 1856 FL, age 14 in 1870 census

5(ii). Lewis Shirley born about 1862 FL, age 8 in 1870 census

5(iii).. Laura Shirley born about 1862 FL, age 7 in 1870 census

4(vi). Jasper E. Shirley born about 1842 GA, age 8 in the 1850 census; He served as a private in the same CSA regiment as brother Calvin Shirley. He was given furlough in Florida but was listed absent without leave, unwarranted furlough in 1864 service records. He appears on Richmond VA hospital rolls in from Novemeber 1863 - July 1864. He returned to Georgia and lived in Richmond Co GA in 1880 census.

married Mary Morgan on 28 June 1859 in Levy Co FL

married Elizabeth ______ She was age 39 in 1880 census


5(i). Carrie Shirley born about 1869 GA, age 11 in 1880 census

5(ii). Mollie Shirley born about 1869 GA, age 11 in 1880 census

5(iii). Katie Shirley born about 1875 GA, age 5 in 1880 census

5(iv). Rosa Shirley born about 1878 GA, age 2 in 1880 census

4(vii). Calvin Shirley born about 1843 GA, age 7 in 1850 census, age 18 in family's 1860 census; He is likely the person of that name who served as a private in the 2nd Florida Infantry CSA during the Civil War. Enlisted June 4, 1861 at Jasper, Hamilton Co FL, age 18. He was absent, sick in hospital in July 1861. Discharged Sept 19, 1861,

4(viii). Nathan Shirley born about 1844 GA, age 6 in 1850 census, age 16 in 1860 census

4(ix). Mary A. Shirley born Dec 12, 1847 GA, curiously enumerated after ?brother John Shirley in the 1860 census. This often means that the person is a relative, not a child of the head of household.

4(x). John Newton Shirley born about 1850 FL, age 0 in 1850 census, age 10 in 1860 census

married __________ (corrected Sept 2011)


5(i). Zelma Shirley born Sept 30, 1899 Veinna, GA

4(xi). Nancy Shirley born about 1852 FL, age 8 in the 1860 census, enumerated out of chronological order

4(xii). Darling Shirley born about 1856 FL, age 4 in the 1860 census (in the correct order after brother John Shirley). He lived in Alachua Co FL in 1884 when he patented 39 acres in the same county (BLM). He patented 81 acres (BLM) in Gilchrist County in 1885.

married Georgian A. Cartwright/Cathcart Jan 24, 1878 Alachua Co. FL born Dec 29, 1855 Alachua Co. FL d. Feb 8, 1894 same. 2011 - A Cathcart researcher reports to finding evidence that Manson Darling married Georgian Cathcart, not Cartwright


5(i). John B. Shirley 1880

5(ii). Alfred Joseph Shirley 1881

5(iii). Unis Isola Shirley 1884

5(iv). Missoin Helena Shirley 1885

5(v). James Richard Shirley May 20, 1887 Alachua Co. FL

5(vi). Robert Levy Shirley Dec 28, 1892  

3(ii). Margaret Shirley born about 1815 SC. Age 10-15 in family's 1830 census household. She died 1900 Lowndes Co. GA. She married William Wetherington in 1836 Lowndes Co. GA; He was born 1818 Colleton Dist SC d. 1900 Lowndes Co. GA

3(iii). Amelia "Millie" Shirley born about 1820 SC. Age 10-15 in family's 1830 census household. She married Wm Johnson 1838. They lived Lowndes & Clinch Co. GA

3(iv). Jesse G. Shirley born about 1825. Age 5-10 in family's 1830 census household; age 15-20 in 1840; age 23 in 1850 Lowndes Co GA census; Lived with the Daniel Davis family in 1860 in Magnolia PO, Clinch Co GA, age 35; He died 1864 C.S.A army,

Ancestor of DNA participant #335297

married Ann ___ (Huney, age 30 in 1860 census)


4(i). Betsey Ann Shirley born about 1849 in GA, age 1 in 1850 and age 10 in 1860

4(ii). Thomas Shirley born about 1852 in GA, age 8 in 1860

Email from Jeanne: 2014 - My 82 year old Father James Leroy Shurley Born March 7th 1933 in Wildwood Florida. My Father James L Shurley was born to Veran Lee Shurley, who was born in Georgia Dec 1910 to Jesse Green Shurley of Georgia, who was Born in 1879. His father was Thomas Shurley born 1854 in Echols County Georgia, ( we have written proof to this point with Birth and death certificates and census records). from census records the fahter of Thomas was from SC. We have been told by other searchers that Thomas' Father was named Jesse Green Shurley, who died in the war between the states and his line leads... to William Stubley Shurley.

4(iii). William R Shirley born about 1854 in GA, age 6 in 1860

4(iv). Martha J. Shirley born about 1858 in GA, age 2 in 1860

3(v). Pollie Shirley born 1828 GA, age 5-10 in family's 1830 census household; age 15-20 in 1840 household; age 22 in parents' 1850 Lowndes Co GA census household. Supposedly she died single

3(vi). Unknown Shirley (male) born 1825-1830, age 0-5 in family's 1830 census household; not in 1840 household

3(vii). William Shirley born about 1830 in GA; age 10-15 in family's 1840 census household; He clearly lived in Florida for some period of time; Lived in Magnolia PO, Clinch Co Ga in 1860, age 29, farmer; He may have died in the Civil War

married Martha B. Clemmons/Clements; She lived with the David Lancaster family in Homerville Clinch Co GA in 1870 with her two teenage children, but without her husband.


4(i). Thomas B Shirley born about 1856 in Florida, age 4 in 1860 (birthplace GA in 1870)

4(ii). Mary C Shirley born about 1858 in Florida, age 2 in 1860 (birthplace GA in 1870)


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