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Haplogroup E
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Haplogroup E3b (now E1b1b1)

"Around 8,000 years ago, the Neolithic peoples of the Middle East that had developed the new technology of agriculture began moving into Europe. There were several haplogroups involved, mainly E3b, F, J2 and G2."

Spread of Neolithic haplogroups
(from 8,000 years ago)

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Journal of Genetic Genealogy. 3(2):26-46, 2007
Haplogroup E3b1a2 as a Possible Indicator of Settlement in Roman Britain by Soldiers of Balkan Origin, by Steven C. Bird


See Y-Chromosome DNA Marker Results at FTDNA

Below: Family Branches shown with the same color have matched DNA


Shirley Family Branches

England Branch Richard Shirley of Kidlington, Oxfordshire 80902
England Branch Joseph Shirley of Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire New

England Branch Thomas William Shirley b. England m. Harriet Ann Hawkins Mar 6, 1828 Portsea, Hampshire

Ireland Branch Thomas Shirley of Belmount, Kilkenny Ireland; 1700s 66774
Canada Branch William Shirley came from Co. Carlow Ire. to Ontario Canada 1821 78112
Branch #13 John Shirley of Bedford Co. PA 8463
Branch #13 John Shirley of Bedford Co. PA, Logan Co AR 233702
Branch #13 John Shirley of Bedford Co. PA, Logan Co AR 233793
Branch #14 Wm Shirley of Bedford Co. PA & Scott KY 9328
Branch #67 William Shirley d 1845 Carroll Co MO 333243
Branch #8 James Shirley via Caleb of Carroll Co MO 407349
Branch #7 Hezekiah "Toby" Shirley lived near Tomkinsville KY. Son Cleo b. 1883 42730
Branch # 49 Richard Shirley, Jr & Eliz. Dale 13880
Branch #7 Thomas Shirley & Mollie Grubb 9308
Branch #7 , Thomas Shirley & Mollie Grubb 8437
Branch #75 Young Shirley > Benjamin Franklin > Lando Young 15806
Branch #10 Argeland Shirley of Scott Co. KY 10634
Branch #10 , Argeland Shirley of Scott Co. KY 11298
Branch #65 John Shirley of Pickens AL thru son Thomas b1848 40522
Branch #8 James Shirley & Mary McMekin 10669
Branch #2 John Shirley & Eliz Barmore 11724
Branch #46 Eli Shirley > Davis Shirley > Lewis Shirley of Tusc. AL 12049
Branch #46 Eli Shirley > Robert Lee > Thomas O > Kenneth W. 720783
Unknown Branch - Robert Lee Shirley b 1878 Lived Fayette Co AL 111508
Branch #36, Richard 1777 of Edgecombe Co. NC 12750
Branch #36 Richard of Edgecombe via son Uriah  27727
Branch #36, Richard 1777 of Edgecombe Co. NC 42171
Branch # 52 Wm Randolph Shirley 1818 SC 8617
Branch #61 Moses Shirley b1769 Lived Laurens SC, Habersham GA 22340
Branch #61 Moses Shirley via son Aaron Shirley of Laurens SC 21417
Branch #42 Aaron Shirley m. Cleveland   26725
Branch #2 John Shirley & Eliz Barmore 14113
Branch #2 John Shirley & Eliz Barmore  20218
Branch #2 John Shirley & Eliz Barmore  20031
Branch #2 John Shirley & Eliz Barmore   N18270
Branch #1 Richard Shirley of Laurens SC. via John Shirley b 1777 52208
Branch #22 William Stubley Shirley 25253
Branch #22 William Stubley Shirley via Thomas Green Shirley b1852 335297
Branch #9 Moses Shirley b 1780 lived Barren KY and Hamilton IL 138978
Branch #7 Boyd Shirley b ca. 1921 Tompkinsville KY 207183
Branch #45 Riley Shirley 1803 SC/ Habersham Co. GA 10309
Branch #88 Marion Barnes-Shirley [adopted surname] born in 1907 in Hartwell, Hart Co. GA N23721
Branch #4 Benjamin Shirley (m. Hughes) of SC via son Nathaniel 63957
Greenberry Shirley b 1848, lived with mother Mary in Pontotoc MS in 1860 262915
Unk. Shirley of Seattle WA area ~1968 270720
Branch #64 James Shirley b 1778, d 1860 Sharpe AR  269738
Branch #64 James Shirley b 1778, d 1860 Sharpe AR  248897
Branch #4 Benjamin Shirley of SC m. Eliz Hughes 119276
Branch #5 John Shirley of SC. m. Eliz Fields 22903
Branch #101 Rubin Shirley b.1815 Barren Co KY   60659
Branch 103 James Sherley born 1822 in TN, lived Perry Co Arkansas 774064
[No Branch] John W Pennington > Graham Edward Pennington b 1888 Dickson TN 869671
England (no lineage yet) Joseph Sawyer, son of Mary Sawyer, baptised 7 Mar 1830 in Oakley Buckinghamshire. No father listed; William Shirley is named father of this Joseph later in his marriage record 717870
England Branch Alan George Edward Shirley (John Walter SHIRLEY,b. ca1850) Cornwall  61941
England Branch Shirleys of Cornwall 8444
Branch #28 Daniel Shirley b. abt 1797 PA  87586
Branch #27 Peter Shirley b. ca 1794, Lived Frederick VA. Brother John (branch #26)   94147

***Note: The Cornwall Shirleys are supposedly "related" to the other US branches despite differing DNA markers. The lab has informed the Shirley Association that both the Cornwall Shirleys and Branch #7 Shirleys possess an incredibly rare marker (lack of marker) which ensures that they share the same ancestor. This family also has been assigned an additional DNS marker #25a with a value 17.

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