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  John Shirley(continued)
Anderson SC
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2(iv). James Shirley born Sept 24, 1803 Anderson Co. SC. Died in 1862 in Anderson Co SC

On 25 Aug. 1862 James Shirley, dec'd, adm, wid. Rebbah, and ten legatees; A. Y., James S., Richard, John N, , B. F., Robert Shirley, Rachel E. Harris, Emaline Campbell, Helen McDaniel and Sarah C Shirley. On 25 Oct. 1872 PARTITION: of land which may have been at the time of her demise. On 25 May 1880 other heirs named.

James Shirley Jr. and wife Rebecca Smith
(this photo passed down through the lineage of John Newton Shirley)

Descendants of James Shirley born in 1803 Anderson Co. SC,
(son of James, son of John Shirley). Photo about 1900 in Belton, South Carolina; Top row L-R: Yancy Shirley, John Newton Shirley, Laransey Harris, William McDaniel, Joseph Wilson, and Robert Shirley. (non-Shirley names are the brother-in-laws). Bottom row: L-R: Emeline Shirley Jones, Rachel Shirley Harris, Helen Shirley McDaniel, and Sallie Shirley Wilson.

married Rebbah Smith Feb 15, 1827 She was born May 16, 1808 Anderson Co. SC and died in 1872. She was the daughter of Aaron and Rachael Montgomery Smith. (Aaron Smith was born April 22, 1775 VA and died Oct 23, 1867. He m. Rachel Montgomery Sept 24, 1803, and she was born Oct 17, 1785, died Jan 20, 1853. They were the parents of: Benjamin Smith Oct 17, 1801 died Mar 6, 1844; Rebbah Smith, Jessie Smith July 3, 1810, Ginny Jane Reeves Smith Oct 1, 1815, Joseph Perry Smith April 2, 1819, Mahala Smith, Aug 5, 1822.... John Westley Smith 1833, may be a grandson.)


3(i). Aaron Yancy Shirley
born Mar 8, 1828 Anderson Co. SC, died Oct 8, 1918, age 90 in Anderson Co. SC (death certificate). He was a farmer of Five Forks area of Anderson Co. SC. Aaron and his five children were listed in the household of his mother, Rebecca in 1870. Aaron and Amanda are buried in the Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery.

married 1st Janie Amick.

married 2nd Amanda O. Jones born Sept 27, 1826 SC. d. July 21, 1902 buried Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery Anderson Co. SC, daughter of  Wilson and Judith Jones. No children.


4(i). Ellen Shirley born Aug 26, 1851 Five Forks, Anderson Co. SC. d. Nov 17, 1938 m. William Neal Hunnicutt born Aug 2, 1850 SC d. Aug 2, 1931 son of Capt. William P. Hunnicutt m. Elizabeth Clinkscales Jan 10, 1836.

4(ii). James D. Shirley born Mar 12, 1853 d. Mar 13, 1926

married Mary Margaret Kay born Dec 18, 1854 Anderson Co. SC d. Mar 14, 1936 buried Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC. She was the dau of Silas E. Kay and Elizabeth Ellison

childrenborn Anderson Co. SC

5(i). Nettie Shirley born about 1874 

5(ii). Drucilla Shirley born Aug 6. 1876 d. Mar 1, 1934 m. William George Williams born April 24, 1879 d. Dec 4, 1932 

5(iii). Ethan Allen Shirley born April 10, 1878 d. Nov 10, 1959 buried Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC

5(iv). Silas J. Shirley born Oct 5, 1879 d. Nov 14, 1895

5(v). Harrison Shirley born about 1881

5(vi). Son Shirley born and died Nov 18, 1884 

5(vii). Son Shirley born Nov 10, 1885

5(viii). Son Shirley born and died  Nov 2, 1886

5(ix). Aaron Yancy Shirley

married Annie Othelia Erskine

4(iii). Sarah Drucilla Shirley born about 1855

4(iv). John Allen Shirley born April 1, 1859 d. July 5, 1940,

married 1) Julia F. Hunter born June 13, 1859 SC d. May 2, 1891 daughter of John Hunter and Eleanor Jolly, 

married 2) Melissa Wilkes born July 26, 1875 d. July 5, 1896 m. 3rd Callie Jones born Feb 1873 d. 1948


5(i). Twins Shirley born and died Dec 30, 1885

5(ii). Infant Shirley born and died July 8, 1886, a twin to Floyd

5(iii). Floyd Julian Shirley m. Lucy Cordelia Mitchell

5(iv). Essie Jane Shirley m. Joseph Pickens robinson

5(v). Julia Shirley m. John Robert Clark

5(vi). Ralph Shirley 1879  (child of Callie Jones, 3rd wife)

5(vii). Infant Shirley (a twin) no date available

5(viii). Levi M. Shirley

5(ix). Cecil Shirley

5(x). Herman Shirley

5(xi). Eugenia Shirley m. __Edwards

5(xii). Sarah Shirley m. Paul Feige, Jr.

5(xiii). Alvin M. Shirley

4(v). Yancy Janie Shirley born May 1, 1862 d. Nov 24, 1904 

married James Franklin Shirley born Dec 28, 1861 d. Jan 31, 1927  (1st cousins, see next family)

3(ii). James Smith Alonzo Shirley born Jan 30, 1830 SC. In 1860 James Smith Shirley was in DeKalb Co. AL with his wife Frances. James S. was a Private in the 48th Alabama Infantry. Although records show him serving in Co G, his tombstone says Co B (which may be in error). He died 4 Aug 1862 (age 32) Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, VA. He appears on the August 11 (?17) 1862 Commissioners Court Regular Term list of DeKalb Co. AL as "In Service." According to his military records, he died of "erysipelas." On Feb. 3, 1863, his widow Frances made a claim for settlement.

Confederate marker for James Smith Shirley at
New Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery, DeKalb Co Alabama
[dates on stone are in error]

married Fannie Louvenia Hunter who was born Jan 20, 1842 SC, d. Mar 11, 1927 Franklin Co. GA. She is buried in Belton Baptist Church Cemetery. She m. 2nd Asa L. Mills May 8, 1887 Franklin Co. GA


4(i). Mary Elzora Shirley born July 5, 1858 AL d. Nov 14, 1932 buried Liberty Hill, toccoa, Stephens Co. GA m. Aug 30, 1877 Wm. Cleve Vickery born Oct 8, 1858 Macon Franklin Co. GA d. Jan 10. 1914 

4(ii). Rebecca Emma Shirley born May 1, 1860 d. April 4, 1910 Woods Commubnity, Panola Co. TX m. Judge J.A. Goolsby Dec 6, 1876 born June 12, 1855 GA d. Oct 17, 1935 Carnesville, Franklin Co. GA

4(iii). James Franklin Shirley born Dec 28, 1861 DeKalb Co. AL d. Jan 31, 1927 Belton, Anderson Co. SC,

James Franklin and Sunie Shirley
(photo from Irene Shearer)

married 1) Yancy Janie Shirley born May 1, 1862 Anderson Co. She d, Nov 24, 1904 Buried Belton Cemetery Belton Co. Anderson SC daughter of Aaron Yancy Shirley and Janie Amick,

married 2) 2nd Sunie Capell widow of a Mr. Reed.


5(i). John Fletcher Shirley m. Clarisse Pearle Poole

5(ii). Lena Catherine Shirley m. Floyd Preston Arve

5(iii). Ollie Shirley m. S. Tressie Cothran

5(iv). Dora Shirley m. James R. Jordan

5(v). Ellis Shirley Sept 6, 1891 unmarried 

5(vi). Bertha Elzora Shirley m. Frank Clifton Little

5(vii). James Clifton Shirley  m. 1st. Ollier Kay, m. 2nd Mabess Pickens

5(viii). Smith Alonzo Shirley May 6, 1897 Franklin Co. GA d. Nov 17, 1969 Belton, Anderson Co. SC m. 1st. Franes Rhetta Rogers born Mar 15, 1903 d. Nov 20, 1952 m. 2nd Sarah Brown Bates

5(ix). Fred Parker Shirley m. Minnie Lee Segars

5(x). Mamie Shirley Aug 11, 1906 m. Frank Bryant

5(xi). Bessie Shirley Mar 5, 1908 m. Ralph Morgan, lived Lavonia GA

5(xii). Raymond Shirley Nov 30, 1910 d. July 1, 1952 m. Ruth Cox  

5(xiii). Joseph Thomas Shirley June 1, 1912 Belton Anderson Co. SC d. July 20, 1979 m. Mae Power

5(xiv). Otto Haynie Shirley Sept 21, 1914 d. Jan 8, 1963 m. Esterllen C. 

5(xv). Louie Shirley April 24, 1917 d. Dec 14, 1950 buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC m. Lucy Mae Compton

5(xvi). Harold Shirley Oct 11, 1920 m. Mary Belle West Lived in Fayetteville and Autreyville NC

3(iii). Richard Cater Shirley born Feb 10, 1832 SC. He died on 17 Aug 1862 in Chimberanze Hospital in Richmond, VA.,  buried in Richmond, VA.[Is this a duplicate of Smith Shirley' information?] Inventory recorded 1863 in Anderson Co SC Vol 5 pg 106.

married Lettice Eliz. Erskine born Feb 28, 1835 Anderson Co. SC, died on 16 Jul 1924 in Anderson Co., SC,  buried in Neals Creek Baptist Church, Anderson Co., SC. She was his cousin,a widow for 60 years.


4(i). Rebecca Jane Shirley born Aug 29, 1855 Belton, SC. d. 16 Jul 1932 Franklin Co. GA. m. George Elmore Jacks Dec 2, 1876 born May 17, 1856 d. Nov 5, 1947

4(ii). Thomas Anson Shirley born Feb 28, 1858 in Belton Anderson Co. SC. d. Nov 10, 1942

married Julia A. Clark born May 2, 1864d. July 20, 1943. Buried Belton Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC


5(i). Rufus J. Shirley Dec 22, 1881 Belton, Anderson Co. SC d. June 12, 1952 not married

5(ii) Ernest R. Shirley Aug 27, 1883 d. July 2, 1952 not married

5(iii). Thomas Shirley 1885   lived in Florida

5(iv). Walter Shirley 1887

5(v). Mattie Shirley

5(vi). Bessie Shirley

5(vii). Fred Shirley May 4, 1892 m. Anna King 

5(viii). J. Carter Shirley m. Blanche Shaw

5(ix). Mamie Shirley Oct 10, 1897 d. June 22, 1960 m. Walter T. Brown. He was principal of Starr School for 30 years 

5(x). Myrtie Shirley 1899

4(iii).  James Newton Shirley born Nov 29, 1860 Belton, Anderson Co. SC d. Sept 18, 1937

married Victoria Elizabeth Smith born Jan 4, 1867 Anderson Co. SC d. July 5, 1930 daughter of Elijah Lewis Smith and Aamanda Wardlaw


5(i). Bright Chloe Shirley Mar 11, 1886 m. Charles Luther Cobb

5(ii). Joseph Harris Shirley Nov 3, 1889 m. Eunice Elrod

5(iii). Sarah McFall Shirley Mar 8, 1892 m. A. Marvin Henderson

5(iv). Amanda Elizabeth Shirley Dec 21, 1896 m. James Benjamin Hill

5(v). James Clifton Shirley m. 1st Margie Mitchell, m. 2nd Edna Fay Lee, m. 3rd Mrs Geneva Parks m. 4th Mrs. Hazel Minyard Davis

5(vi). Newton Colbert Shirley Mar 29, 1904 d. Jan 1. 1931 m. Inez Ridgeway

5(vii). Cecil Clark Shirley m. Kate Teresa Reed

4(iv). Richard Cater Shirley, Jr. Aug 18, 1862 Belton, Anderson Co. SC d. Aug 16, 1938,

married Nov 17, 1886 Ella Majors born Nov 20, 1865 d. April 3, 1948 daughter of Daniel Newton Majors and Lucy Caroline Wardlaw


5(i). Claude Calhoun Shirley m. Annie May Strickland

5(ii). Frances Margaret Shirley Sept 25, 1890 d. Oct 10, 1951 unmarried

5(iii). Sloan Edward Shirley m. Maude Harris

5(iv). Wilton Carlyle Shirley June 11, 1896 d. Aug 1, 1960 m. Eula Dyer Dec 24, 1940 born May 19, 1910 d. Nov 7, 1953 buried Neal's Creek, Anderson Co. SC

5(v). Kenneth DeWitt Shirley m. Hattie Josephine Pepper

5(vi). Madge Estelle Shirley m. 1st Willie Cowan m. 2nd C.D. Burns m. 3rd Matthew Garret 

5(vii). Lucia Gertrude Shirley Jan 18, 1905 unmarried

5(viii). Richard Cater Shirley m. Mattie Daisey __

5(ix). Martha Helen Shirley m. Robert l. Todd

3(iv). John Newton Shirley born Feb 6, 1834 died on  Sept 9, 1924 in DeKalb Co., AL. and was buried in New Harmony Bapt. Ch. Cem. DeKalb Co., AL.

married  Elizabeth "Eliza" Jane Masters  Sept 18, 1860 in DeKalb Co., AL. She was born on 30 Nov 1840 in Anderson, SC. and died on 18 Oct 1901,  (daughter of Geo. Washington Masters and Sarah Burris). She is buried in New Harmony Baptist Ch. Cem. DeKalb Co. AL.


4(i). William Preston Shirley Born 11 Jun 1861 in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., AL (His death cert says Nov 11); He was working as a farm laborer in the household of William Meadows in the DeKalb County 1880 census, age 19. He lived in the Justice Precinct in Franklin Co Texas in 1900, in the Diana community of Upshur County Texas in 1910 and 1920; He was a farmer; He died 29 Jan 1940 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., TX. Buried in the Old Tarrant Cemetery.

married 1) Turah Alabama Lawson on 29 Jul 1880, in Dekalb Co., AL. She was born 10 May 1863 at Center, Cherokee Co AL, the daughter of John D Lawson and Harriet Ann Poole; She died on 25 November 1938 in Hopkins Co Texas

married 2) Emma Commel on 20 Apr 1939. Not mentioned in Press Shirley's death certificate. It says he was widowed, naming his wife as Tera Lawson Shirley


5(i). Ruben Watson Shirley was born on 26 Nov 1881 in Big Wills Valley, DeKalb, AL; He died on 24 Jul 1956 in Marshall, Harrison Co., TX. Buried at Colonial Gardens Cemetery.

married to Mattie May Campbell on 22 Jun 1902.

5(ii). Alvis Cain Shirley was born on 13 Sep 1883 in Big Wills Valley, DeKalb, AL. He died on 3 Jun 1967 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, TX. He was buried on 6 June 1967 in Old Tarrant Cem., Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, TX.

married to Ida Bell Stout on 24 December 1905 in Upshur Co Texas; She was born on 3 August 1889, the daughter of John Marrion Stout and Genona Mae Absher; She died on 26 Feb 1975 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, TX. She was buried on 1 Mar 1975 in Old Tarrant Cem., Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, TX.

5(iii). Tera (Tura) Josephine Shirley was born on 17 Aug 1885 in DeKalb Co., AL. She died on 10 Apr 1970 in Kilgore, Gregg, TX; She was married to Martin VanBuren Collum on 3 Aug 1902

5(iv). John Lee Shirley was born on 6 Jan 1887 in Big Wills Valley, DeKalb, AL. He
died on 2 Apr 1887. died young

5(v). James Sherman Shirley was born on 3 May 1888 in DeKalb Co., AL. He died on 15 Nov 1959.

married to Della Green on 10 Mar 1905.

5(vi). Maggie May Shirley was born on 19 Apr 1891 in Big Wills Valley, DeKalb, AL
She died on 4 Jun 1892.

4(ii).  Sarah Emaline Shirley Born 18 May 1864 in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., AL and died 19 Apr 1953 in Dekalb Co., AL. Burial in New Canaan Cem., Dekalb Co., AL.

married John Burns.

4(iii).  Warren Reed Shirley Born 17 Jun 1867 in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., AL; He lived at Dutton Jackson Co AL in 1900 and the Whiton Community of DeKalb County in 1910; In 1910 and in 1920, his elderly father, then in his 70s and 80s was living in the household; In 1940, Reed's son Wesley, wife and three grandchildren Courtney, Max and Helen Shirley were living in his household. He was 71 at the time. He died 2 Apr 1963 in Jackson Co., AL. Burial in Hillcrest Cem., Boaz, Marshall Co., AL.

married Melinda Josephine "Josie" Dowdy on 23 Dec 1888.


5(i). Wesley Newton Shirley born 1891 in Alabama; He died 1 May 1971 at Boaz Marshall Co AL

5(ii). Russell M Shirley born about 1893 in Alabama, age 17 in 1910

5(iii). Charles Ross Shirley born 1896 in Alabama; He died 5 February 1896 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co AL

5(iv). Leavie M Shirley born about 1901 in Alabama, age 9 in 1910

5(v). Jessie V Shirley born about 1905 in Alabama, age 5 in 1910

5(vi). Garland Boyce Shirley born about 1907 in Alabama, age 3 in 1910

4(iv).  Frank Harrison Shirley Born 21 Aug 1870, in Dekalb Co., AL; He lived in the Whiton Community near Painter, in DeKalb Co AL in 1900, 1920, 1930 and 1940; He died 4 August 1959. Buried in New Harmony, Baptist Church Cemetery, Dekalb Co., AL.

married 1) Sarah R. Delia Hall on 15 February 1894 in DeKalb Co AL


5(i). Mary Ethel Shirley born about 1895, age 25 in 1920

5(ii). William E Shirley born about 1896, age 6 in 1900

5(iii). Ruth J. Shirley born about 1898, age 2 in 1900

5(iv). Ida E Shirley born about 1900, age 0 in 1900

5(v). Oscar Shirley born about 1903, age 17 in 1920

5(vi). Irby Shirley born about 1906, age 14 in 1920

5(vii). Myrtle M Shirley born about 1907, age 13 in 1920

5(viii). Gladys I Shirley born about 1910, age 10 in 1920

5(ix). James Milford Shirley born about 1912, age 8 in 1920

5(x). Thelma M Shirley born about 1915, age 5 in 1920

4(v).   Shula H. Shirley Born 2 Feb 1872, in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., AL; After he married, they lived in the Whiton Community in DeKalb Co AL in 1900; He moved to the Shreveport Louisiana area prior to 1910 when the census shows him farming in Caddo County, living next to John H Barrett, who may have been related to his wife; He lived in Shreveport, Caddo Co LA in 1920 and years afterward; In 1920 his occupation was a driver of an oil truck; He died in Blanchard, LA on Nov. 14, 1956 and was buried at Blanchard Memorial Cemetery, Caddo Co LA

married Essie Barrett. She was born Oct. 7, 1874; Died Jun. 12, 1970; Buried Blanchard Memorial Cemetery.


5(i). John M Shirley, born about 1895 in Alabama, age 25 in 1920

5(ii). Jessie G Shirley, born about 1897 in Alabama, age 23 in 1920

5(iii). Emma E Shirley, born about 1899 in Alabama, age 21 in 1920

5(iv). Simion B Shirley born about 1902 in Alabama, age 18 in 1920

5(v). Joseph Roy Shirley born about 1904 in Alabama, age 16 in 1920, still living with parents in 1930, age 27

5(vi). D. L. Shirley born 1905; Died 1909; Buried at Blanchard Memorial Cemetery, Caddo Co LA

5(vii). Raymond Claude Shirley born about 1908 in Louisiana, age 12 in 1920; still living with parents in 1930, age 23

5(viii). Amanda L Shirley born about 1910 in Louisiana, age 10 in 1920

5(ix). V. M. Shirley born 1911, died 1911 buried at Blanchard Memorial Cemetery, Caddo Co LA

5(x). Mandie D (?Beatrice) Sherley born bout 1917 in Louisiana, age 3 in 1920

4(vi).  Marcus Lee Shirley Born 21 May 1874, in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., Alabama; He was a farmer; He died in 1965 in Albertville Marshall County Alabama. Burial in New Harmony, Baptist Church Cemetery., Dekalb Co., AL.

married Laura Clementine Dowdy on 5 January 1893 by license granted in Marshall County Alabama, daughter of Wesley Jefferson Dowdy and wife Eliza Jane Holcomb. She died 26 March 1970 at the Boaz Nursing Home, Boaz Marshall Co AL. She was buried at New Harmony Baptist Church, DeKalb Co AL.


5(i). Wallace Franklin Shirley born 20 March 1895 in Albertville Marshall Co AL (WWI draft reg says b Feb 20; death cert says March 20); He moved to Texas and first found work on the farm of his father-in-law William W. Hawkins in Upshur County TX; His 1918 WWI draft registration described him as stout with blue eyes and brown hair. Wallace then lived for most of his life in Longview Gregg Co TX and owned and operated a grocery store there. He died at Longview, Gregg County TX on 28 August 1976, age 81, and buried at White Oak Cemetery.

5(ii). Indiana Josephine Shirley born 31 July 1897 in DeKalb Co AL; She died 30 July 1991, 1 day shy of her 94th birthday. She was buried at Marshall Memory Gardens located between Guntersville and Albertville Marshall Co AL

5(iii). Milford Jackson "Jack" Shirley born 14 December 1909; In 1930 he was living in the Whiton community DeKalb Co AL with his wife Cora and young son Harold. He was a private first class in the Quartermaster Corps during WWII; He died 11 December 1955, age 46, and is buried at New Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery in DeKalb Co AL

4(vii).  Oscar Vann Shirley Born 31 Jul 1876 in Big Wills Valley, Dekalb Co., AL.; Moved to Texas and lived in the Justice Pct of Wood Co in 1910; He returned to Alabama after the death of his first wife in 1920, and lived at Jay Bird community, Marshall Co in 1930; He lived at Lebanon, DeKalb Co in 1940; He died September 1979 in Marshall Co AL (SSDI); Buried in Union Cem., Marshall Co., AL. (he may be the "Oliver" Shurley enumerated in Red River TX in 1920)

married 1) Nora V. Darby; She was born Jul. 22, 1888 and died Jan. 23, 1920; Buried at Avery Cemetery in Red River Co Texas

married 2) Susie Jane Greer in 1921 in Alabama; She was born about 1889 in Alabama; Died 5 Jul 1974 in Boaz, Marshall Co AL, age 85; Daughter of Zacharie Greer and ___Watts

children: (may be other children shown in 1920 census)

5(i). Emma U. Shirley born about 1907, age 3 in 1910

5(i). Herman N Shirley born about 1915 in Texas, age 15 in 1930

5(ii). James L Shirley born about 1918 in Texas, age 12 in 1930

5(iii). Oscar V Shirley Jr born about 1924 in Alabama, age 6 in 1930

5(iv). Major W Shirley born about 1925 in Tennessee, age 5 in 1930

5(v). Ida Belle Shirley born about 1926 in Alabama, age 14 in 1940

5(vi). Charles R Shirley born about 1928 in Alabama, age 2 in 1930; died before 1940

5(vii). Mimer Jean Shirley born about 1928 in Alabama, age 12 in 1940

5(iii). Nolan R. Shirley born about 1930 in Alabama, age 10 in 1940

5(iv). May Shirley born about 1931 in Alabama, age 9 in 1940

5(v). Ruth Shirley born about 1936 in Alabama, age 4 in 1940

4(viii).   Jesse David Shirley Born 8 Dec 1878, in Boaz, Marshall Co., AL. They lived in the Whiton community in 1900; In 1918, he was 40 years old, farming, and living near Albertville Marshall Co AL; Lived in Corinth, DeKalb County in 1930; Widowed, age 61, living in Corinth, DeKalb County in 1940; He owned his own farm. He died 9 Jan 1975 near Fyffe, DeKalb Co AL; Buried in Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery, Albertville AL.

married Frances Lee Thomason by license dated 8 December 1898 in Marshall County AL; She was born about 1880


5(i). Ruby M Shirley born about 1899, age 1 in 1900 census

5(ii). Nellie Idell Shirley born about 1903 in Alabama, age 17 in 1920 census; She died 11 March 1965 at Fyffe, DeKalb Co AL, age 62; She married Willie Portwood

5(iii). Sarah A Shirley born about 1905 in Alabama, age 15 in 1920 census

5(iv). Lesley C Shirley born about 1909 in Alabama, age 11 in 1920 census; He was a farmer and living next to his father in Corinth, DeKalb Co in 1940; Married Eula.

5(v). Lillie B Shirley born about 1912 in Alabama, age 8 in 1920 census

5(vi). Arthur D. Shirley born about 1917 in Alabama, age 13 in the 1930 census; newly married and living with his father in the 1940 census

3(v). Andrew Alfred Shirley  April 18, 1836 SC. He died in Civil War.

3(vi). Rachel Elizabeth Shirley Jan 26, 1838 Anderson Co. SC, d. Feb 26, 1913, m. Lorenzo Dow Harris Feb 23, 1860 Anderson Co. SC. He was born Sept 25, 1937 Anderson Co. Sc d. April 5, 1913 Belton, Anderson Co. SC. He was the son of Gillison Harris and Matilda Smith 

3(vii). William C. Shirley  1840 SC, was at home in 1860, Killed in Civil War 

3(viii). Mahala Emaline Shirley Oct 19, 1841 Anderson Co. SC, m. 1st Robert Campbell m. 2nd Levi W. Jones born June 1, 1846 SC d. June 8, 1905

3(ix).  Benjamin Franklin Shirley July 25, 1843, died Dec 12, 1904 buried Roberts Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC, m. Mary A. Dobbins born Dec 19, 1845 SC, d. Feb 23, 1918 daughter of James and Mary Dobbins  


4(i). Sarah Martha Eugenia Shirley Sept 4, 1866 d. July 7, 1888

4(ii). Rebecca Elizabeth Shirley 1869 m. Rev. Osward Grogan of Montgomery AL

4(iii). John Allen Shirley 1871, never married

4(iv). Jesse C. Shirley 1872 Robert Community, Anderson Co. SC d. 1935

married Nora Chamblee died Jan 24, 1961 daughter of William Taylor Chamblee and Martha Skelton 


5(i). James Aaron Shirley 1898 m. Winnie Ashley

5(ii) Melanie Shirley m. Ralph Thompson

5(iii). Julius Franklin Shirley m. Marguerite Chandler

5(iv). Margaret E. Shirley m. Walter Holcomb

5(v). William Adger Shirley m. Frances Massey

5(vi). Mary Katherine Shirley  lived in California

5(vii). John Allen Shirley

5(viii). Vera Shirley m. William Mobis  lived in California

5(ix). Nora Shirley m. Ray Cassidy

4(v). Jefferson Shirley born 1875

married Maude Chamblee (sister of Nora) died Jan 7, 1961 


5(i). Eugenia Shirley m. Waymon Harbin of Anderson Co. SC

5(ii). Homer Shirley lived Edgefield, SC

5(iii). Ligon Shirley  lived Edgefield, SC

5(iv). Diameade Shirley  m. Kieffer Cawley of Edgefield, SC  

4(vi). Julius Backman (Baxter) Shirley born May 12,1877 d. May 15, 1958

married Mallie Lenorah Chamblee Dec 1895 in Anderson SC born June 11, 1877 Honea Path, Anderson Co. SC d. Jan 24, 1966 buried Silver Brook Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC, daughter of Robert Thompson Chamblee and Mary Jane Armstrong 


5(i). Rebecca Shirley April 8, 1897 d. Jan 19, 1938 m. Warren Bailey

5(ii) Rober Shirley Nov 3, 1898 m. Minnie Cromer

5(iii). Carl Franklin Shirley Aug 3, 1901 d. April 12, 1968 Cynthia KY m. Orpha Coldiron. Parents of one son, Allan

5(iv). Waymon Shirley Oct 9, 1903 m. Ruth Eckler

5(v). Lillian Shirley Dec 17, 1905 m. m. Harry McCarley of NC

5(vi). Prue D. Shirley April 8, 1907  m. 1st. Jeran Abraham, 2nd Garnett Breamer of FL

5(vii). Sarah Shirley Jan 25, 1909 m. Paul Craft of Charlotte NC

5(viii). Bertha Shirley Jan 17, 1911 m. Harold Heaton

5(ix). Fred A. Shirley Feb 28, 1914 m. Jeanett McLees

5(x). Julius Shirley Feb 28, 1915 m. Catherine Rainey of Tampa FL

5(xi). Alma Shirley Nov 20, 1920 m. Raymond McCown 

4(vii). James Anson Shirley May 21, 1883 d. June 16, 1952 He was a merchant.

married Nannie Bolt.


5(i). S. Frank Shirley

5(ii). George C. Shirley

5(iii). Mamie Shirley m. R. T. Church and settled in Toledo OH

5(iv). Agnis Shirley m. Dean Stone of Maryville, TN

5(v). Margie Ruth Shirley, spinister

4(viii). Robert Ligon Shirley  1891 d. Oct 15, 1966 Edgefield SC. He was a bachelor.

3(x).  Anson M. Shirley 1846 SC, living in 1850 census, died young.

3(xi).  Robert Allen Shirley July 25, 1848, died Dec 15, 1923

married Matilda Jane Jones daughter of Wilson and Judith Jones


4(i). Charles Crayton Shirley born Mar 26, 1871 Anderson Co. SC 

married Bessie Lois Moore born Mar 23, 1873; She died Sept 29, 1938 Buried Silver Creek Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC

Charles Crayton Shirley family
(Charles C Shirley seated left; but needs further identifications)
Thanks to Eddie Brown for sending this photo

children: (source: bible record)

5(i). Waymon Ellis Shirley born 15 April 1895; He married Roy Ophelia Wiliams

5(ii). Ruth Mae Shirley born June 17, 1897; She married Otis Darby Drake Mar 1, 1934

5(iii). Robert Laylon Shirley born 20 January 1899; He married Guissie Dora Poor

5(iv). Cora Iola Shirley born 18 March 1901; She married 1st. John Luther Freeman, m. 2nd Cecil George Trim

5(v). Allie Carrie Shirley born 7 February 1903; She married Dewey Lee Poore

5(vi). Mamie Lula Shirley born 29 January 1905; She married Fred Van Fowler

5(vii). William Grady Shirley born 22 March 1907; He married Lillie Mae Adams

5(viii). Charles Ansel Shirley born 10 March 1909; He married Donnie Mae Waters

5(ix). James Bennett Shirley born 22 December 1911; He married Venice Lee Whitt

5(x). Aaron Leroy Shirley born 10 July 1914; He married Annie Louise Greer

5(xi). Lilia Palmira Shirley born 21 November 1917; She married Frank Thomas Stone

4(ii). Ida J. Shirley

4(iii). John Palmer Shirley May 23, 1875 Anderson Co. SC d. Jan 29, 1964 Charlotte, NC 

married 1) Della May Kay Feb 4, 1900 born Oct 1, 1882 died Feb 4, 1916, daughter of Ollie J. Kay,

married 2) Mary Ann Madden Aug 7, 1920 born Mar 21, 1891 d. Sept 27, 1962 daughter of Kaye Madden and Josephine Hall


5(i). Jannie Lee Shirley m. 1st. Pickens Whitaker m. 2nd Floyd P. Latham

5(ii). Carol Aubrey Shirley April 19, 1904 d. Feb 14, 1937

5(iii). Dennis Harold Shirley May 11, 1906

5(iv). Wilma Mae Shirley m. Carl Eugene Shore

5(v). Eunice Ethel Shirley m. Daniel Philip Lefler

4(iv). Zoie Shirley

4(v). William Roswell Shirley Aug 27, 1879 Anderson Co. SC  d. June 4, 1952

married Lida Webb died Nov 19, 1954 daughter of Charles Webb and Emily Holt 


5(i). Gilbert Shirley

5(ii). C. Alvis Shirley

5(iii). Elma Shirley

5(iv). daughter Shirley m. Edward Addis

5(v). daughter Shirley m. Linde D. Clement

4(vi). N. Allie Shirley Feb 24, 1881 Anderson Co. SC d. Jan 19, 1952 m. Charles D. Woodson

4(vii). James Wilson Shirley June 12, 1883 d. Mar 12, 1948

married Minnie Arlecy Smith born Aug 14, 1887 Banks Co. GA d. June 5, 1956 daughter of John S. Smith and Nancy Smith. 


5(i). Ruby Irene Shirley May 10, 1911 Sc m. George Boyce Drennon July 28, 1928

5(ii). James Lewis Shirley m. Mattie Lou Stewart

5(iii). Wilma Minerva Shirley May 1, 1915 d. Nov 28, 1962 unmarried

5(iv). Jack William Shirley July 30, 1921 d. 1968 unmarried

5(v). Blanche Elizabeth Shirley May 26, 1923

4(viii). Clinton Eugene Shirley 1885 Anderson Co. SC d. July 3, 1953 (heart attack)

married Hattie Quarrells born Feb 9, 1890 d. Feb 22, 1944 Buried Silver Brook Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC


5(i). Clyda Mae Shirley born about 1909, age 21 in 1930 census

5(ii). Colie Shirley born about 1913, age 17 in 1930 census

5(iii). Ella Shirley born about 1915, age 15 in 1930 census

5(iv). Frank Shirley born about 1922, age 8 in 1930 census

4(ix). Amanda Shirley 1890 d. 1961 buried New Silverbrook Cemetery, Anderson Co. SC m. Lloyd Haskell of Donalds, SC d. 1958

3(xii).  Helen Shirley July 25, 1851, died  Mar 13, 1926, m. Wm. B. McDaniel

3(xiii). Sarah C. Shirley  July 9, 1852, died Oct 2, 1927, m. Joseph N. Wilson


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