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John Shirley                                         
born between 1744 and 1749 (source: 1765 PWVa tax list). He lived in Prince William Co Virginia. Died 1808 in Anderson Co SC, about age 60

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John Shirley born between 1744 and 1749 (source: 1765 PWVa tax list). He lived in Prince William Co Virginia. Died 1808 in Anderson Co South Carolina. They were members of the Broad Run Baptist church in Fauquier County Virginia and transferred their membership February 12, 1785 to the Turkey Creek Baptist church in Abbeville County South Carolina. His will was made April 11, 1808 and probated June 6, 1808.

LW&T of John Shirley. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Niper Shirley, William Shirley, Rhody Shirley, Joshua Shirley, James Shirley, John Shirley, Robert Shirley. Three daughters unmarried: Betsy Shirley, Polly Shirley, Leanah Shirley. Exors: Sons; William Shirley, Joshua Shirley. Wit: John Wakefield, William Read. Date: 11 April 1808. Probate: 6 June 1808. Bk. A p. 94, roll 602. Anderson Co, SC.

married Elizabeth Barmore  born about 1743, died Aug 1, 1813, daughter of George Barmore who was the father of one son, and three daughters.  

Ed: John Shirley's widow Elizabeth apparently lived only five years after the death of her husband. Tradition states she died Aug 1, 1813. However, Elizabeth Shirley appeared in court and made her mark on her husband's land sale to their son John Shirley Jr on 22 January 1814 (years later). She made her mark relinquishing her right of dower to that land. Thus, either the claimed date of death is wrong or the county clerk lied when he claimed she appeared before him personally. The sale was indeed to a family member, the son John Shirley Jr, who was finally recording the deed on that date. Morevoer, the purpose for finally recording the deed was that he was simultaneously selling the same land to someone else. Thus it is quite possible that John Shirley Jr's mother Elizabeth had died in the interim and the county clerk simply made an accomodation based on the reality of the situation. But also maybe the death date is wrong.


1(i). John Shirley, Jr.  1767  lived Anderson Co. S.C., died April 30, 1837. John and his 2nd wife are buried in the Little River Baptist church cemetery.

married 1st Elizabeth______

married 2nd Eliz. Mitchell-Grubbs. She was the widow of Richard Grubbs.

1(ii). James Shirley born about 1769 VAHe was a member of the Turkey Baptist Church and on May 7, 1791 was given a letter of dismissal to go to a more convenient church.  In the 1850 census he is living with his son James and family in Anderson Co. SC.

married Elizabeth Smith who may have been the sister of Aaron Smith.

1(iii). Rhoda Shirley born about 1771 

married William Grubbs

1(iv). Nipper Shirley born about 1772  d. 1848 Anderson Co. SC, He fought in the war of 1812.

married Jane Cheeves, daughter of Thomas Cheeves born 1747 VA d. 1837 Abbeville, SC. and Margaret Agnew.   

1(v). William Shirley born about 1774 likely in South Carolina. His will was probated in 1827 in Abbeville Co South Carolina. 

married Jemima Gant

1(vi). Joshua Shirley born about 1775. Family moved to Fayette Co. Alabama

married 1st Elizabeth Long, daughter of John Read and Sarah Long. His brother was Capt. Rueben Long of Sumpter Co. SC and he was born in St. Marys Co. Maryland, and served in the Revolution from Culpepper Co. VA, 

married 2nd Mary ___ 

1(vii). Sarah Shirley born about 1779 

married John Wakefield, Jr. son of Abel Wakefield and Ann Branson

1(viii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1781 Abbeville Co. SC d. 

married Hezekiah Wakefield  born 1782 Fairfax Co. VA d. Nov 3, 1843 son of Abel Wakefield and Ann Branson. Hezekiah m.2nd Cynthia Ann Gant daughter of Frederick and Eliz. Gant.

1(ix). female Shirley born about 1783, 

married Thomas Loller 

1(x). Leanah Shirley born about 1785

1(xi). Robert Shirley born about 1788 Abbeville, SC; They lived in Fayette Co. AL and later in Mississippi.

married 1) Mary ______ (1849 deed record)

married 2)? Leitresta_____ (enumerated in his 1850 census household)

1(xii). Polly Shirley born Aug 14, 1789 d. Feb 6, 1872 Appanoose Co. Iowa 

married William Wakefield born Aug 29, 1790 d. Feb 2, 1870 Appanoose Co. Iowa son of Abel Wakefield and Ann Branson. They first went to Franklin Co. IN with his brother, John Wakefield and then to Appanoosa Co. Iowa.




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