William Shirley
b. ca 1730. Lived in Frederick Co. Maryland. Family to Pennsylvania and Kentucky


Haplogroup E3b

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William is presumed to be a brother of John Shirley, (branch #13). Their residences and migrations are identical - came from Frederick Co. Maryland in the 1760-70s to Huntingdon Co PA. (See branch #13 for more details).

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William Shirley
born say 1730 (or earlier). He and his brother John appeared in Frederick County Maryland records within a few years of the county being officially formed from Prince Georges County. In 1750 county deed records show that William Shirley and John Shirley sold 2 cows and calves. William Shirley appeared in various Frederick Co court actions during the 1750s and last appeared with John Shirley on a Frederick County petition in 1766. He is absent from Maryland records after that date. He first appeared in Pennsylvania records in 1769 when he was taxed for 200 acres in Barre Township, Cumberland Co PA, land that would become Bedford County in 1771. In that year, he held the land in common with John Shirley. He was named as a Constable for Barre Township in the same year the area became Bedford County. He settled in the Trough Creek Valley near Cassville and appeared in Hopewell Township tax lists after it was established in 1773. His name was listed as court martialed on 10 December 1777, the 3rd Batallion, Bedford Militia. In 1779 he was taxed on 300 acres of land in Hopewell Township, 3 horses and 2 cows. In subsequent tax lists in the 1780s, he is enumerated with 100 acres and 200 acres of land. He was taxed in Huntingdon County PA for 150 acres, land that was formed from Bedford County in 1787. He and his wife are enumerated in the 1790 census for Huntingdon Co PA. There is an additional female in the household and a son under the age of 16. He continued to appear in Huntingdon Co tax lists in the early 1790s until William and wife Margaret Shirley sold 150 acres of land in Hopewell Township, Huntingdon County PA on 2 September 1796. They moved to Scott Co. Kentucky.  His last will and testament was dated 30 September 1799 and probated in Scott County Kentucky in 1805. His wife Margaret recorde the estate appraisal listing his property as one black mare, a mare and colt, two sets of cow and calf, one plow a grindstone, pewter and knives and forks, tin ware, tea cups, earthen ware, water vessels, pots and kettles, frying pans, books, farming utensils, coopers tools, a gun, wool shears, 2 beds and bed clothing, a woman's saddle, chest wheel and reel, chairs and table, and notes due the estate totalling L25. The total personal estate was valued at L96.81.

1750 Jan 28 Frederick Co MD Liber B pg 324 - John Shurley recorded bill of sale. I William Shirley of Frederick sell 2 cows and calves; signed 21 Jan 1750. William Shirley before, Thomas Spurgon by mark, Gabriel Wilkens by mark and Cha's Riggney

1769 Cumberland County PA Tax - Baree Township - William Shirley, Barree Twp., 2 horses, 1 cow, 20 acres L., 13 acres cleared.

1796 Sept 2 Huntingdon Co DB H1 pg 543 William Shirley and Margaret his wife of Huntingdon County to Samuel Isop and John Logue. 150 acres in Hopewell Twp. held by warrant and survey in the name of William Shirley and Margaret his wife. Recorded 12 Aug 1802

Scott County, Kentucky Will Book A, page 246. Last Will and Testament of William Shirley. I bequeath unto my well beloved wife Margaret all the plantation I now live on and all my household furniture and all my stock of ?creditors during her natural life and all my land and at her death to fall to my son Robert Shirley. I leave unto my daughter Rebeca one dollar, to my son William Shirley's heirs one dollar, to my son Richard Shirley one dollar and to my son John Shirley's heirs I give and bequeath one dollar to him and his heirs forever, and I likewise give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Johnson twenty pounds and to her heirs all the moveable and stock that remains at my wife's death. I likewise give unto my son Robert Shirley and his heirs forever. I likewise appoint and ordain my wife Margaret Shirley sole executor Witnesses: John Rodes and Walter Rodes Written: 30 September 1799 Probated: March 1805

Scott County, Kentucky Will Book D, page 448. Revision of the Last Will and Testament of William Shirley, dec'd. (This appears to be a transcription from a damaged original. Much of the will is clearly shown to be missing, with only partial sentences transcribed into the Will Book) ..loved wife Margaret all the plantation...usehold furniture and all of my stock of creatures during...and all my lands at her decease to fall to my son Robert... him and his heirs forever. Item I give unto my daugh...one dollar. To my son William Shirley heirs one dollar...Richard Shirleys heirs one dollar and to my son John...I give and bequeath [marked through] one dollar to my son George...and bequeath one dollar to him and his heirs forever...give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Johnson... to her and her heirs forever NB all the movealbes... remaining at my well beloved wife Margaret. There....likewise I give and bequeath unto my my son Robert this....forever. I likewise appoint and ordain [ ]...Margaret Shirley sole executrix. <s> William..... In the presence of us John Rodes, Walter Rodes. Recorded September Court 1811.

married 1) _________His first wife's name unknown, mother of children born prior to 1774

married 2) Margaret Johnson, widow (nee unknown), sometime after 1774 but prior to 1794 when she was identified as wife in a Huntingdon Co PA deed, sale of land; Prior to her marriage to William Shirley, she was identiied as the widow of William Johnson who left a will, probated June 1774. Note, a Peggy Shirley is taxed in Mercer Co KY beginning in 1803, with 2 males 16-21 but this may be for a different family. In the year of the probate of her husband's estate in 1805, widow Margaret was taxed on 90 acres of land on Dry Run in Scott Co KY. She is not enumerated in the 1810 Scott Co census, but sells land in Scott Co to Birch in 1816.


1(i). Rebecca Shirley born 9 May 1751 (need source of this precise birthdate). She is named in the 1805 probate of the will of her father William Shirley

1(ii). William Shirley Jr, yeoman born about 1756; He appears in Bedford County tax lists for Hopewell Township as early as 1776. In 1779, he was enumerated with 100 acres, 2 horses and 2 cows. In 1786, he was granted a land warrant for 200 acres in Hopewell Township. The 1789 survey returned 231 acres situated 2 miles above the mouth of Little Trough Creek. Letters of administration of his estate was granted to his widow and father William Shirley in in Huntingdon County PA in 1788. He left two minor children William and James Shirley. His heirs named in the 1805 probate of the will of his father William Shirley.

1788 Huntingdon Co PA Wills and Admin Vol 1 pg 2 - Letters of Admin granted to Elizabeth Shirley and William Shirley on the estate of William Shirley late of Woodberry Twp, Huntingdon Co , yeoman, deceased.

1788 Orphans Bk A page 4. Administration of estate of William Shirley of Huntingdon Co PA Woodberry Twp. 150 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow. His widow was Elizabeth and his father, William, was administrator. His children were minors... William "near 3 years old", James "now sixteen months"

married Elizabeth ______ She was granted letters of administration of her husband's estate in Woodbury Township, Huntington Co PA in 1788. In 1792, she and the heirs of her husband sold 180 acres in Woodbury Twp. She was then married to William Johnson.

1792 William Shirley Jr heirs, etc... relict (widow) of William Shirley Jr. now married to William Johnson, sold parcel of land, 180 acres, located in WoodburyTwp.


2(i). William Shirley III born about 1785, age 3 in 1788. He was named as an orphan of William Shirley Jr in Huntington Co PA Orphan Court records, born 1785. He was possibly the William Shirley who married Rhoda Evans in 1822 in Mercer Co KY and is found in the 1830 Mercer Co KY census for Perryville KY, born 1780-1790 with 5 sons. nothing more known

2(ii). James Shirley born about 1786, age 16 months in 1788; He was named as an orphan of William Shirley Jr in Huntington Co PA Orphan Court records, born 1786. In November 1805, he petitioned the Huntingdon Co PA court as a minor child of William Shirley of Woodbury Township, saying he was then 17 years old. He may be the James Shirley, wife Nancy, who are received into Shawnee Church in 1806 in Mercer Co KY. nothing more known

1805 Huntingdon Co PA - James Shirley, Nov. 1805, minor son of William Shirley, Woodberry Twp. states he is now aged 17 years. (son of William Jr. deceased).

1(iii). Richard Shirley born about 1755 according to records relating to his death. He died 1780, age 25. He was killed by an Indian raid in Woodcock Valley, Bedford Co. PA in 1780. He was a Ranger in Capt. Phillips company. He was named in the 1805 probate of the will of his father William Shirley. Although the 1805 probated will did not indicate Richard was deceased, the 1811 probated will clearly indicates the bequest was to Richard's heirs.

1796 Aug 26 Huntingdon Co PA Wills and Admin Vol 1 pg 83 - Letters of Admin granted to Rachel Gartrel (late widow and relict of Richard Shirly dec'd) and Thomas Gargrel of the estate of Richard Shirly dec'd.

married Rachael Moore. She was taxed in Hopewell Township, Bedford County as head of household upon the death of her husband in 1782 and 1783. She was taxed on 100 acres of land at the time. She remarried to Thomas Gartrel about this time. Rachel Gartrel finally probated her husband's estate in 1796 when on 26 August she was granted letters of administration as Richard Shirley's widow.

Rachel Gartrel, formerly widow of late Richard Shirly, states he (Richard Shirly) was a Private Soldier in a Company of Militia Rangers commanded by Capt. William Phillips and raised by order of the Lieut, of Bedford County. He was killed by Indians July 16, 1780 at a Station or Fort in Woodcock Valley, Bedford County. He was then about twenty-five years of age. William Shirly, born January 12, 1780 and Margaret, born December 23, 1777 were the two surviving children. The Court appointed Levi Moore and William Shirly guardians for said children

1799 Oct 7. Bracken Co KY WBA p 23-26. Will of Levi Moore. Wife margaret, son William, dau Rachel, dau Mary, son Levi; wit: Wm Sherely, Robert Davis

1(iv). John Shirley born say 1768. He was enumerated in the 1788 tax list for Huntingdon Co PA on land that was formed from Bedford County. He owned 70 acres of land, 1 horse and 1 cow. He was enumerated in the 1790 Huntingdon Co PA census with 3 females and no sons. His residence was shown as Woodbury Township in 1790 and again in 1791 tax lists. In the same year, he was recorded as owning a "distillery". He does not appear on subsequent tax lists in Huntingdon County, nor in the 1800 census. He was named in the 1805 probate of the will of his father William Shirley as being deceased. deceased prior to 1805

1(v). George Shirley named in the 1811 revised probate of the will of his father William Shirley. may be the George Shirley who is taxed in Mercer Co KY in 1807. nothing more known

1(vi). Sarah Shirley She is named in the 1805 probate of the will of her father William Shirley. She married Charles Johnson. He served in the Revl War from Maryland beginning in 1775.

1(vii). Robert Shirley born about 1775. He was named in the 1805 will of his father William Shirley as residual heir upon the death of his wife Margaret. He served in Capt. Jacob Peacock's Company, 13th Reg't of KY Militia, commanded by Col John Davis at Battle of New Orleans. He served from Oct 1814 to April 1815. Robert Shirley died 16 November 1832 Bullitt Co. KY.

married Elizabeth Cardwell on 28 December 1811 in Scott Co. KY; She was born about 1773. She was widowed and lived in Jefferson Co. KY in the 1850 census. Living with her son George in the 1860 census of Clark Co. IN (age 87 in census). Her father was William Cardwell 1760 d. 1780 Bullitt Co. KY who served in the Rev War and her mother was Famariah Fields 1760 d. 1843. The parents were married March 1781 Culpepper Co.  VA.


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